Chapter 2045 - Fusion of True Body!

Fog appeared in the sky and churned. It looked like a mushroom. Rumbles echoed as it spread out, covering the sky and causing the earth to darken.

A powerful pressure spread out from the sky and shrouded the ground below. The earth began to tremble. If the earth had a soul, it would be trembling in fear due to the pressure.

Aside from Prince Ji Du and company, there were many guards in the palace. Their cultivations were not weak and some of them had become Lords with 27 stars.

However, at this moment, as the pressure descended, the nearly 1,000 guards all turned pale and their bodies trembled. Popping sounds came from their bodies as if they could not bear the pressure.

“What did he cultivate during the last 100 years to produce such pressure?” The expression of the purple-robed young man changed. Even with his cultivation level, he almost felt like he could not withstand it.

As for the young woman, she could not stand up at all. She sat on the chair and sweat covered her forehead.

Prince Ji Du looked excited. He hadn’t dared to disturb Wang Lin during the past 100 years, even when he faced a life or death crisis. He had gritted his teeth and endured through it, and now he could feel his Godfather’s, Wang Lin’s, aura from this pressure.

The fog in the sky continued to churn and a strange shadow appeared inside. The shadow was a red sun that gave off a burst of light. As the light spread, the fog churned and a thunderous rumble echoed, then the fog spread endlessly.

Prince Ji Du’s palace was shrouded in this fog. The countless people inside the palace found it difficult to resist the pressure, so they remained frozen, unable to move at all.

In particular, the nearly 1,000 guards in the palace, who were too close to this pressure, all trembled, and fear filled their hearts.

Inside the palace, the purple-robed young man was soaked in sweat and most of his robe was soaked, his eyes filled with horror. He had seen Grand Empyrean Song Tian, and not even before Song Tian did he feel this kind of fear.

It was as if his life was under the control of this pressure.

The rumors about this person from 100 years ago appeared in the mind of the purple-robed youth. The disrespect he had in his heart completely disappeared. A person who could give off this kind of pressure could compare to Grand Empyrean Song Tian!

As the pressure and fog enveloped the country, far away, in the Ancient Shi imperial city, there was a mountain with a large temple on top.

This mountain was called Origin Mountain, and the peak of the mountain was shaped like a horn, making it seem as if the mountain was going to tear the heavens apart.

The great temple was built at the end of the horn. This was the Ancient Shi Temple. It was one of the holy lands of the Ancient Shi, second only to the ancestral temple, and where the people of the Ancient Shi were taught.

Normally, a large amount of people would come to visit, but today, the temple was emitting a powerful pressure, preventing anyone from entering.

There was a middle-aged man sitting at the other end of the horn. He was wearing a green robe and his hair extended to his waist. He was looking into the distance and his expression was slightly grim.

Behind him, there was another person. He was a rough-looking young man with a hint of ferociousness hidden inside. However, that ferociousness was gone and was replaced with shock as he looked into the distance.

With his cultivation level, he normally would not have noticed the pressure from the distance. However, while standing behind the middle-aged man, he felt it through a strange method.

“Teacher… This… This is…” The young man gasped. He saw that his teacher’s expression was gloomy, and after he subconsciously spoke, he immediately swallowed his words.

“Aside from Wang Lin, who charged into the Ancient Dao palace, killed the Ancient Dao Emperor, came to my Ancient shi, and chose to serve your brother, who else can it be!?” There was a flash of coldness in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

After hearing the name “Wang Lin,” the rough-looking youth gasped, and after pondering a bit, he suddenly spoke.

“Teacher still hasn’t chosen disciple as the emperor because of this person?”

The middle-aged man coldly snorted.

“Your teacher has seen this Wang Lin once before, when Xuan Luo brought him here. His cultivation is not weak and his combat power is extraordinary, but he is still not worthy of my attention!

“The reason he could break into the Ancient Dao palace and retreat is because Xuan Luo didn’t act! He killed the Ancient Dao Emperor, but Grand Empyrean Gu Dao didn’t say a word. This matter is most puzzling and is the reason your teacher hasn’t chosen a future emperor in a hurry!

“The person who your teacher cares about is not that person, but Grand Empyrean Gu Dao! As for that person, he is not worthy of my consideration!” The middle-aged man looked into the distance and faintly felt the pressure. He was the Ancient Shi’s Grand Empyrean Song Tian, and the youth behind him was the prince, Chi Man.

