Chapter 2040 - Don’t Talk About It!

As the entire Immortal Astral Continent alternated between black and white, at Mount Emperor, Grand Empyrean Jiu Di flew out from his closed door cultivation. He looked into the distance and his expression changed.

“This is indeed the Immemorial God Realm… It has opened from the Ancient clan this time… And the time is a lot earlier than normal… The opening of the Immemorial God Realm should not open this early. This means…”

“This will be the first time the Immemorial God Realm will open completely, and it will be different from before.” A woman’s voice came from beside Jiu Di. It was Hai Zi, who was wearing a white robe. She looked into the distance with a complicated gaze.

“I can’t divinate it completely - this is all I could see. I also divinated that we have to wait several hundred years for the Immemorial God Realm to actually open.”

“A complete opening!!” An unsuppressed excitement appeared in Jiu Di’s eyes.

“If it opens completely, then there might be a method for Grand Empyreans to surpass their current level and reach the level of the Celestial Ancestor!”

Celestial clan, the Dao Yi Sect. Over the years, the Dao Yi Sect had become a gloomy land. Countless powerful people had died and Grand Empyrean Dao Yi had remained in closed door cultivation. This caused the population here to become sparse.

However, at this moment, a roar came from the Dao Yi Sect. As the roar echoed, one of the mountains collapsed and figure covered in grey gas flew out. This figure was ferocious and stared at the distance.

“Immemorial God Realm!! There might be a method for me to completely get rid of the ancestral curse there and allow my cultivation level to increase!”

Inside the Purple Yang Sect, the two lovely little girls were in closed door cultivation. The Celestial Ancestor’s eyes were between the two of them. The eyes gave off a strange light that connected the two of them.

At this moment, the two of them both opened their eyes and looked toward the same direction. Their gazes seemed to penetrate the wall, seeing the world outside.

Wu Feng, who was the first in the Celestial clan to notice this, was standing on an iceberg with anticipation in his eyes.

At the same time, deep under the palace of the Celestial Ancestral City, there was an overlapping space. Inside the space, there was a mountain, and the madman remained motionless there.

Aside from the powerful members of the celestial clan, the people of the Ancient clan also paid attention to the opening of the Immemorial God Realm. The Grand Empyreans of the Ancient Ji and Ancient Shi both looked over.

As for Xuan Luo, he had already noticed that something was wrong as he looked at the deserted mountain Wang Lin had gone to and at the anomalies in the sky. Even the Holy Emperor, who had gone back under the palace, flew out again. She stood next to Xuan Luo and looked at the sky in shock.

“The Immemorial God Realm is opening ahead of time!”

The two of them looked at each other. They didn’t continue to speak, but began to ponder.

At central area, where the three countries of the Ancient clan were connected, a figure was standing inside the top of the tower on top of Mount Gu Dao and looking at the sky. A sigh came out from the tower.

“Finally… It has opened completely… When I learned about everything that day, I knew I could not change it…” The figure shook his head and revealed a rare trace of bitterness.

“Hundreds of years later… Sea of suffering…

“All souls beneath the heavens must suffer divine tribulation… Free thyself from convictions that lead only to destruction. Walk the path of the true dao!” the blurry figure muttered

After the sky of the Immortal Astral Continent turned to night for the eighth time and returned to normal, the last vortex above the mountain disappeared. However, the eight pillars were standing above the vast sea, and no matter how much the waves smashed into them, they didn’t move.

Within the circle formed by the eight pillars, the sea gradually turned to fog, but the sea outside the pillars remained liquid.

Under the collapsed mountain, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher, who looked like the All-Seer and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, had a serious expression. His hands continued to form seals as he pressed down on the formation and muttered a strange sound.

His voice sounded like countless people muttering, but it was impossible to hear anything clearly. When Wang Lin heard this, his eyes shined an undetectable amount.

“Restrain the Heavenly Dao. All souls beneath the heavens must suffer divine tribulation. Free thyself from convictions that lead only to destruction. Facing the boundless unknown, all souls must resolve their questions in life and break free from the machinations of heaven. Obtain the path of life… and walk the path of the true dao!” The endless murmuring from the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher suddenly turned to this.

The moment his words echoed, the formation released endless light. Then, endless amounts of large nets appeared in this space!

