Chapter 2035 - Future Emperor

Wang Lin stopping in the sky attracted the attention of the Ancient Dao members, and Ye Wei also looked over.

This was an ordinary burly man, and he was not eye-catching among the crowd. His cultivation level was only 8-star ancient god, and he hadn’t become a lord yet.

There was a large amount of people like him in the Ancient Dao. Normally, no one would pay attention to him. If not for the fact that the countless transfer arrays had brought him here, he would’ve never appeared here.

The burly man was very calm when he was being watched by so many people. He looked at Wang Lin and felt emotional.

In his body, there was a little trace of the Ancient Dao imperial family. This came from Ye Mo. Ye Mo was a member of the royal family, and the descendants he had created in the cave world all contained a trace of royal bloodline.

“Luo Chen…” Wang Lin looked at the burly man and recalled the past.

This burly man was Luo Chen. It was an old friend who had fused with the Moongazer and gifted Wang Lin the ancient god stars for his adulthood ceremony. The memories of the cave world appeared in Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and hugged Song Zhi as he descended down toward Luo Chen. The Ancient Dao members all subconsciously retreated, creating a gap.

Wang Lin stood before Luo Chen and looked at this familiar face.

“Luo Chen greets Senior…” The burly man sighed and clasped his hand at Wang Lin.

“You… When did you separate from the Moongazer Serpent?” Wang Lin looked at the other.

“After I followed Lord Xuan back here, Lord Xuan helped me separate from the Moongazer Serpent,” the burly man calmly said as he looked at Wang Lin. He recalled when he first met the young man before him and how weak he was. Now Wang Lin had became a Grand Empyrean and even killed the Ancient Dao Emperor. The Ancient Dao Holy Emperor could only watch as Wang Lin left.

The blue sea turned into mulberry fields - this was usually used to describe the scenery, but right now, it was how Luo Chen felt.

Wang Lin softly said, “Why didn’t you come to find me?”

The burly man smiled bitterly and shook his head. He had long known Wang Lin had come to the Ancient Dao imperial city and had thought about coming to see Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin’s status was too high as he was the only disciple of Xuan Luo and the future guardian of the Ancient Dao. Luo Chen was merely an insignificant member of the Ancient Dao.

The difference between them stopped him.

Seeing the other party’s bitter smile, Wang Lin silently pondered. He could vaguely guess Luo Chen’s thoughts and sighed.

Wang Lin softly said, “Help me with something.”

“Lord, please give me your command.” Luo Chen clasped his hands, and his voice was filled with determination.

“You should know of Ye Mo’s existence…” Wang Lin looked at Lou Chen.

Luo Chen nodded. When he arrived at the Ancient Dao, he had learned about everything from Xuan Luo and learned of the origin of his bloodline.

“Help me take care of Ye Mo’s descendants.” Wang Lin looked up into the distance of the Ancient Dao imperial city.

“As you command. I’m currently living in Lord Ye Mo’s mansion,” Luo Chen quickly answered. When he came to the Ancient Dao imperial city, he had no home. He had chosen not to stay at the Ancient Dao Temple and instead followed his bloodline to Ye Mo’s descendants. Although Ye Mo’s descendants were also part of the royal family, they had fallen and only had one mansion.

Ye Mo’s descendants had decided to accept him.

Wang Lin revealed a smile. This was a smile filled with memories and emotions. He looked at this burly man as he raised his left hand and pressed his palm on Luo Chen’s chest. Then a flash of silver appeared on his hand.

Luo Chen’s body trembled and silver light shined from his body. The silver light was blinding and caused pain for most of the people who looked at it, causing them to subconsciously withdraw their gazes.

“Soul blood!!” When the Holy Emperor Ancestor Ye Wei saw this, her expression changed.

Xuan Luo’s eyes also narrowed. He looked at Wang Lin and Luo Chen. He revealed a complicated expression and let out a sigh.

Luo Chen’s body trembled and he clearly feel a hot stream come from Wang Lin and enter his bloodline, causing his bloodline to become incomparably pure. He already had a trace of royal bloodline, and as his bloodline became more pure, he gave off a bloodline pressure comparable to that of the previous Ancient Dao Emperor!

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his left hand. He spread out a bit of his soul blood into Luo Chen and allowed Lou Chen’s bloodline to reach the point of being qualified to come the Ancient Dao emperor.