The youth let out a sigh of relief and then asked, after hesitating a bit.

“Teacher, Wang Lin coming out of closed door cultivation after 100 years means that his cultivation level has increased, or else he wouldn't be able to release such pressure.”

The middle-aged man didn’t speak, but his pupils shrank an undetectable amount. He pondered for a while longer before he spoke.

“He is fusing his essence true bodies! His essence true bodies are extraordinary and he wants to fully integrate them, but it will be very difficult! However, he has decided to stay in the Ancient Shi and fuse his essence true bodies without notifying me first. He is not giving me any face and he is getting involved in the competition for the Ancient Shi emperor. I’ll have to teach him a lesson.” Although the middle-aged man was worried about Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, he was still a Grand Empyrean. He was also the Ancient Shi guardian and had the right to deal with anything he believed to be a threat to the Ancient Shi.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and the middle-aged raised his right hand. He formed a seal and pointed toward the direction of the pressure Wang Lin was releasing.

“Release the seal!” As he muttered this, there was a flash of ghostly light on his right hand.

At the same time, at the center of the Ancient clan, at Mount Gu Dao, a figure covered in fog was sitting at the top of the tower. The figure opened his eyes and looked toward the direction of the Ancient Shi.

After a long time, the figure muttered to himself, “Essence true body fusion?” His words were calm and didn’t show any hint of emotion.

As the fog shrouded Prince Ji Du’s palace, a sun appeared in the sky, and the world soon changed colors and turned into night!

In a short period of time, the sky alternated between night and day. After nine times, lines appeared inside the fog and formed symbols. Each of them contained the power of the restriction essence.

Several hours slowly passed. During these several hours, more and more restrictions appeared and the alternation of night and day become even more frequent, but there was no sign of fusion.

There were even signs of instability. As the night and day alternated, the sky began to weaken, and even the large amount of restrictions showed signs of disappearing.

Just at this moment, a shocking howl echoed as five rays of light flew out of the palace. It was impossible to see what was inside the five lights, but they gathered into one in the sky to form a shadow.

The shadow looked exactly like Wang Lin!

However, it was not Wang Lin’s original body, but his five-element true body. It floated there like an illusion and was only the size of an ordinary person. However, he inhaled and the power of the world rushed toward him like crazy. Then the five-element true body expanded until it was 1,000 feet tall!

This power of the world was the power of the five elements of the world!

The 1,000 foot true body inhaled once more. The earth trembled, heavenly fire appeared, a rainy haze followed, the grass withered, and even the heavenly metal moved. The power of the five elements were inhaled into his mouth. 

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the 1,000 feet shadow expanded once more into a 10,000 foot giant!

The 10,000 foot five-element true body spread out his arms. At the same time, the alternating of day and night became smooth and the restrictions no longer showed signs of dissipating.

However, just as restriction, absolute beginning, and absolute end showed signs of stabilizing, a brutal roar came from the depths of the earth.

This howl contained madness and shocking power. It caused the hearts of all the Ancient Shi members to tremble and panic.

The moment the roar echoed, Prince Ji Du inside the palace trembled and coughed out a mouthful of blood. Shock appeared in his eyes.

“It’s Luo Hou!”

The young man in purple turned pale. When he heard about Luo Hou, he thought about a rumor about Prince Ji Du. It was rumored that when this prince was born, there was a heavenly sign, only it was a vicious sign. It was concealed by the royal family and dispelled by the imperial teacher.

Not many people knew about it, but during the last 100 years, for some unknown reason, the rumor began to spread again in the Ancient Shi.

Rumor had it that the reason Prince Ji Du had built his palace in the Luo Hou country was that the fierce beast sealed under this country was the Luo Hou!

As for why Ji Du was here, he played a role in suppressing the Luo Hou and could also nourish himself on the Luo Huo’s aura. This was something arranged by the imperial teacher before he died.

The roar became even more intense. Shortly after, a giant shadow appeared in the distance. It was a round meatball that only had a huge eye. It revealed ferociousness and madness and its body was illusory. At this moment, it stared at Wang Lin’s five-element true body above the palace. There was a flash of greed on its eyes.

This round meatball was the Luo Hou?

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