Chapter 2034 - Old

This voice was hoarse and was filled with strong hatred. As the voice came from under the square, the ground began to rumble and cracks appeared. The cracks widened and caused the square to split open.

As the cracks increased, the center of the square collapsed. The Ancient Dao members on the square rapidly retreated and some even flew into the air.

A ray of purple light came out of the hole in the square and shot into the sky. From a distance, it looked like a giant pillar that could support the heavens and earth.

The moment the purple light appeared, the entire palace was shrouded in purple. This purple light was composed of countless formations, as if the grand formation had been activated.

A purple coffin slowly flew out from the collapsed ground. The coffin was filled with death aura but also gave off an extremely powerful ancient aura that attracted everyone’s gazes. The coffin stood erect and the lid of the coffin shattered, revealing the skeleton-like body inside.

This was an old person. One could vaguely see that it was an old woman. It looked like she had climbed out from the underworld. She had a few scattered strands of hair remaining, wore a faded royal robe, and her body was completely black.

There were three daggers stabbed into her body. One was between her eyebrows, one on her chest, and one on her dantian.

“Greetings, Holy Emperor Ancestor!” The moment she appeared, all the Ancient Dao members knelt down again. Their voices connected together into a wave that echoed in the world.

The Ancient Dao members were actually showing the same amount of respect as they did to the Ancient Ancestor. Seeing the excitement in their eyes, it showed that this old woman had an extraordinary identity!

Among the previous generations of Ancient Dao Emperors, only one person could be called the Holy Emperor!

When Xuan Luo saw the old woman, he recalled the past. He let out a sigh and his expression was complicated.

“Ye Wei…”

Wang Lin was still standing in the sky, and his expression was calm. He was not surprised that the old woman had appeared. In fact, when the Ancient Ancestor shadow appeared, he sensed this half-alive and half-dead aura.

Even if he hadn’t noticed this aura, Wang Lin would not be surprised, because at the banquet, there were four tables closest to the palace.

Those four tables had obviously been prepared for the Grand Empyrean, Imperial Teacher, and the emperor’s father, the previous emperor. However, that was only three people, and there were four tables prepared. That meant that this person had a very high status, and even though this person would not come, a table had to be prepared.

As for who this person was, Wang Lin didn’t know, but after seeing this old woman and hearing Xuan Luo say “Ye Wei,” he remembered. When he first came to the Ancient Dao, he had learned about the history of past generations of Ancient Dao emperors.

In the Ancient Dao’s tens of thousands of years of history, there was a woman. This was the only woman who had become the Ancient Dao emperor!

Her succession caused an uproar across the entire Ancient Dao. After enduring the scrutiny from the Ancient Dao members, Grand Empyrean Gu Dao sent out a decree recognizing her. This calmed everything down.

This woman was also part of the imperial family. At that time, the Ancient Dao had almost reached its peak and become the strongest of the three clans under her leadership. However, after she stepped down, the Ancient Dao ended up as the weakest among the three clans tens of thousands of years later.

Due to this woman’s contribution to the Ancient Dao and leading the Ancient Dao to surpassing the Ancient Shi and Ancient Ji, she was referred to as the Holy Emperor by future emperors.

She was also referred to as the Holy Emperor Ancestor by the Ancient Dao people!

Her name was Ye Wei… When Wang Lin heard this name, he recalled everything he knew about her.

And Wang Lin had also learned from the records that it was during her era that his teacher, Xuan Luo, had become a Grand Empyrean.

All of this instantly flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He looked at the skeleton-like old woman who had walked out from the coffin and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

When Song Zhi saw the old woman, she seemed terrified. Wang Lin exerted a bit more force and held her even tighter.

The old woman looked at Wang Lin and said in a hoarse voice, “Leave behind the Celestial Ancestor’s head and Celestial Emperor’s soul and I will declare you not guilty! Otherwise, even if you can borrow the power of the Ancestor Ancestor and summon his shadow, do you really think the Ancient Dao palace is a place you can come and go as you wish!?” The death aura coming from her body seemed to become even stronger.

The old woman looked at Wang Lin and said in a gloomy voice, “My cultivation is not as powerful as yours, but this is the Ancient Dao palace, which contains the Ten Thousand Grand Formation. This formation was set by the Ancient Ancestor, and each generation of emperor can only activate 20% to 30% of its power. However, my body has fused with the formation, so as long as I’m in the palace, I can’t die. I can activate up to 70% of the formation’s power!” 

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but the coldness in his eyes became even stronger.

“If you want my things, you can try taking them!” Wang Lin slowly said, then his Grand Empyrean sun suddenly appeared. The black and white color shined and Wang Lin’s hair moved without any wind. An Ancient Dao shadow that looked exactly like him appeared under his Grand Empyrean sun.

