Chapter 2038 - Immemorial God Realm!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t speak or stop his crazed actions. He had made the Celestial Emperor’s soul fuse with the Celestial Ancestor’s head to make it melt a bit faster. He had fused them with his Grand Empyrean sun to borrow a powerful force.

At this moment, as the Grand Empyrean sun burned, the giant sun shrank rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it shrank from its vast size until it disappeared. A the same time, the powerful force entered Wang Lin’s body in a strange way, then his right foot stomped down.

When he stomped down, Wang Lin let out a roar and a thunderous boom echoed around him!

If this formation was located in a space different from that of the Immortal Astral Continent, all of Wang Lin’s previous attacks had been useless. It was as if the formation was intangible - he could see it but not touch it.

The formation was here so it could absorb the death aura from the palace. This meant that even though it was in a different space, the spaces overlapped here.

Wang Lin had seen his kind of spell before. Back in the Celestial Palace, he had encountered something similar.

At this moment, he was burning his Grand Empyrean sun in exchange for the power to break open the void. He was going to use his powerful body and cultivation to break open the barrier to enter that space.

This spell was similar to stepping out of the cave world and directly entering the Immortal Astral Continent. This spell would be like crossing the boundary between worlds, which would even be difficult for Grand Empyreans, unless it was like the Celestial Palace, where an entrance had been created. However, Wang Lin was trying to force his way in now, and it was extremely difficult.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher’s expression had changed because of Wang Lin’s crazed actions!

Wang Lin’s right foot rose, and when it landed, thunderous rumbles echoed. The formation flashed violently and a large, invisible net seemed to appear. The net bent, and if Wang Lin could break it, he could cross the boundary!

The flickering net could only vaguely be seen by the eye. When Wang Lin’s right foot landed on the net, it seemed to be reaching a limit. Wang Lin’s body also trembled and sweat appeared on his forehead. Although he had obtained great strength, this was extremely difficult for him.

All of this happened in an instant. The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher stood up and his hands formed seals. 10-colored light shot toward the net under Wang Lin’s foot. It made the net stronger and more resilient, and now the net seemed to contain an elastic force that was going to lift Wang Lin’s feet.

Before Wang Lin, the giant fly seemed to have gone crazy and continued to smash into the barrier. It wanted to tear open the barrier and charge at Wang Lin.

After reinforcing the net, the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher bit the tip of his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood. However, the blood didn’t fall on the net, but went through the formation, into the unknown.

But at this moment, the activation of the formation increased several folds. The sound of murmuring seemed to increase, as if countless people were speaking, but you couldn’t hear anything clearly.

“With my blood to lead the soul of the heavens, activate!” As the old man roared, countless souls appeared inside the formation. When Wang Lin saw these souls, his body trembled.

These souls belonged to people who had died to Wang Lin in the cave world!!

These souls turned into black gas and charged out from the formation. They flew into the sky and formed a giant vortex, then an illusion appeared inside the vortex!

The illusion was like an image, and it reflected the celestial clan!!

On the Immortal Astral Continent, at the Mountain Sea Continent, a few scattered cultivators stared at the sea dumbfoundedly. The sea level seemed to drop, then a large, black pillar suddenly rose from the bottom of the sea. It flew into the sky and disappeared.

Wang Lin saw the scene inside the vortex. He didn’t know what it meant, but he felt his hair stand up, as if something that would shock the entire Immortal Astral Continent had appeared!

He took a deep breath and, without hesitation, his right foot stomped down in an attempt to break the looming net and enter the space the formation was in. However, the net was reinforced and erupted with endless power, preventing Wang Lin from breaking it open. As a result, thunderous rumbles echoed when Wang Lin stomped at the net.

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher coughed out three mouthfuls of blood and attracted even more death souls. These death souls were all people Wang Lin had killed. They revealed painful expressions as they let out roars and turned into black gas that flew into the sky.

They turned into three giant vortexes that lined up with the other vortex. A different image appeared in each vortex.

