Chapter 2030 - Filled With Rage (9)

“The Purple Print Ancestral Soul Lock… This spell was passed down by Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to the three imperial families, and only the current emperor can use it. They can only use it once in their life, and anyone below Grand Empyrean will no longer have control over their own life!

“Only Grand Empyrean Gu Dao can remove this spell,” Xuan Luo said with an extremely gloomy expression.

Wang Lin was silent.

Xuan Luo looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor and calmly said, “Ye Dao, as the guardian of the Ancient Dao, I request that you immediately remove the restriction here and let Wang Lin take this woman away! I’ll go ask Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to remove the spell from this woman!” 

“Imperial son, it’s not worth it for a woman!” The old man also frowned and looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor.

“Since this woman has the soul of Wang Lin’s wife, why do you want her around? Just give it back to him. Such a powerful person has decided to stay in my Ancient Dao. If you do this, it will make his heart cold.”

“Heart cold? So what if his heart becomes cold? You’re old, don’t say pointless things! And Lord Xuan… This is a private affair of the imperial family. You are the guardian of the Ancient Dao. Did you forget the agreement with Grand Empyrean Gu Dao? This person has broken into the palace and disrespected the imperial power. I now hope that Lord Xuan will kill this person and fulfil your duty!” the Ancient Dao Emperor said coldly, completely ignoring Xuan Luo’s request.

He was behaving like this because he believed no one would dare to kill much, especially Wang Lin.

Xuan Luo smiled angrily and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. This Ancient Dao Emperor was someone he had appointed, and now he dared to say such words. Just as he was about to speak, Wang Lin spoke.

“If I kneel, will you let me take her away?”

“Didn’t you want to kill me before? Were you not arrogant before? Weren’t you unwilling to kneel before? Now what you want to kneel? You are a mere ant from a cave world, and I’m the proud son of the heavens. Come and  kneel before me, beg, and if I’m happy, I might even gift this woman to you.” The Ancient Dao Emperor smiled, but his smile was very dark.

“I, Wang Lin, can continue to guard the Ancient Dao until the end of my life… I can kneel, I can not kill you. Ijust want the soul fragment in the woman’s body… Give her… back to me… ok…” Wang Lin murmured. His eyes were filled with endless sadness. This was the accumulation of thousands of years of sadness.

“Give her to you? Then it would depend on my mood. Perhaps after playing with this woman for a few thousand years, and you’re obedient during that time, then I might give her to you.” The Ancient Dao Emperor laughed.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and closed his eyes. The killing intent in his body erupted once more and he almost lost control. As for the so-called restriction he could feel from the soul blood in his body, if he had time, he could break the restriction.

The reason he was still suppressing this killing intent was for Xuan Luo… Because Xuan Luo wouldn’t allow the Ancient Dao Emperor to be killed… Xuan Luo was the guardian of the Ancient Dao, and the imperial power was supreme here.

“I can offer other things to trade for the soul fragment of my wife…” Wang Lin opened his eyes and suppressed the killing intent once more. However, his eyes were bloodshot and he had spoken in a hoarse voice.

“Oh? Tell me what are you going to trade.” The Ancient Dao Emperor smiled.

Wang Lin looked at Song Zhi, then his right hand reached at the void and a soul appeared. This soul’s eyes were closed, but it gave off a golden light. The light was impure and the soul looked like it was in pain.

“Is the celestial clan’s Celestial Emperor’s soul enough…” Wang Lin’s gaze looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s expression changed as he stared at the soul. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Celestial Emperor! This… This is impossible, he… You… You actually have his soul!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor gasped. Not only him, but when Wang Lin took out the soul, the expressions of all the Ancient Dao members changed!

The members of the two other clans in the distance were also the same. Many of them had seen the Celestial Emperor, so they immediately knew that this soul was real when they saw it.

The eyes of the father of the Ancient Dao Emperor widened and his body trembled.

Even Xuan Luo was shocked when he saw this soul.

“Not enough!! How can a mere Celestial Emperor’s soul be enough!?” The Ancient Dao Emperor’s heart beat rapidly and he looked at Wang Lin with deep fear in his eyes for the first time. He couldn’t imagine how Wang Lin had managed to get the Celestial Emperor’s soul. It has to be said that the Celestial Emperor was one of the nine Grand Empyreans!

