Chapter 2032 - Filled With Rage (11)

Outside the temple, the blood path leading to the palace was covered in the remains of nearly 1,000 people. The people looked at the palace with fear.

When Wang Lin stepped into the palace, the Ancient Dao Emperor’s face turned pale. He subconsciously retreated a few steps and stared at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, if I die this, woman will die! Do you dare to kill me!? I have the protection of Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, no one in this world can kill the ancient emperors!!”

Wang Lin ignored the Ancient Dao Emperor and also ignored the equally gloomy father of the Emperor. He only looked at Song Zhi. Looking at this woman that gave him a familiar feeling that made his madness soften. He walked toward the aura he had been chasing for thousands of years.

But just at this moment, shadows appeared before Wang Lin. They were like smoke and they charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin seemed to turn a blind eye to them. In his eyes, only Song Zhi existed. As he walked forward, popping sounds echoed and the figures inside those shadows were forced out of hiding. The figures coughed out blood and cracks spread across their bodies before they disintegrated.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of those figures appeared before Wang Lin, but none of them could survive. Wang Lin stood before the confused Song Zhi.

The woman looked up at Wang Lin and opened her mouth to say something, but she forgot her words. She looked at Wang Lin’s unfamiliar face with a hint of familiarity. Her eyes began to struggle as her memories tried to awaken.

“Who is he… Who is she… Who am I… If I am her, then who is Aunt Chang and Sister Dong…” The woman looked like she was in pain as she held her head and trembled.

Wang Lin’s heart ached as his right hand raised and pointed behind him. A miserable scream suddenly echoed. A shadow wanted to take advantage of this moment to attack, but before the shadow even revealed itself, Wang Lin’s finger pierced the shadow’s skull and he died.

Wang Lin looked at the woman before him and softly said, “Don’t be afraid… I don’t know who Aunt Chang and Sister Dong are, but I know you are Li Muwan. You are my wife that I have searched thousands of years for!!” 

When the woman heard “Li Muwan,” she felt a painful whisper and it felt as if a mirror had shattered in her mind. This name had a strange power, and she felt a sense of familiarity in her soul, as if this was her real name!

“Li Muwan… Li Muwan… Song Zhi… I… Who am I exactly….” Due to the intense pain from her head, tears started flowing down her cheeks.

The Ancient Dao Emperor revealed a vicious gaze, and just as he was about to move, he heard Wang Lin’s cold snort.

This cold snort was like a bolt of thunder that caused the Ancient Dao Emperor to let out a miserable cry. Blood flowed out from his orifices and he retreated a few steps. Wang Lin quickly raised his right hand and pointed to between the woman’s eyebrows. Then a trace of the drop of soul blood inside Wang Lin went into the woman through Wang Lin’s finger. The moment the trace of soul blood entered her, she began to tremble.

A fine line that didn’t seem to belong to this world appeared on her forehead. It was connected to the Ancient Dao Emperor behind her.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin raised his left hand and slashed at the fine line.

With this slash, the line was cut in half.

The moment this line was cut, the Ancient Dao Emperor coughed out a mouthful of blood. He looked miserable and his eyes were filled with horror and disbelief.

“Impossible!! This Purple Print Ancestral Soul Lock can’t be cut like this. This is the secret spell of the imperial families, only Grand Empyrean Gu Dao can lift it...” The Ancient Dao Emperor squealed but didn’t dare to get close to Wang Lin and continued to retreat.

Wang Lin paid no attention to the Ancient Dao Emperor, he only looked at the woman in pain. He gently stroked her hair.

“Don’t be afraid… I’ll take you to kill…” Wang Lin softly said what he had said thousands of years ago.

When the woman heard this, her trembling suddenly stopped and the struggle in her eyes became several times more violent than before. It was even more intense then when she heard “Li Muwan.”

It was as if this line was more important than her own name. It was as if this was the beginning of her thousands of years of love...

A thunderous rumble echoed in her mind. This line continued to echo in her mind and swirl in her vague memory.

She once had a dream and heard that line. That voice had continued to exist in her mind and she had tried to find that voice, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember it or find it.

Until she heard Wang Lin mutter “Wan Er” at the banquet, which made her heart tremble and feel a strong sense of familiarity, but she still can’t remember. Even when “Li Muwan” was said, she only trembled but couldn’t remember. However, after hearing “I’ll take you to kill,” these words suddenly overlapped with the words from her dream!

