Chapter 2042 - Soul Complete!

Blackstone City was the same as before she left. She didn’t meet any guards on her way in, as if the city lord had received an order.

But when she arrived at her house, she saw two people standing there. One was a white-haired old woman and the other was a young girl.

“Aunt Chang… Sister Dong… I am back.” Song Zhi bit her lower lip and smiled.

Outside Blackstone City, Wang Lin stood where Song Zhi had stood and looked at the city. After a while, he withdrew his divine sense. The woman was very pitiful. The fusion with Wan Er’s soul had harmed her greatly. Her memory was in disarray and she could not tell who she was.

Wang Lin could have ignored her weakness and disregarded her life to separate Li Muwan’s soul. However, the result would’ve been her life force extinguishing.

Wang Lin had cultivated for thousands of years. People thought that he was very ruthless and cold-blooded, but he was still human. He didn’t want to do this, so he had spent nearly two years slowly making his way here. Along the way, he had slowly sent his cultivation into her body so that Li Muwan’s soul could be separated without harming her.

“She is innocent… But it was also her who allowed me to find Wan Er’s soul, so she should not be hurt for this… The jade I left with her contains my divine sense and should keep her safe.

“Ji Du, you have to properly take her of her,” Wang Lin slowly said.

Ripple echoed behind Wang Lin and Prince Ji Du walked out. Herespectfully said, “As Godfather commands.”

“I have informed the city lord to guard Song Zhi to not allow her to suffer any harm. Please rest assured, I have even sent guards to live here to protect her.” Prince Ji Du knew how important Song Zhi was to his godfather, so he didn’t dare to be sloppy in this regard.

Prince Ji Du had stayed here because according to his analysis, Wang Lin would likely come here. He had waited here ever since he returned from the Ancient Dao, and Wang Lin had finally arrived.

Wang Lin didn’t show any emotions about the fact that Ji Du had waited here. On the contrary, if Ji Du hadn’t done this, then it meant that he would not be useful to Wang Lin, and it would be very difficult for Ji Du to obtain the position of ancient emperor.

“Let’s go.” Wang Lin glanced at Blackstone City once more and then walked into the distance.

Ji Du suppressed the excitement in his heart and followed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin walked ahead and calmly said, “Prepare a place for me, I’m going into closed door cultivation!” 

“Child has a secret chamber in my palace. If Godfather isn’t happy with it, I can get people to immediately create another,” Prince Ji Du quickly replied.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and the world around them distorted and both of them disappeared. When they reappeared, they were inside prince Ji Du’s palace.

“This secret chamber is fine. Without my permission, no one is allowed to cause any disturbance.” Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the palace and he chose a secret chamber to enter.

Seeing that Wang Lin was about to step into the secret chamber, Prince Ji Du hesitated. He seemed to want to say something but seemed afraid to speak.

Wang Lin was halfway into the chamber when he paused and looked at prince Ji Du. “If you want to become the Ancient Shi Emperor, then Grand Empyrean Song Tian is key. If he recognizes you as the only candidate, then everything will be simple.” 

Prince Ji du looked helpless and spoke with a bitter smile.

“Child doesn’t know what I have done to provoke Lord Song. Usually, when I go see him, he doesn’t meet with me, and even when I meet him in the palace, he is very cold.

“My younger brother, Chi Man, is very close to Lord Song. He lives on Origin Mountain and is rumored to have been accepted as Lord Song’s disciple.

“Father also seems to care a lot about Chi Man. The entire Ancient Shi is leaning toward him as the next emperor,” Ji Du said bitterly.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and after hearing this, he silently pondered for a moment.

“The Grand Empyrean of each clan can appoint each generation of emperor, but it is without exception… I think you are prepared.” Wang Lin looked profoundly at Prince Ji Du.

Prince Ji Du immediately felt like he had been completely seen through by Wang Lin, unable to even hide his thoughts.

Prince ji Du knelt down and respectfully said, “Child is still preparing. I’m unwilling to fail and be forced out as a king. Once I lose the chance to become the emperor, there will be no second chance.

“Whether it is intelligence or cunning, I’m better than that Chi Man. I’m unwilling to give up.

