Chapter 2037 - Breaking the Line!

The inside the deserted mountain that had turned into a ruin a huge formation was revealed as the fog dissipated. A figure was sitting at the center of the 10-colored formation, and Wang Lin could now see the appearance of the figure.

It was an old man, and he looked very similar to the All-Seer!!

However when Wang Lin took a closer look not only was this person similar to All-Seer but was also similar to another person!

“Wang Lin, we meet again.” The old man smiled as if he was very calm as he looked at Wang Lin. His smile was elusive. It seemed to contain greed and some reminiscence, but in the depths of his eyes, there was a hidden trace of fear.

Wang Lin’s body was 7,000 to 8,000 feet tall. Staring at the old man, he said, “Should I call you ‘All-Seer’ or ‘Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign?’”

This person’s appearance was like an overlap of the All-Seer and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

“I have a lot of names, but even now, I like to be called ‘All-Seer.’” The old man smiled and he pressed his right hand down on the formation.

The giant formation activated once more, emitting a strange light. This light shrouded the world and attracted the power of the world. It created a shockwave, and even Wang Lin’s body was forced back several steps.

“Transfer!!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. With his understanding of restrictions, he could instantly tell that the formation below the All-Seer was a transfer array!

“Unfortunately, you haven’t killed enough…” The old man let out a sigh.

Wang Lin didn’t make any sound. He had many doubts, but he didn’t say anything. He raised his right hand and smashed down on the formation. Wang Lin’s powerful body and strong fist smashed into the formation, but he immediately felt a powerful rebound force.

Popping sounds came from his body and his right hand was knocked back. He looked over to find that the formation wasn’t damaged at all!!

“You can’t break this formation… You can’t stop this old man’s plan. I had waited for too long for this day…” The old man shook his head and looked at Wang Lin. His eyes revealed a strange gaze - it contained a complicated emotion, greed, and fear.

Wang Lin had seen this kind of gaze on the All-Seer before, but it had never been so clear before. This was related to the fact that his cultivation had reached Grand Empyrean level.

“The All-Seer is already dead and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign is gone. Who are you!?” Wang Lin roared, and his body expanded once more. He was now a giant over 10,000 feet tall. His roar was like a gust of wind, and his right foot smashed down on the formation below.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, but when Wang Lin’s right foot touched the formation, his foot trembled and the powerful rebound force knocked him back again.

“Who am I…” The old man silently pondered for a moment and laughed.

“Who am I? Aside from myself, there is only one other person that knows. And you will know soon enough!” The formation around the old man shined brightly and began to buzz. As the formation activated, the earth began to shake as well.

“What kind of transfer array is this that can shake the earth?” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. It didn’t matter if this person was the All-Seer or the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, he was the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher that was responsible for taking Wan Er’s soul fragment. He was someone Wang Lin was going to kill!

Seeing the formation become even more intense, Wang Lin took a deep breath and rumbles came from his body. The blue blood vessels on his body and face swelled, making him look extremely fierce.

He let out a roar and his body expanded once more. He became tens of thousands of feet tall and reached almost 100,000 feet. 

Such a large body caused the world to change colors. The formation below was like an ant to him. Wang Lin’s eyes revealed endless silver light as he threw another punch at the formation.

As this punch fell, the power of the world within 5 kilometers, 50 kilometer, 500 kilometers, 50,000 kilometers, even over hundreds of thousands of kilometers was all pulled in. It was as if Wang Lin’s punch had turned into a black hole that devoured all the power and smashed down on the world.

The old man inside the formation looked up at this with a strange expression and didn’t panic at all. When the punch landed, the light from the formation flashed violently and suddenly shattered, then the punch closed in on the old man.

In the blink of an eye, the punch touched the old man’s body, but it penetrated his body, penetrated the formation, and landed on the ground. The earth trembled violently and waves spread out in all directions. The mountain burst open and a giant hole appeared.

However, Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy because the old man and the formation were still there without any damage!

It was as if this old man and the formation didn’t exist and everything was just an illusion. The old man and the formation seemed to exist in a completely different space from Wang Lin!

“Why waste your energy…” The old man smiled as he shook his head and sighed.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and said, “After this long, you still haven’t transferred away. This not just a transfer array.” When his words entered the old man’s ears, the old man’s eyes lit up.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and his body shrank and the giant figure disappeared in the blink of an eye. Instead, a normal-sized white-robed Wang Lin appeared.

Because he had shrunk too fast, the giant figure seemed to dissipate like an illusion.

After returning to his normal size, he stepped forward and arrived before the formation. He looked at the old man that looked like both the All-Seer and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. He waved his right hand and the five-element true body and the slaughter thunder essence true body returned to his body.

The old man slowly said, “This formation is indeed not just a transfer array… Its real effect is to open an ancient gate… Unfortunately, your slaughter is not powerful enough…

“You can’t break this formation and can’t stop the activation of this formation. Its better to sit down and talk for a short period of time. This old man can perhaps solve some of your doubts for you.” The old man smiled as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered and shook his head after a moment. He stepped forward and a giant sun appeared behind him. This sun was black and white and emitted black and white light. It looked very strange in this world.

“I’m not used to talking to someone through a formation,” Wang Lin calmly said, then he walked toward the edge of the formation. Ripples echoed as Wang Lin walked inside.

Although he had walked through the formation, it was as if he was standing in a different space from the formation.

The old man looked at Wang Lin, who was only a few hundred feet away, and revealed a pitiful look. However, in the next breath, the old man’s pupils violently shrank.

As Wang Lin stood there, his cultivation level continued to rise. The Grand Empyrean sun behind him shined brightly and expanded to more than 10 times the previous size in the blink of an eye!

The giant Grand Empyrean sun gave off even more light, but it didn’t stop expanding. From a distance, it was like a ball being blown larger and larger.

“What are you going to do!?” The old man’s expression became gloomy as he stared at the Grand Empyrean sun. Without hesitation, he raised his right hand. The giant fly circling him started buzzing loudly. It revealed a forecious gaze and charged at Wang Lin.

But when the fly came within a few dozen feet of Wang Lin, it could not get any closer. It was as if there was an invisible barrier stopping it from getting closer.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. This sound came from the fly smashing into the invisible barrier due to anger. Wang Lin’s right hand reached into the void before him and a soul appeared. It was the soul of the Celestial Emperor!

Holding this soul, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his cultivation level continued to rise. When his cultivation raised to speak Void Tribulant, it continued to increase! He poured all his power into the soul, causing the Celestial Emperor’s soul’s eyes to open and release dazzling, golden light. However, these eyes contained no consciousness and were filled with confusion. Wang Lin waved his right hand and threw the soul into the Grand Empyrean sun behind him.

There was a blurry head hidden inside the giant Grand Empyrean sun. This was the Celestial Ancestor’s head that Wang Lin had taken out back at the Ancient Dao palace and then put back into the Grand Empyrean sun.

The moment the Celestial Emperor’s soul entered the Grand Empyrean sun and the Celestial Ancestor’s head, the Grand Empyrean sun expanded once more to 100 times its original size!

Wang Lin’s body trembled and he let out a roar. The Grand Empyrean sun expanded several more folds before his eyes suddenly opened.

“Ignite, Grand Empyrean sun!” The Grand Empyrean sun began to burn. From a distance, it looked like a giant black and white fireball, and a sea of fire surged through the sky!

The old man’s expression changed, then he suddenly stood up and roared, “Don’t you want to truly resurrect Li Muwan!?” 

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