Chapter 2039 - Decision

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s voice was fierce as he roared, “If this formation is destroyed, you will never know the truth about the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent!!

“You will still have to watch Li Muwan’s soul die and return to the reincarnation cycle. You still won’t allow her to accompany you forever!” 

The eyes of the black-haired slaughter avatar lit up and his right hand stopped. The black gas still moved along his hand, and it was a shocking sight.

“You have the Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood, and it has the power of creation, but even if you integrate the entire drop into Li Muwan’s body, it won’t allow her to safely enter the Immemorial God Realm.

“The Immemorial God Realm is the supreme holy land of the Immortal Astral Continent. Ordinary cultivators can’t enter it; they either need powerful cultivation or a powerful body.

“This time, the Immemorial God Realm will open completely. This will be completely different from the times it has opened before. If you want to enter with Li Muwan, you need to make her body indestructible so that it can be taken there. Then use the power of reincarnation to find her true self and separate her from reincarnation into an immortal existence!” the All-Seer said rapidly before coughing out another two mouthfuls of blood.

His blood was like mist and penetrated the formation. Two more masses of death souls of people Wang Lin had killed formed two balls of black gas and flew into the sky.

In the sky, they lined up with the previous four vortexes. They seemed like they were going to form a circle.

Those two masses of black gas revealed different images.

It wasn’t the celestial clan, but the Ancient clan this time!

One showed the Ancient Ji area, where there was a vast sea. The sea was dark and gave off a smell of decay. This was the famous Death Sea of the Ancient Ji.

Normally, this was a good place for the people of the Ancient Ji to cultivate. The pressure from the sea would mold a person, and if they could persist, it would help you stimulate their full potential.

However, a huge wave appeared in his Death Sea now. This wave spread in all directions and a howl echoed. The sea depressed and a huge pillar flew into the sky and disappeared. The Death Sea’s level lowered and now half of the water was missing.

As this pillar flew into the sky, a huge pillar also flew out from the sea at the border of the Ancient Dao and Ancient Shi. Large amounts of ripples spread in all directions and attracted the attention of everyone who saw it. However, aside from a few people, no one else knew what was happening.

“All the answers you want are inside the Immemorial God Realm. Once you go there, you will know the answer!” Inside the formation, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

The black-haired slaughter avatar’s gaze fell on the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher.

“The space you exist in is still different from the space the formation is in…” As he spoke, he pointed at the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher. A large amount of black gas came out of the tip of his finger and flew at the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher.

The old man didn’t dodge at all and allowed the black gas to pass through his body. However, his body seemed intangible and didn’t take any damage. It was as if he was only a reflection and didn’t exist here.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s pupils shrank as he looked at the slaughter avatar, and dread appeared in his eyes.

“I still don’t believe your words!” Wang Lin, who was sitting outside the formation, was watching everything inside the formation. His slaughter avatar had spoken, and he didn’t seem to be shocked by the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s words.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher clenched his teeth and suddenly said, “Do you possess a strand of white hair and a fist-sized skull?” 

When the slaughter avatar heard this, his eyes revealed coldness. Outside the formation, Wang Lin’s original body looked up.

“You have indeed obtained them!” When the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher saw, this he became spirited.

Seeing the slaughter avatar move, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher quickly said, “After entering the Immemorial God Realm, with the hair as the guide and the skull to light your way, you will find the truth! If you destroy this formation, this old man’s plan will fail, but you will also never know the truth. One day, you will even come to regret it!!” 

Today’s matter was beyond his expectations. He had thought that Wang Lin could not enter this space. He had never expected Wang Lin to have the power to break through the boundaries!

Facing the slaughter essence true body, the old man felt an indescribable sense of fear from the bottom of his heart and soul.

“It shouldn’t be like this!! Could something have gone wrong!?!” The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher howled in his heart, but he revealed nothing on his face. However, Wang Lin could destroy the formation at any moment and destroy his years preparation, so he had been forced to reveal a lot more secrets.