This was the net that Wang Lin had broken when it prevented him from entering this space! However, as the light from the formation flashed, cracks appeared in this net.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher had used some method to teleport the formation from the space it was in and moved it onto the Immortal Astral Continent!

It has to be said that the formation inside the deserted mountain was merely an illusion. Wang Lin had used his full power to break the boundary to enter that space. Now the formation was using the same method to break out and become real!

What came with it was Wang Lin’s slaughter avatar!

At this moment, this avatar was in the same space as Wang Lin’s original body.

This scene caused Wang Lin’s eyes to light up.

When the formation penetrated through the boundary and arrived at the Immortal Astral Continent, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher let out a roar. 10-colored light erupted from the formation and shot into the sky. From a distance, it looked like it had formed the ninth pillar!!

Wang Lin’s slaughter avatar retreated a few steps and fused with Wang Lin’s original body as the light shot into the sky. Wang Lin appeared next to the light and looked at the light going into the sky. He clearly felt the indescribable and terrifying force coming from it.

Inside the light pillar, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher roared, “Ninth pillar, open the Immemorial God Realm!!” The light pillar flew into the sky and flew toward the vast sea between the Ancient Clan and Celestial clan.

At the vast sea, inside the circle of the eight pillars, a ray of light flew in from the distance and the ninth pillar appeared at the center. The sky changed colors and ripples echoed across the sky. Soon, the entire sky of the Immortal Astral Continent was covered in ripples.

The entire sea churned as the ninth pillar descended toward the center of the circle formed by the other eight pillars.

The moment it descended, a scene unfolded. This shook the hearts of everyone who saw what was happening here, and they were filled with disbelief.

The endless ocean released a loud sound that echoed across the entire Immortal Astral Continent, then the vast sea slowly rose up!

It was as if a giant hand was using a powerful spell to slowly lift this vast sea!

It was impossible to describe the size of this vast sea, but lifting the entire sea was not something a Grand Empyrean could do. Not even Grand Empyrean Gu Dao could do it.

When the sea rose, a deep pit was revealed. This deep pit was filled with countless holes and was uneven. It was hidden under the sea and hadn’t seen sunlight for countless years!

The sea continued to rise, and it soon surpassed the Ancient clan and celestial clan. The sea was very deep, so much so that it was difficult to calculate how large it was in a short period of time.

When the endless sea flew above the land of the Ancient clan and the celestial clan, it was still rising. When people saw this, they were in shock. They couldn’t distinguish the difference between the sea and the sky.

Just at this instant, the endless sea turned a half circle, like a palm that suddenly stood up!!

The sea rose up so that its depth was now its width and its width was now its depth. This scene was simply too strange!

The nine pillars in the sky were at the center of the sea!

The vast sea was like a huge wall that cut off the celestial clan and the Ancient clan. It looked like it had no end and even gave off the sense that it was an illusion.

It was impossible to tell if it was the Immortal Astral Continent that had turned and the sea remained the same, or if the sea had moved while the Immortal Astral Continent remained stationary. This shocking scene made people feel as if the sky had been reversed.

The nine pillars at the center of the sea began to slowly rotate, picking up speed as they moved. From far away, they looked like a storm that connected the sky and the earth.

One could vaguely see the nine pillars inside the storm shine and form a giant door!

The door was closed and hadn’t opened!

“Unfortunately, your slaughter is not enough… Otherwise, the door could be opened immediately, but now it will take 500 years for enough power to gather to open the door...

“So, Wang Lin, let us meet again in 500 years in the Immemorial God Realm! When we meet again, you will know the truth!” In the deserted mountain outside the Ancient Dao imperial city, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher slowly disappeared from the flashing formation.

Wang Lin looked at the dissipating figure and suddenly said, “The Dong Lin Sect was destroyed by you.” 

But he didn’t get a reply. A laugh echoed as the formation dissipated and the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher disappeared. This place was still in ruins.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time and then turned around. He flew off into the sky as a ray of light and disappeared.

Wang Lin no longer had any reason to stay at the Ancient Dao. Everything had become the past. However, there was a person here that he still considered his teacher, even though he had used his death to cut their relationship...

A teacher he couldn’t acknowledge but would forever remain his teacher in his heart.

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