Chapter 2033 - Death of the Emperor!

The nine songs appeared at once. This was something that only took place in legends and rumors, but at this moment, the nine songs echoed in the Ancient Dao palace!

The hundreds of thousands of Ancient clan members were filled with excitement and knelt down at the Ancient Ancestor shadow.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s father, who had lost an arm, was shocked and also knelt down without any hesitation. His body trembled, but there was no excitement in his heart. Instead, there was endless horror and fear.

“The Ancient Ancestor’s shadow was summoned by this person… He is able to play the nine songs. This… this… Not even in my royal family has anyone been able to do this. Could this person… Could his bloodline be even more pure than my royal family’s?!”

Xuan Luo stood there and looked at the Ancient Ancestor shadow with respect in his eyes. He didn’t kneel but clasped his hands and bowed at the shadow.

The Ancient Dao Emperor was dumbfounded and his eyes revealed disbelief. He seemed to have gone crazy and retreated until he was outside the palace. He looked up and saw the figure looking at the sky with its hands behind its back.

When he saw the figure, the Ancient Dao Emperor trembled and his heart shook violently.

“Impossible!!” he shrieked, then he continued to retreat until he was on the square.

“I’m the son of the heavens, I’m the Ancient Dao Emperor, I’m the descendent of the Ancient Ancestor!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor’s face was pale and his mind was filled with madness. He could not accept this reality, and he could not endure this kind of blow. He pointed at the shadow and let out a hysterical howl.

Everyone at the square, aside from Xuan Luo, was on their knees. Even the members of the other two clans were kneeling as well. Only the Ancient Dao Emperor was standing there, pointing at the Ancient Ancestor shadow like a madman, and he howled,

“Impossible, this is impossible, its fake!!! This is an illusion he created, this can’t be real. I’m your real descendant, I have the bloodline that is supposed to make you appear. I’m the Ancient Dao Emperor!!

“All of you, stand up. Are you all blind? This is fake. Get up!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor continued to roar like crazy at the people around him. Their kneeling and worship seemed to bring him great fear and pressure, as if they were forcing him to accept that it was all real.

But no matter how he roared, no one paid attention to him. They were all shocked by the Ancient Ancestor shadow, and none of them dared to get up.

For the Ancient clan, where the imperial power reigned supreme, the reason they felt such reverence for the imperial power was because of the creator of the imperial power. The Ancient Ancestor had created the three clans and was someone the Ancient clan was completely devoted to from the bottom of their hearts!!

In their minds, the Ancient Ancestor was a supreme existence!

“Kings, Immortal Generals, get up for this emperor. Can you all not see that this is fake? This is fake, this is fake, this is fake!!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor trembled as he rushed like crazy to one of the 18 Kings and kicked him.

The entire square was dead silent and only the Ancient Dao Emperor was making noise, but no one looked at him.

“Fake… It’s all fake…” The Ancient Dao Emperor’s eyes were completely occupied by fear. His body trembled as he looked at the shadow in the sky, and he was still in hysteria. At this moment, Wang Lin, who was hugging Song Zhi, walked out of the palace.

He stood at the door of the palace and looked outside. He saw everyone kneeling, then he flew into the sky with Song Zhi in hand.

The moment he appeared, the giant Ancient Ancestor shadow seemed to overlap with him and gave off an indescribable pressure. This pressure caused the earth to tremble and the sky to change colors. All of the people kneeling below began to tremble.

Wang Lin lowered his head. His silver eyes revealed ruthlessness and indifference as he looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor, who was still roaring. At the same time, the Ancient Ancestor shadow also lowered its head and looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor with the same silver eyes.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s roaring suddenly stopped when the shadow looked at him. He retreated while his teeth chattered, then he suddenly began to roar again.

“I’m your descendant. I didn’t betray the Ancient clan. You can’t kill me!”

Wang Lin remained silent and raised his right hand. When he raised his right hand, the Ancient Ancestor shadow also raised its giant right hand. As Wang Lin pointed at the Ancient Dao Emperor, the giant hand in the sky also pointed at the Ancient Dao Emperor.

