Chapter 2041 - Tomorrow

The storm at the Ancient Dao imperial palace, where Xuan Luo’s disciple, Wang Lin, had stormed the palace and used his death to repay Xuan Luo’s kindness, had attracted the attention of countless people. In the end, he killed the Ancient Dao Emperor, and not even the Holy Emperor Ye Wei was able to stop Wang Lin from leaving.

This news gradually spread after the members of the other two clans left. Almost everyone who was qualified knew about it.

This matter should have caused a bigger wave, but another even more shocking matter made it slowly fade. The early opening of the Immemorial God Realm set off a wave across the entire Ancient clan.

The vast sea between the Ancient clan and the celestial clan had become giant pit. The pit was endless and gave off the smell of decay. At the center of the sea was a storm that rumbled loudly.

In the swirling sea, the door formed by the nine heaven-piercing pillars loomed. This attracted the attention of a lot of powerful people, but after observing it, they all left.

Jiu Di had also personally come here, but even with his cultivation level, he could not get far into the storm, not to mention the door was not open. Judging with his cultivation level and Hai Zi’s estimation, it would take 500 years for it to open.

And this time, it would be a never-before-seen complete opening!

Dao Yi, Wu Feng, and Ancient clan Grand Empyreans, including Xuan Luo, had all come. They silently looked door from outside the storm and silently left.

But at the same time, a message had come down from Mount Gu Dao to the three royal clans and their Grand Empyreans. The message was very simple. It told people to stop observing the Immemorial God Realm and that it would open in 500 years. The message also told the three clans and their respective Grand Empyreans to prepare for battle in 500 years.

Mount Gu Dao didn’t pay any heed to the death of the Ancient Dao Emperor. This strange phenomenon made the part of the Ancient Dao that was advocating for Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to hunt Wang Lin down to become silent and never mention this matter again.

Similar to the Ancient clan, the celestial clan had also sent out a message to all 72 continents that the Immemorial God Realm would open in 500 years. They were to spend these 500 years training the powerful people under them. The Empyrean Exalts and Ascendant Empyreans were the most excited. The Immemorial God Realm was like the dragon’s gate for them. Once they obtained a fortune, they would become a Grand Empyrean!

Because of the appearance of the Immemorial God Realm, a storm had been set off on the Immortal Astral Continent. However, due to the 500-year wait, the storm was suppressed into an undercurrent - it was like the calm before the storm.

Whether it was the Ancient clan or celestial clan members, if they believed they were qualified to enter the Immemorial God Realm, they felt a powerful pressure. They vaguely knew that the moment the Immemorial God Realm opened, a grand event would take place.

But this matter would likely result in a war between the celestial clan and the Ancient clan after being at peace for so long!!

The Ancient clan was preparing… The celestial clan was the same!

500 years, only 500 years!! For mortals, low level cultivators, and low level members of the three clans, 500 years may seem long. However, for the powerful, 500 years was just the blink of an eye.

Signs of war appeared across the Immortal Astral Continent due to the appearance of the Immemorial God Realm. In a country at the border of the Ancient Dao and Ancient Shi, it was the rainy season. The rain was not strong, but it seemed like it was going to last for a long time.

Even in the rain, the ancient cities remained bustling. The rain quietly fell on the earth and accumulated into small rivers.

The sky was dim and seemed hazy. In a mountain not far in the distance, there was a young man in white holding a paper umbrella. Beside him was a woman. She was very beautiful, and she also looked ahead with the young man.

“There are stories about you and the soul fragment inside me named Wan Er…” the woman said softly as she withdrew his gaze from the rain and looked at the man in white beside her.

It was this man who had broke into the Ancient Dao palace, killed the Ancient Dao Emperor, and walked out of there with the power of one person, yet no one had dared to stop him. It was him who had brought her here.

She didn’t know what Wang Lin was going to do, but on the way here, the man’s gentleness and consideration made her feel a warmth from the bottom of her heart.

On the way, the man had told her a story. It was a long story. A chance encounter, a love that began with “I’ll take you to kill.”

