Chapter 2031 - Filled With Rage (10)

Wang Lin softly said, “Teacher… if we did everything again, Disciple would still choose to follow Teacher to the Immortal Astral Continent without any hesitation…” 

The sorrow in Xuan Luo’s eyes became even stronger. He understood Wang Lin.

“Teacher’s kindness is as heavy as a mountain, and Disciple would never forget it…” Wang Lin sighed and stood up. He patted his clothes. As he swept away the dust, it was as if he had swept away his feelings and his previous tolerance.

In order to not disappoint his teacher, he could kneel, give out treasures, endure not killing the Ancient Dao Emperor - he could do anything. He just wanted to take Wan Er’s soul and not make his teacher suffer too much sorrow. He wanted to find a balance because he didn’t want the people who had been kind to him to feel pain. He didn’t want to hurt his teacher.

However, this thought was only a luxury, an unrealistic dream.

He had endured again and again, but now he could not endure anymore. Since this was the case, there was no longer any need to endure!!!

Before the gazes of everyone present, Wang Lin laughed loudly at the sky until tears flowed down. The tears were bitter and contained his thousands of years of determination and unyielding nature, they contained Wang Lin dedication to his own conscience and those who had shown him kindness.

His laughter became louder and louder as if he had gone crazy.

When this laugh entered Xuan Luo’s ears, it was as if a giant pair of hands had grabbed his head and pulled it out. At this moment, he felt as if something was missing from his body. This caused him to become pale as he looked at Wang Lin, and his eyes looked even older.

“I, Wang Lin, since I began cultivating in my childhood, have gone through countless slaughter and experienced the coldness of the world. Most people I met were devious and sinister… Am I destined to be a lone star? My wife died, my son is trapped in reincarnation, Situ’s whereabouts are unknown, Qing Shui is also lost. Everyone who has shown me kindness suffered in the end...

“I care a lot about the kindness others have shown me, because that is rare and should be cherished.

“I care a lot about love because love allows me to persist…” Tears flowed down from Wang Lin’s eyes as he laughed and talked to himself.

Wang Lin’s laughter also entered the Ancient Dao Emperor’s ears. This laughter was extremely harsh for him to hear and his heart trembled. Without hesitation, he pointed at Wang Lin and roared, “Kill him!!”

In the Ancient clan, where the imperial power reigned supreme, and at the palace of the Ancient Dao, the emperor’s command should be carried out immediately. But right now, aside from the 1,000 people near the palace, the other tens of thousands of people around, including the people Wang Lin had revived, all remained silent.

They had witnessed everything that had happened, saw the cause and effect, saw Xuan Luo’s sorrow, and they saw Wang Lin’s plea. After seeing all this, they could not lift their feet to take that step...

This was the choice between the imperial power and their conscience, and a majority of the people hesitated. However, there were still thousands of people who had been indoctrinated by the imperial power and let out a roar as they charged at Wang Lin.

“Teacher!!” Wang Lin suddenly turned around and completely ignored everyone charging at him. He looked at Xuan Luo with a decisive gaze.

“Please let Disciple call you ‘Teacher’… one last time! Disciple can’t repay the kindness you have shown me. The only way for me to repay you is to die once and then I, Wang Lin, will no longer have any connection with the Ancient Dao!!

“From now on, everything that I, Wang Lin, do will not have any relation… with Teacher!! Everything I do, I’ll take responsibility for!!” Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand as the thousands of people closed in and Xuan Luo was about to wave his sleeve. 

Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo and his right hand mercilessly smash downed on his own head. This blow contained his love for Xuan Luo, this blow contained the eruption of Wang Lin uncontainable rage!

Time seemed to slow down. Wang Lin’s right hand smashed into his head and his skull cracked. The destructive aura destroyed his head, his body, his everything.

During this destruction, Wang Lin seemed to see the moment Xuan Luo first appeared in the cave world. He seemed to return to his hometown and saw the past.

Everything instantly stopped at the moment Wang Lin charged out of the Ancient Dao Temple in rage.

Everyone looked in disbelief as Wang Lin’s body exploded into flesh and blood. He had self-destructed right before Xuan Luo arrived.

Xuan Luo looked at the figure that had turned into a mess of flesh and blood and shed tears of blood.