“Back then, you gifted me the ancient god stars… Today, you guard Ye Mo’s descendants… I give you the royal bloodline to repay your kindness!” Wang LIn waved his sleeve and flew into the sky with Song Zhi. He disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only the silent Ancient Dao members staring at the sky.

Xuan Luo looked at the direction where Wang Lin went for a long long time. He let out a sigh from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t say more or look at Ye Wei, but focused his gaze on Luo Chen.

“I remember that you’re called Luo Chen, correct?”

“Luo Chen greets Lord Xuan.” The silver light dissipated and seemed to condense inside Luo Chen’s body. After he heard Xuan Luo’s words, he dropped down on one knee and was very respectful.

Xuan Luo looked at Luo Chen and pondered as if he was making a decision. A moment later, he revealed a decisive gaze and nodded at Luo Chen.

“I choose him!” Xuan Luo pointed at Luo Chen and then looked at Ye Wei.

Ye Wei revealed hesitation as she looked at Luo Chen, and after a long time, she let out a sigh.

“I’m going to continue my closed door cultivation. As for the royal candidate, I’ll leave it to Lord Xuan to decide.” She turned and walked to the coffin in the purple light. As the purple light dissipated, the coffin sank back into the ground.

Even until now, Grand Empyrean Gu Dao had never appeared this entire time. Even Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s messengers never appeared, as if they were intentionally avoiding the situation.

Even though the Ancient Dao Emperor had called, Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, the guardian of the royal families, still hadn’t taken any action. The Ancient Dao people didn’t talk about this; they buried this doubt deep inside their hearts.

Wang Lin also felt doubt about Grand Empyrean Gu Dao not appearing. He had made preparations for the worse. If Grand Empyrean Gu Dao had appeared, he would’ve gone all out and summon his avatar in the void to fight against him!

His chance of failure was great, but he had to fight!

However, Gu Dao had never appeared. At this moment, Wang Lin rushed forward and charged at the mountain that had been split in half by the Ancient Ancestor. He suppressed the doubt in his mind - this was not the time to think about this matter. Even if he continued to think about it, he wouldn’t come up with anything. The most important thing was to head to the deserted mountain to resolve the question he had in his heart!

Who was the mysterious Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher!?

As he flew forward, the hand holding Song Zhi lit up and she was put into his storage space. This trip would be dangerous, and Wang Lin didn’t want her to suffer any injuries.

After Song Zhi disappeared, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a monstrous, cold gaze and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was outside the deserted mountain that had been cut in half.

He raised his right hand and pressed down at the deserted mountain below!

With this, a giant palmprint appeared in the sky and rushed toward the mountain. Heaven-shattering rumbles echoed as Wang Lin flew into the collapsed mountain!

The mountain trembled. Under the impact of Wang Lin’s palm, this mountain started collapsing on a large scale, as if a majority of the mountain was being erased. The giant formation below was revealed and was surrounded by a 10-colored fog. The 10-colored fog flashed and was not damaged at all by Wang Lin’s palm.

When Wang Lin’s palm touched this fog, it turned into countless bubbles that quickly dissipated.

“You came…” A hoarse and erratic voice came from the 10-colored mist and echoed within the ruins of the mountain.

Wang Lin stood outside the 10-colored mist, and his gaze was cold. He felt like this voice was familiar but very unfamiliar. This made it very difficult to confirm the speculation in his heart.

“Is the Ancient Dao imperial teacher someone who hides like this? You took my wife’s soul and let the Ancient Dao Emperor find someone to fuse with it with the purpose of targeting me. Now I came to you, but you are covered in fog. Are you afraid I will recognize you, or you are someone I know?” Wang Lin coldly said.

After a brief silence, a hoarse laughter came from the fog, and it caused the fog to move.

“You have many doubts in your heart… You are wondering who I am, how I took Li Muwan’s soul, how I brought her to the Immortal Astral Continent, and you’re wondering what my purpose for doing this is.

“You have a lot of doubts…” The hoarse voice slowly echoed.

“... Come in. If you can break through the fog and see my true face, I can help you resolve some of your doubts.”

Wang Lin’s heart trembled, but his expression remained the same. He silently raised his hand and green smoke swirled around his fingers and formed circles of green smoke that shot toward the fog.

At the same time, the metal, wood, water, and earth Extreme Daos also appeared along with the sixth Life and Death Extreme Dao. They appeared before Wang Lin, formed a black and white tattoo that contained six Extreme Daos. He waved his hand and the six Extreme Dao tattoo flew toward the 10-colored mist.

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