The black-haired Slaughter slowly said, “Interesting. I can spare this formation, but you have to tell me why this formation requires the souls of those my original body killed to activate!”

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s expression changed and he seemed to hesitate, but he immediately saw Wang Lin raise his hand to destroy the formation.

“Because the Immemorial God Realm has…” The old man clenched his teeth, and just was he was about to say those words, his body trembled. He let out a miserable scream and his body showed signs of dissipating.

“This… This is the law of the realm!! I can’t say it! If this old man were to say this, I would die!” The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s face instantly turned pale.

Slaughter walked forward and coldly said, “Oh? You don’t have to tell me that, but you have to tell me who you are!” 

“Seven-Colored is this old man, All-Seer is this old man, and the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher is also this old man. Even this…” As the old man spoke, his body trembled once more and he let out a painful howl.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher suddenly became fierce and said, “I can’t say it!! Wang Lin, this formation is important to this old man, but it is also important to you. If you insist on destroying the formation, this old man won’t stop you anymore!!” 

Everything had gone wrong today because he had never expected Wang Lin to break the boundary and send his slaughter avatar in. Otherwise, he would’ve still been holding the initiative, unlike now, where he was completely passive.

Slaughter silently pondered. Outside the formation, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a complicated expression. After a long time, he let out a sigh. After seeing the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s reaction, he had a strange guess in his heart. However, this guess was so bizarre, he didn’t dare believe it!

However, this matter involved Li Muwan. In regards to the matter about Li Muwan, Wang Lin knew the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher wasn’t wrong. The soul blood could awaken her temporarily, but she wouldn’t be able to break out from reincarnation and would still die one day.

If he wanted to surpass reincarnation, perhaps he would really have to head to the Immemorial God Realm.

Staring at the old man, Wang Lin closed his eyes. At that moment, Slaughter withdrew his right hand. The black gas around him condensed and no longer spread out.

Slaughter coldly said, “Continue the formation!”

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher was not surprised. He looked meaningfully at Wang Lin’s original body outside the formation before coughing out two more mouthfuls of blood.

The two mouthfuls of blood turned into two masses of black gas filled with death souls. They rushed into the sky and combined with the six previous vortexes to form a perfect circle.

At the same time, at two other places in the Ancient clan, two large pillars flew into the air. The earth trembled as they disappeared into the sky.

In the sky, the eight black vortexes rotated rapidly until one of them erupted with black light. The black light was like ink and spread in all directions. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky turned black!

Not only the sky here, but the entire sky of the Ancient can turned black. Even the skies of the vast seas and the 72 continents of the celestial clan turned into night!

The entire Immortal Astral Continent was shrouded in night!

After nine breaths, the darkness that shrouded the entire Immortal Astral Continent disappeared. Wang Lin looked up at the sky to find that one of the eight vortexes had disappeared. At the same time, he felt something strange in his heart. He faintly saw that a huge pillar had appeared in the vast sea between the Ancient clan and the celestial clan.

Just at this moment, one of the seven remaining vortexes in the sky erupted with the same black light.

The sky turned black and, nine breaths later, the darkness disappeared. Only six vortexes remained, but a second pillar appeared in the vast sea.

As the world alternated between black and white, the entire Immortal Astral Continent began to tremble. Huge waves were set off in the vast sea, creating heaven-shattering rumbles.

Wang Lin could vaguely feel everything happening across the vast sea. Something that could affect the entire Immortal Astral Continent could only be caused by the legendary Immemorial God Realm that could make someone a Grand Empyrean!!

“Immemorial God Realm…” Wang Lin muttered. He had heard about this place a long time ago, but this was the first time he would witness it opening.

This was the fifth time the sky had turned black, and after nine breaths, it returned to day again. Wang Lin looked up and saw that only three vortexes remained!

Inside the formation, the All-Seer looked excited. He seemed to have been waiting for this for a long time. He seemed to be able to see the changes on the vast sea, and his eyes were filled with desire and madness.

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