She faintly remembered, remembered that the voice from the dream came from the person before her. She remembered the Sea of Devils, where she stood before the cave with a pale face but firmly guarded the cave.

She remembered that there was a person sitting behind her refining the power of the pills, about to form his core!!

She also remembered that when she was exhausted and could no longer stop the devil cultivators from breaking into the cave, as their laughter echoed, she fell into a warm chest. Then she heard a cold voice, but it also made her feel a strange sense of warmth for the first time.

“Don’t be afraid… I’ll take you to kill!”

Her body trembled and tears flowed down from her eyes. A majority of the confusion in her eyes disappeared. She looked at Wang Lin, at the face that became more and more familiar.

“Wang… Lin…” The woman’s voice was hoarse, as if she hadn’t spoken in a long time. However, what she said caused Wang Lin’s mind to rumble as if millions of bolts of thunder had exploded.

Wang Lin became excited and laughed at the sky as he hugged the woman. He turned to look at the Ancient Dao Emperor and his father, who were panicking. However, unlike his father, the Ancient Dao Emperor still had a hint of calmness.

When Wang Lin looked over, the Ancient Dao Emperor clearly saw Wang Lin’s killing intent and his heart dropped.

“I’m the Ancient Dao Emperor, I have the protection of Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, you can’t kill me!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor retreated again. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He wanted to kill this person, and his hatred was bone deep. He hugged Li Muwan as he charged at the Ancient Dao Emperor.

Wang Lin instantly closed in, and his eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent. He raised his right hand and smashed down on the Ancient Dao Emperor!

“Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, save me!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor screamed.

But just as Wang Lin’s palm fell, a thunderous rumble echoed. A flash of purple light appeared around the Ancient Dao Emperor and knocked Wang Lin’s palm away.

When the Ancient Dao Emperor saw the purple light, he immediately began to laugh. The panic in his eyes disappeared and turned into calmness. He stared at Wang Lin ferociously.

“I’m the Ancient Dao Emperor, I’m the descendant of the Ancient Ancestor. How can you kill me? In this world, no one can kill me!” The Ancient Dao Emperor waved his sleeve and roared at the people outside the palace.

“All Ancient Dao members, kill this person. Anyone who defies this order will be considered a traitor!” As his words echoed, the tens of thousands of Ancient Dao members around the square and even the thousands of Ancient Dao members that had arrived all heard it. They looked toward the palace and rushed over like a large, black cloud.

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes and he raised his hand again to smash down at the Ancient Dao Emperor. The purple light flashed again and resisted Wang Lin’s attack.

As a result, the Ancient Dao Emperor laughed even more arrogantly. He didn’t even dodge and fiercely looked at Wang Lin.

“What right do you have to kill me? Wang Lin, you are only an ant of the cave world. Now that 100,000 of my Ancient Dao clan members are coming, I want to see how you will leave!! You are going to die, and once you die, I’ll play with this woman and let her accompany you in death!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor laughed.

“I can’t kill you…” Wang Lin’s hair moved without any wind and his Grand Empyrean Sun appeared behind him. It gave off black and white light at the same time, and the soul blood inside him moved rapidly. At this moment, the Wind Song appeared from Wang Lin’s body!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. It was the Thunder Song!

The clouds also churned with the wind and thunder, creating the Wind Flute!

The rain also fell, creating the Rain Song! Then the Sky and Earth Songs also appeared and then, from Wang Lin’s body, the seventh song appeared.

The eighth song was the song of the internal organs, and it could not be described by words as it echoed through the Ancient Dao palace! 

“In this world, there is another person beside Grand Empyrean Gu Dao who can kill you… That’s the Ancient Ancestor!” Wang Lin slowly said, and as his words came out, his soul blood released the ninth song!!

The last song was the Bloodline Song, and when this song appeared, Wang Lin’s eyes became silver. This silver revealed a sense of a supreme being!

Behind Wang Lin, above the palace, a giant shadow appeared. This shadow had his hand behind his back and was looking at the sky in contempt. Its appearance was exactly the same as the Ancient Ancestor statue in the city!!

“Ancient… Ancient Ancestor!!” Everyone in the square, in the palace, and all the Ancient clan members in the city were shaken when they saw this shadow. They were filled with excitement and fear as buzzing echoed.

“We descendents greet the Ancient Ancestor!” It was unknown who knelt first, but in a flash, the more than 100,000 people in the square and palace knelt down.

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