The Ancient Dao shadow seemed to carry the Grand Empyrean sun, and it coldly looked at the old woman.

Wang Lin could only burn the soul blood inside his body to summon the Ancient Ancestor’s shadow once. He had just used it, so his soul blood was scattered throughout his body. It would take some time to gather it to burn once more.

The old woman’s dim eyes lit up and she raised her bone-like arm. Just as she was about to squeeze, a sigh came from Xuan Luo.

This sigh entered the old woman’s ears and her hands trembled.

“Ye Wei… He is my disciple.” Xuan Luo looked at the old woman with a complicated expression, but there was a hint of tenderness in his eyes. It was as if the old woman before him was not ugly at all and was still the beautiful and brilliant woman of the past.

The old woman silently pondered for a moment and then looked at Xuan Luo. Her dim eyes contained a complicated expression as she said in a hoarse voice, “He was once your disciple.”

“I know you liked Ye Dao. When he was a child, he inadvertently went to your closed door cultivation location, and you thought there was fate between you and that child...

“I clearly didn’t consider that child good. His personality was too arrogant and he could not tolerate others. I originally didn’t want to pick him as emperor, but he had your aura, so I chose him.

“Today, he forced my only disciple to cut his relationship with me, and now he can no longer stay in the Ancient Dao. Do you think Ye Dao did the right thing?

“As the emperor, should he have done this!? Do you really think this formation can trap Wang Lin?!” At the end, Xuan Luo began to roar. His eyes were filled with sadness, and when he looked at Wang Lin, the pain became even more heart-wrenching.

He could never forget that smile that was really a cry. Then the kowtow after the smile, followed by the palm Wang Lin had used to take his own life to cut their relationship.

He understood that his position as Wang Lin’s teacher disappeared when Wang Lin’s body collapsed.

The old woman silently pondered. A moment later, she said in a hoarse voice,

“The child Ye Dao indeed deserved death, but as the emperor, he can’t die for nothing. Today, if Wang Lin doesn’t leave behind the Celestial Ancestor’s head and the Celestial Emperor’s soul, then I’ll start a war! Besides, I don’t believe this formation can’t trap him!”

The moment she finished speaking, Wang Lin began to laugh and the coldness in his eyes became even stranger. He raised his right hand and the Celestial Ancestor’s Eight Extreme Dao began to spread.

The green smoke was the Extreme Fire Dao!

The blue ripples were the Extreme Water Dao!

The golden light was the Extreme Metal Dao!

Wang Lin had learned six of the Celestial Ancestor’s Eight Extreme Dao at the Empyrean Trials. As he waved his sleeve, the six Extreme Daos appeared one by one.

Aside from water, fire, and metal, there were also wood and earth. After the five elements were complete, the sixth was the Extreme Life and Death Dao!

As for the seventh Extreme Wealth Dao and the final Extreme Sky Dao, although Wang Lin hadn’t obtained them, he could sense them. Given enough time, it would not be impossible for him to master them too.

The moment the Celestial Ancestor’s spell appeared, Wang Lin raised his right index finger. Silver light appeared and the Ancient Ancestor’s finger spell took shape.

Wang Lin’s action caused the old woman’s pupils to shrink. She thought that by attacking with the power of the formation, even Grand Empyreans would only have a 30% chance of survival.

This Wang Lin could likely die to the formation.

However, the old woman hesitated now. She stared at the six Extreme Daos around Wang Lin and clearly felt the destructive power within them.

There was also the Ancient Ancestor’s finger. She hadn’t come out earlier, but she had felt the power of the Ancient Ancestor’s finger. She had thought that it was created by the jade, but  now she found out that Wang Lin himself could use it.

As she hesitated, Wang Lin sneered and his hair gradually changed from half black and half white to completely black. A shocking amount of killing intent spread out from his body.

The old woman’s expression changed once more.

“Ye Wei! I promised to protect you your entire life… Guard the Ancient Dao for a lifetime… I’m tired… Let him go. You are not his match and this formation cannot stop him. I’m saving you…” Xuan Luo’s face became a lot older, but when he looked at the old woman, there was still a tenderness that hadn’t changed for countless years. 

The old woman silently pondered for a long time before she waved her hand and the purple light around the palace dissipated.

Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo and let out a sigh. When the formation dissipated, he hugged Song Zhi, who had fused with Li Muwan’s soul, and flew into the sky. As he flew up, he suddenly saw a burly man among the Ancient Dao members below looking up at him with a smile.

His gaze met with the burly man’s, and Wang Lin suddenly stopped.

“It’s you…”

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