Cloud Wave Continent. There was a giant ocean on this continent, and normally there weren’t many waves. There were many small islands on this ocean, and there were many cultivators on them. The calm sea suddenly rumbled and countless islands were flooded. Large amounts of cultivators flew out and were shocked by this. The ocean’s level seemed to drop and then a giant pillar flew into the sky and disappeared.

The other two places were oceans in the celestial clan, and huge pillars flew out of them and into the sky. The last place could not even be called an ocean. It was the frozen land where Grand Empyrean Wu Feng was. The ice suddenly burst open, revealing the frozen ocean below, and a huge pillar pierced through the ice and flew into the sky.

Wu Feng stood in the distance and looked at this. This pillar gave off an ancient aura, as if it had existed for countless years. A large amount of pressure also spread out, shaking the world.

“It… It’s ahead of time!!!” Wu Feng muttered, but soon his eyes shined brightly.

Wang Lin clearly saw all of this in the vortex in the sky. Seeing that the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher was about to cough out the fifth mouthful of blood, Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to summon his strongest avatar in the void. A hazy fog appeared around him and his power suddenly erupted. His right foot contained his full power as he stomped down on the net. 

When he stomped down, an overlapping shadow appeared over his original body as if there was another body there. This was his avatar in the void!

With one stomp, a part of the net collapsed, creating a hole. When Wang Lin’s foot landed, he stepped inside the space the formation was in!

His body was still here, but his right foot had landed in that space!

This was his limit. He could not make his entire body enter that space, but just his right foot could achieve his goal. There was a flash of black light on his foot and then he withdrew it. Then a large amount of black gas drilled into the hole as the net recovered.

In the space where the formation was, the black gas gathered at the edge of the formation to form a black-haired Wang Lin. His eyes were cold and indifferent, devoid of all emotion. This was Wang Lin’s slaughter thunder essence true body. Its name...

“Slaughter!!” The person who said the name of this true body was the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher!

As the old man stared at the black-haired true body, there was a flash of fear in his eyes.

“I’m not used to talking to someone across space, I like talking to people face to face like this,” the black-haired slaughter thunder essence true body said as he looked around.

This was a very strange space. It seemed infinite in size but also seemed like it was only so large. It gave people a strange illusion. There were also murmurs constantly echoing, as if there were countless people talking, but you couldn’t clearly hear a single sentence.

Slaughter withdrew his gaze and walked toward the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher.

Outside the formation, Wang Lin’s original body sat down with his eyes closed. His full focus was on the slaughter true body in the other space.

“You seem to be very afraid of me, and you know the name of this true body of mine…” The black-haired Slaughter looked at the old man and the formation coldly. He waved his hand and countless strands of black gas appeared to destroy this formation.

“If you destroy this formation, there is no chance for Li Muwan to awaken! That soul fragment is only a soul fragment. Even if you put it into the Heaven Avoiding Coffin, it can’t awaken her. The only way to resurrect the dead is to rely on this formation!

“Even if you rely on the power of the Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood to temporarily awaken her, she can’t escape reincarnation. A few years later, she would turn back into a corpse. If you want her to escape reincarnation, you have to rely on this formation,” the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher suddenly said.

Slaughter’s right hand paused for a moment. Outside the formation, Wang Lin opened his eyes.

“What place is this formation opening?”

The Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher, who looked like the All-Seer and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, pondered a bit and said, “The Immemorial God Realm!

“If you want to allow Li Muwan to break out from reincarnation and not suffer the pain of reincarnation, you must go the Immemorial God Realm. There, you are sheltered from reincarnation, and you can use your reincarnation dao to break Li Muwan’s dream barrier, find her true self, and surpass reincarnation.

“The Immemorial God Realm has only been partially opened in the past, but with my method, I can open it completely!”

However, there was a flash of killing intent in Slaughter’s eyes. After his right hand paused, it moved once more as if he was going to destroy the formation.

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