And ended with “Even if heaven wants you to die, I’ll take you back!” followed by thousands of years of sorrow and reminiscence. 

Wang Lin looked at the woman before him, revealing a gentle gaze, and nodded.

The woman was silent. She could feel that Wang Lin’s gentle gaze was not toward her, but the soul fragment inside her. She looked at the rain in the distance and spoke softly.

“Where are we going?”

“To the place we first met.” Wang Lin held Song Zhi as they faced the rain and walked into the distance.

He didn’t move at full speed for this trip, because he had to take care of Song Zhi’s weak body and the unstable soul fragment inside her. As a result, it had been a year since he had killed the Ancient Dao Emperor.

During this year, Wang Lin had not been hunted by Mount Gu Dao, and the Ancient Dao hadn’t said anything about this matter. Wang Lin calmly brought the woman to the edge of the Ancient Dao territory.

Past this place would be the Ancient Shi.

“Where we first met… Is it Blackstone City…” The woman’s black hair was blown by the wind and a few strands flew into Wang Lin’s face, entangling with his white hair.

Wang Lin didn’t speak and gradually disappeared with her into the rain.

A few months later, Wang Lin and Song Zhi left the Ancient Dao and arrived at the Ancient Shi. After arriving here, Song Zhi’s mood was no longer down. Looking at the Ancient Shi, she found a sense of familiarity.

But she spoke less and less. Facing Wang Lin, she became more and more silent and felt complicated. During this trip, she could sometimes feel Wang Lin sending a warm energy into her body. She didn’t know what it did, but she could feel the soul fragment that had merged with her show signs of separation.

“He is separating the soul of the woman named Wan Er… Perhaps when the soul completely separates, that will be the moment of my death… But to be able to see my hometown, to see Aunt Chang and Sister Dong, is also very good.” Song Zhi felt bitter in her heart and silently pondered.

She was afraid but powerless.

Wang Lin saw all of this, but he didn’t explain anything. They were getting closer to Blackstone City.

Several more months passed.

As the sun set on a deserted mountain, Song Zhi looked into the distance and asked the man beside her, “We will arrive at Blackstone City tomorrow?” 

Just now, Wang Lin had told her that they would reach her hometown of Blackstone City tomorrow.

Wang Lin nodded.

Song Zhi silently pondered for a moment and then smiled as she looked at Wang Lin. She looked at the person who had accompanied her for more than a year, she looked at the youthful face that gave off an ancient aura.

“Wan Er is very fortunate… I hope you and her will be happy forever.”

At the noon of the next day, Blackstone City could be seen from the distance. The city made of black stone appeared in her eyes and made Song Zhi feel a sense of home.

Less than 500 meters from the city, Wang Lin stopped. Song Zhi looked at Wang Lin and softly said, “Can you let me touch your face…” 

Wang Lin looked at the woman, and after a long time, he gently nodded.

Song Zhi smiled and her face suddenly turned red. She caressed Wang Lin’s ordinary-looking face, and after a moment, she placed her head against Wang Lin’s chest. She could hear his heartbeat.

The sound of his heartbeat made her close her eyes.

Wang Lin lowered his head and stroked her hair. A fragrance came from her and drilled into Wang Lin’s nose. The two of them remained like this  for some time.

When the setting sun became faintly red and dim, Song Zhi raised her head from Wang Lin’s chest.

“If I die, please…”

“You won’t die.” Wang Lin calmly looked at the woman. As he spoke, he pointed to the spot between her eyebrows. Song Zhi’s vision became blurry and she fell down as if she was asleep.

Half an hour later, her eyes were filled with confusion when she woke up. She silently looked around with a frown, and after a long time, she seemed to remember something.

At this moment, the sun had mostly set and was about to disappear. Song Zhi stood up and looked at her neck to find a jade pendant that gave off warmth.

She could feel that Wan Er’s soul fragment had disappeared. She was no longer Song Zhi and she hadn’t suffered any injuries. However, she felt a ripple across her heart, and her eyes were emotional. After a long time, she turned and walked toward Blackstone City, which was not far away.

This was her home.

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