“Dead??” The Ancient Dao Emperor was startled and there was a flash of gloominess in his face. The other Ancient Dao members that were going to charge up also stopped and looked over with suspicion.

Just at this instant, a strange scene unfolded. The explosion of flesh and blood from when Wang Lin’s body exploded quickly gathered. In the blink of an eye, a new Wang Lin was formed!

He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face was extremely pale. Today, he had used his extremely precious Three Life spell once!!

He had already died once!!!

After resurrecting, he was no longer Xuan Luo’s disciple, and he no longer had any connection with the Ancient Dao. He no longer had to consider anyone’s position and no longer had to suppress himself again and again. He was doing to do what he wanted and take away Wan Er, who belonged to him!!

“Ye Dao!!” Wang Lin let out a heaven-shattering roar at the sky. This roar was the eruption of all the anger he had suppressed. This was a roar from the depths of his soul!

At this moment, monstrous killing intent erupted from Wang Lin’s body without any reservation. This killing intent caused the world to change as if he had just walked out from the underworld. He rushed forward with ferocity, madness, and killing intent.

The expression of the Ancient Dao Emperor changed and he retreated a few steps before he roared, “Kill him!!” The nearly 1,000 people before the palace and the thousands of people that had charged out all charged at Wang Lin. Even if it was merely using their bodies as shields, they had to defend the imperial power. It was unknown if this was their glory or sorrow. 

“Anyone who blocks me again will really die this time!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he stepped forward and threw a punch. The dozens of people before him all let out miserable screams as they exploded, but the Ancient Dao members behind them all rushed ahead.

Wang Lin stepped on the blood beneath him as he walked forward. He wasn’t fast, but every step covered hundreds of feet. Rivers of blood flowed as he slaughtered his way forward.

Howls echoed as the 36 Fiends turned into 36 rays of light and charged at Wang Lin like 36 dragons. However, Wang Lin didn’t even look at them as they closed in. He raised his right hand and green smoke appeared at the tip of his finger and spread out.

It was the Extreme Fire Dao!

The smoke instantly touched the 36 dragons, then thunderous rumbles and miserable screams echoed. The 36 dragons turned into balls of fire and were burned alive.

Wang Lin’s left hand reached to the side. One of the 18 Kings had stepped out to sneak attack him, but the first thing he saw was Wang Lin’s palm. His expression changed greatly and he wanted to retreat, but the hand grabbed his face. Wang Lin squeezed and the king’s vision went black, feeling intense pain, then his head exploded.

Xuan Luo stood there and watched Wang Lin slaughter his way to the palace, but he didn’t stop him. He was already disappointed at the Ancient Dao’s imperial power...

He looked at Wang Lin’s mad back and recalled his disciple’s self-destruction. As he watched, tears flowed down from Xuan Luo’s eyes.

He knew that the reason Wang Lin had self-destructed once was because he was going to slaughter without reservation. He knew that Wang Lin didn’t want to affect him and had to cut their teacher-student relationship. The way to cut off that relationship was to… die once!

Using this method, his disciple was telling the entire Ancient Dao, the entire Ancient clan, and even Grand Empyrean Gu Dao that he would take responsibility for everything here today!

Wang Lin didn’t want Xuan Luo to become a sinner of the Ancient Dao, to become the first Grand Empyrean to kill an ancient emperor...

Even now, his disciple was still thinking about him. Such a disciple made Xuan Luo feel a deep sense of guilt.

“What have I done for him… In fact, not much…” Xuan Luo looked at the slaughter and at the deaths of his Ancient Dao clan members. For the first time, he didn’t feel sadness for his clan.

Wang Lin let out a roar and the slaughter aura around him spread out. It turned into a ray of red light that shot out and opened a bloody path before him. At the same time, he pointed at the sky.

The entire palace turned into a dark sea, and at the end of the sea, a sun began to rise. Wang Lin was using his faith spell, Sundered Night, at the palace without hesitation.

The sun rose and endless light shined. A mutter echoed as miserable screams echoed and bodies exploded into blood mist. It was unknown how many people had died.

After the illusion of the sea dissipated, most of the 1,000 cultivators before the palace had died. The rest were swept away, and Wang Lin stood before the palace. He walked into the palace with crazed killing intent coming from his body, and he covered the sky behind him as he entered the palace.

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