Chapter 2044 - Heavenly Sign!

After the sun disappeared and the sky became dark, Wang Lin grabbed the absolute end essence. The essence flew into the dark sky and disappeared.

Staring at the sky that had appeared on the ceiling, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hands formed seals and he muttered softly.

“Flowing Time…” His self-created spell that controlled the flow of time and could reverse thousands of years in an instant. This spell had its uses outside of battle. Right now, Wang Lin was using it to strengthen his essences.

The operations of the heavens and earth were very difficult for cultivators to control. Wang Lin  was trying to create his own sky and giving it night and day, which was very difficult.

At this moment, if someone else saw this, they would certainly be shocked.

“The spells the Dao Wang clan used to create caves and the Grand Empyreans’ power to create things from the void… Adding my Flowing Time spell, I can recreate the movement of the world...

“And I’m only refining one wall of this chamber, so it’s still something I can control.” Wang Lin looked at the ceiling and saw that day and night had altered more than a dozen times in a short period of time.

“I hope I can use this method to deepen my comprehension of the absolute beginning and absolute end essences.” Wang Lin hit his forehead and a part of his origin soul flew into the ceiling to comprehend the alternating day and night.

This wisp of origin soul fused into the ceiling and then Wang Lin no longer paid any heed to it. Comprehension couldn’t be done in a short period of time. When he withdraws that wisp of origin soul in the future, he will obtain all the comprehension gained over the years.

“Restriction essence…” Wang Lin looked at the strange fog where countless symbols were flickering. This was the restriction essence, and it had accompanied him from back in the Land of the Ancient God.

After silently pondering for a while, Wang Lin remembered that his teacher, Xuan Luo, had taken him to several places. He had obtained a large amount of restrictions, and they would be of great use to strengthen his restriction essence.

He let out a sigh and pointed at this five-element true body. The five-element true body looked at Wang Lin and his eyes lit up. Then the five-element true body split into five rays of light and flew in to the restriction essence. It was going to replace Wang Lin in integrating the large amount of restrictions into the restriction essence.

In the end, Wang Lin looked at the slaughter thunder essence. The slaughter essence was the most important and most elusive essence he had!!

“Slaughter… When he first appeared, he called himself ‘Slaughter.’ The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher also knows this avatar…” Wang Lin’s expression was complicated. He had his own speculations, only they were buried deep inside his heart.

“Slaughter is an immortal body. It represents destruction and therefore can’t be erased. This slaughter essence is only at completion, so it can’t form an essence true body yet. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right… Or wrong.” Wang Lin hesitated.

“I have been suppressing this slaughter essence. It was born when I fused it with thunder, then I used restriction to balance it out. Then it was fused with absolute end, making it stronger, so I used absolute beginning to balance it out once more.

“As a result, if they all reach essence true bodies, everything should reach a balance. Besides, I have other methods!” Wang Lin muttered to himself before revealing a decisive gaze. At his moment, he could not hesitate. If he wanted to increase his cultivation level, he would have to do this.

Staring at the slaughter essence and the thunder essence true body, Wang Lin made up his mind. The thunder essence true body opened his eyes and inhaled the slaughter essence. The thunder around his body suddenly changed to black.

Slaughter thunder descended once more!

Looking at this strange essence true body, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. His hands formed a seal and he pointed at this essence true body. The slaughter thunder essence true body flew toward Wang Lin and overlapped with him.

Wang Lin was using his own body’s countless years of slaughter to nourish this slaughter essence. During this process, there was still an overlapping shadow on Wang Lin, as if it was very difficult to fuse.

But Wang Lin was not surprised; it was as if he had already anticipated this. His hands continued to form seals and then he pointed at his own body. Every time he pointed, the overlapping shadow would disappear a bit. As he continued, sweat appeared on his forehead and his expression was very heavy.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, when he pointed for the last time, his slaughter thunder essence had fully integrated with his body without any overlapping shadows. Then he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. He waved his right hand and the blood turned into runes that all landed on Wang Lin’s body.

“Blood refine!!” Wang Lin roared before he closed his eyes and remained motionless.

While he was strengthening the slaughter essence in order to prevent future accidents, he was going to refine Slaughter again!

This was not the first time he was going to refine this slaughter thunder - the first time was when he accidentally created it.

Time passed. Time left no trace, and without feeling anything, the years passed one by one.