“Ye Mo… I will borrow the Ancient Ancestor’s hand to grant you death!!” This was the first time Wang Lin had spoken since the Ancient Ancestor had appeared. After he spoke, a flash of silver light flew from the Ancient Ancestor’s right hand and headed directly toward the Ancient Dao Emperor.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s face turned ashen and he let out a cry for his life. “NO!! 

“Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, save me!!! Father, save me!! Ancestor, save me!! Imperial Teacher, save me!!!” the Ancient Dao Emperor roared in fear.

As he cried for his ancestor, deep underground below the palace, there was a purple coffin in a secret chamber covered in runes.

There was an old woman lying inside the coffin. She looked like a skeleton but also wore a royal robe. Her eyes suddenly opened, revealing fear and hesitation, but she didn’t come out.

On the surface, as the silver light closed in, purple light appeared around the Ancient Dao Emperor. However, the moment the silver light touched the purple light, the purple light immediately collapsed and the silver light pierced between the eyebrows of the Ancient Dao Emperor.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s head exploded into a bloody mess and his body began to shatter. His entire body collapsed into countless pieces, and those pieces continued to collapse until nothing remained.

Even his soul was turned to nothing by this silver light and was completely erased. An ancient emperor had been killed inside his palace and before the eyes of his people!

The old man kneeling inside the palace trembled when the Ancient Dao Emperor called for him. He struggled, but he didn’t dare to try to save the Ancient Dao Emperor. He also had no method of saving the Ancient Dao Emperor from the shadow of the Ancient Ancestor.

After doing this, Wang Lin’s face turned slightly pale and the Ancient Ancestor shadow gradually dissipated. Before it completely disappeared, Wang Lin suddenly looked at the horizon, toward a deserted mountain outside the imperial city.

The person responsible for taking Wan Er’s soul was not the Ancient Dao Emperor, but the figure covered in seven-colored light that Wang Lin had seen using the jade from the Great Soul Sect. The mysterious Ancient Dao’s Imperial Teacher!!

It was the Imperial Teacher who had taken Li Muwan’s soul fragment and given it to the Ancient Dao Emperor. It was also him who had told the Emperor to find someone who could fuse with the soul.

The Imperial Teacher was behind all of this. The Ancient Dao Emperor had merely been tricked to become part of this Imperial Teacher’s plan.

Wang Lin had already noticed this when he saw the things inside the jade, but he had suppressed it because at that time, he was already filled with rage!

Now that the Ancient Dao Emperor was dead, Wang Lin was going to see the mastermind behind it all. Whether it was as he had speculated - if it was… that person!

Wang Lin could not find the mysterious Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher with his divine sense. However, when he summoned the Ancient Ancestor’s shadow and killed the Ancient Dao Emperor, the death aura from the Ancient Dao Emperor was absorbed by the earth and then headed toward the deserted mountain in the distance.

When the Ancient Ancestor’s shadow was active, he also felt that there was a giant formation inside that hollow mountain. He could vaguely see a figure at the center of the formation!

He didn’t need to guess and was certain that this person was the cause of all of this, the mysterious Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher!

Seeing that the Ancient Ancestor shadow was about to disappear, there was a flash of silver light in Wang Lin’s eyes and he raised his right hand to point at the deserted mountain!

As he pointed, the extremely powerful Ancient Ancestor spell he had seen inside the jade Prince Ji Du had given him appeared in his mind!

The Ancient Ancestor shadow also raised its right hand and pointed forward before disappearing. However, the spell was completed!

Outside the imperial city that was floating in the sky, the space around the deserted mountain seemed to be separated from the world and then was suddenly squeezed.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as a ten-colored light appeared around the mountain and began resisting Wang Lin’s attack.

Even the palace could vaguely hear the noise. As the mountain rumbled, a huge crack appeared on it and then it was split in half, revealing the giant formation inside!

But the power of the Ancient Ancestor’s finger was dissipated by the ten-colored light, and they both dissipated.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He waved his sleeve and flew into the sky with Song Zhi. As for the Celestial Emperor’s soul and Celestial Ancestor’s head, he had long put them away.

However, just as he was about to leave, a roar came from below the palace.

“The sin of killing the emperor is unforgivable. You must leave behind the Celestial Emperor’s soul and the Celestial Ancestor’s head!”

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