“I hope Godfather will help me. Once I become the emperor, I’ll fulfill my previous agreement and won’t dare to go back on it!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and he said, “Aside from your younger brother, there should be another opponent.”

“And also senior brother… He… When he was born, there was a change in the world. It even attracted the attention of Grand Empyrean Gu Dao and a gift was sent.

“He also has a high possibility of obtaining the position of emperor!” Ji Du smiled bitterly.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and said, “I don’t care about your preparations, but I can go meet that Song Tian to see if he can appoint you as the next emperor!” 

When Prince Ji Du heard this, he was ecstatic, but his expression didn’t change much - he only nodded respectfully.

Looking at Ji Du before him, Wang Lin could see that formidable person. Someone who could cover up their emotions and knew their limits.

“We’ll talk about this matter after I come out of closed door cultivation. If there is nothing important, don’t disturb me.” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and returned to the chamber. After the door closed, the place became silent.

Prince Ji Du knelt there for a while longer before he respectfully got up and revealed unabashed joy in his eyes.

“With Godfather’s power, Lord Song might really change his mind… But I need to begin my plan as well. This time, I must fight!! Once I’m successful, in 200 years I, Ji Du, will be the Ancient Shi emperor!!”

Prince Ji Du was excited and took a few deep breaths before he suppressed his excitement. He immediately sent out a command to make this a forbidden area, and anyone that dared to trespass would be immediately killed.

He had even brought over several guards to protect this place day and night.

Wang Lin walked into the secret chamber and looked around. He waved his right hand and a large amount of restrictions scattered across the room, sealing the entire chamber. With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, the restrictions he had placed made it so not even Grand Empyreans could enter without him knowing .

He sat on the ground and his eyes lit up. Aside from sending Song Zhi home, there was a deeper meaning to him coming to the Ancient Shi and helping Prince Ji Du become the Ancient Shi emperor.

“One drop of soul blood can’t make Wan Er’s body enter the Immemorial God Realm…” Back in the Purple Yang Sect, he had seen many records about the Immemorial God Realm from Gemini.

There were some descriptions of the Immemorial God Realm. As for when it appeared, no one knew, but from what he could gather, a powerful pressure could hide one from the operations of the world there. The souls of the people who died there would not enter reincarnation, as if even reincarnation was stopped there.

This was very similar to what the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher had said. That was why Wang Lin had allowed the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher to activate the formation and open the Immemorial God Realm.

“Wan Er’s body can’t survive the Immemorial God Realm, and according to the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher, although the soul blood can make up for it, one drop is obviously far from enough...

“The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher painstakingly opened the Immemorial God Realm. He used the truth as lure and Wan Er’s reincarnation as bait to make me go there… No matter what, his purpose is to make me believe him, so he should be at least telling the truth regarding Wan Er.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t need to go!” Wang Lin silently pondered. The biggest reason he was going to help Ji Du was that he needed more soul blood. In order to get more, he had to go the Ancestral Temple to go through the last trial!

This is the only way to have a chance to obtain the approval of the Ancient Ancestor again and perhaps obtain more soul blood!

“I can no longer go back to the Ancient Dao, and the right to open the Ancestral Temple is not in the hands of the Grand Empyreans. This right belongs to the current emperor.

“Even if Lou Chen is recognized as the Ancient Dao Emperor… I still don’t want to go back to the Ancient Dao…” Wang Lin sighed and revealed a complicated expression.

“As for the Ancient Ji, I haven’t had much contact with them. The Ancient Shi is much more suitable for me, especially since although Ji Du is ambitious, he doesn’t dare to go against my intentions.

“500 years… The last 500 years!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and waved his hand. A crystal clear coffin appeared before him.

Li Muwan seemed to be sleeping inside the coffin. Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan and his expression became gentle. His left hand hit his forehead and a ray of silver light shined.

There was a blurry shadow inside the silver light. This shadow was Li Muwan’s soul fragment.

“Wan Er, from now on, your soul will be complete. I’ll awaken you… not just for decades, but for a lifetime…” Wang Lin raised his finger and the ray of light shot toward Li Muwan. Her eyelashes suddenly quivered as if she was going to awaken, but they soon calmed down.

However, two streams of crystal clear tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

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