When the Immemorial God Realm appeared, the undercurrent across the Immortal Astral Continent became more silent. However, this simply created a pressure that shrouded the entire Immortal Astral Continent.

The sects of the various celestial clans all became silent and there was a rare moment of peace. All of them were gathering their power for when the Immemorial God Realm opened.

Any sect with power felt that after this period of suppression, a long war that would last for hundreds of years between the celestial clan and the Ancient clan would begin!!

During this battle, even Grand Empyreans may fall. As for the Ascendant Empyreans and Empyrean Exalts of the various sects, some would disappear and some would become famous.

In the Ancient clan, it was the same. The three royal families followed the order of Grand Empyrean Gu Dao and prepared for war. They could all feel the pressure, and their respective Grand Empyreans had gone into closed door cultivation.

In the Ancient Dao, Luo Chen had become the new emperor. However, as the new emperor, he was not familiar with the entire Ancient Dao. He would need time to adapt before he could truly possess everything.

During this process, Holy Emperor Ye Wei temporarily replaced the current emperor in dealing with the Ancient Dao. As for Xuan Luo, after appointing Luo Chen as the emperor, he had gone into closed door cultivation.

He was close to his reincarnation and had to face the opening of the Immemorial God Realm. Now was not the best time to reincarnate. He had to suppress it and wait for everything to calm down before reincarnating.

The Ancient Shi was facing a similar problem. The old emperor was getting old, and according to the ancient agreement, unless Grand Empyrean Gu Dao allowed it, he would have to abdicate his position to his descendents.

Now there were still 100 years or so before he would have to abdicate his position. He remained silent as he had no right to choose, so all the princes had set their sights on Grand Empyrean Song Tian.

Ji Du had gone to meet Grand Empyrean Song Tian many times but was stopped outside the Origin Mountain every time. The time was approaching, and once Grand Empyrean Song Tian made his decision, it would be too late.

At this moment, there were three people sitting inside Prince Ji Du’s palace. One of them was Ji Du. He was frowning and looking very anxious.

There was a young woman beside him. She occasionally looked at Ji Du with anxiety in her eyes as well.

“Brother, Senior Wang Lin has been in closed door cultivation for 100 years… The date of Father’s abdication is getting closer and closer. According to customs, a new emperor will be chosen 100 years before the abdication.

“In terms of time, it should be decided in these several years. If you don’t asked Senior Wang Lin for help, I’m afraid it will be too late…” The young woman sighed. She was the young woman who was beside Ji Du back then and then later married one of the geniuses of the Ancient Shi. He was considered the strongest member of the new generation and was a close ally of Ji Du. He said beside the young woman and coldly looked at all of this.

“Rumor has it that this senior is supposed to be the 10th sun, but after he left the Ancient Dao, he immediately went into closed door cultivation. He seems to be injured… Can he really make Lord Song change his mind?” The person who spoke was the young man in purple, the woman’s husband.

“Royal Brother!” The woman became even more anxious.

Prince Ji Du struggled for a long time before he let out a sigh and deceively said, “There’s no need to talk about this! Godfather said to not disturb him…” 

“This…” The young woman bit her lower lip. After seeing Ji Du’s decisive gaze, she swallowed her words.

Only the young man in the purple robe revealed a sneer. Apparently, only he didn’t think that Wang Lin was as terrifying as the rumors claimed.

“Even if Godfather doesn’t come out, I have prepared for 100 years and I can still try! If Chi Man… And my royal older brother were to die, would Lord Song still pick a dead man as the next emperor?” There was a flash of coldness in Ji Du’s eyes.

After he spoke, the entire hall became cold and the young woman’s heart trembled as if she wanted to say something, but she could only smile bitterly. This royal brother of hers had changed too much in the past 100 years, and this made her feel estranged.

The hall was completely silent; even the young man in purple had become silent after hearing Ji Du’s words. He raised his head to speak, but just at this moment, a powerful pressure descended.

When the pressure appeared, the world changed colors and a shocking change occurred.

An indescribable aura came out of Wang Lin’s chamber and shot into the sky.

The originally clear sky seemed to collapse as large amounts of fragments scattered in all directions.

“A heavenly sign!!”

“It came from Godfather’s closed door cultivation chamber. Godfather has come out of closed door cultivation!” Ji Du got up and was excited.

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