Wang Lin silently pondered. He waved his left hand at the sky and the black and white Grand Empyrean Sun appeared behind him. Something slowly appeared from within the sun. It was a head. It was a giant head that had no eyes or ears!

The moment the head appeared, an extremely dense celestial energy and golden light that looked like the sun spread out.

“If I add this head, is it enough?” Wang Lin’s eyes became even more bloodshot and his voice was even more hoarse.

“This is…” The Ancient Dao Emperor was startled as he looked at the head. He felt that the head looked familiar, but he could not remember.

“This… This is the head of the Celestial Ancestor!!! This… This really is the head of the Celestial Ancestor!!” The Ancient Dao Emperor’s father’s body trembled violently and he flew out of the palace. He stared at the head in the air and revealed excitement he had never shown before.

“What!?! Celestial Ancestor’s head!” After the Ancient Dao Emperor recovered, his expression changed greatly.

Xuan Luo gasped as he looked at the head, and his mind went completely blank.

If they were like this, there was no need to talk about the rest of the people here. Once they heard the cry of the Ancient Dao Emperor’s father, they all looked at the head. The shock they felt was even more intense than when they saw the soul of the Celestial Emperor.

“Celestial… Celestial Ancestor’s head!!!”

“The Celestial Ancestor… is dead!! Then what about the Ancient Ancestor? Is the Ancient Ancestor still alive…”

“This Wang Lin has the head of the Celestial Ancestor!!” This matter set off a wave in the entire palace and would soon set off a wave across the entire Ancient clan. The members of the other two clans stared at the head in disbelief.

Wang Lin looked at the startled Ancient Dao Emperor and said with a hoarse voice, “I’ll trade these two things for the soul of my wife. Is that enough?” 

“Enough!! Enough!!” The person who answered Wang Lin was the Ancient Dao Emperor’s father. He excitedly turned around to look at his son.

“Ye Dao, with these two items, my Ancient Dao will rise. With the Celestial Emperor’s soul and the Celestial Ancestor’s head, my Ancient Dao will have a chance to unify the entire Ancient clan!! Let the woman go!!” The old man’s voice was trembling from excitement.

The Ancient Dao Emperor hesitated.

“Quickly, release the restriction. What are you waiting for!?” the old man anxiously roared.

“Not enough! With a great enemy like him, I can’t rest easy. If we kill this person, both items will belong to my Ancient Dao!” A flash of killing intent appeared in the Ancient Dao Emperor’s eyes.

“You…” The old man was about to roar, but he suddenly stopped speaking. He turned to look at Wang Lin and his eyes lit up.

“You all have gone too far!” In the sky, Xuan Luo let out a roar that shook everyone present. Some even coughed out blood due to this roar, and their faces were now filled with fear.

Even the Ancient Dao Emperor’s face turned pale, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He looked up at Xuan Luo with a ferocious expression.

“Xuan Luo, you dare to hurt me? Are you not afraid of the anger of Grand Empyrean Gu Dao?!”

“Ye Dao, scatter the restriction. You can take the Celestial Ancestor’s head and the Celestial Emperor’s soul. This old man will act like nothing has happened. But if you don’t, then this old man will fight against Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to kill you today!” Xuan Luo’s heart ached. He looked at Wang Lin’s almost pleading expression and pale face. His heart could not bear it.

He understood that Wang Lin was only doing all of this for him. His disciple didn’t want to make it difficult for him and didn’t want to disappoint him, so Wang Lin continued to endure it all.

With this kind of disciple, Xuan Luo could be proud. If his disciple could do this, then although he had lived for countless years, he could also personally kill this emperor for his disciple. He would become the first Grand Empyrean to kill an ancient emperor!

Xuan Luo knew how serious the consequences were, but now, watching his disciple endure it all, he had decided to go all out!

“You would dare to kill me? Xuan Luo, you are the Grand Empyrean of the Ancient Dao. If you were to kill me, not only would you be killed by Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, but you would be going against the Ancient Dao that you have protected for countless years. You would offend the entire Ancient Dao. Do you dare to kill me!? You would be the sinner of the Ancient Dao; even if you died, you would be hated by the entire Ancient Dao!!” the Ancient Dao Emperor roared, his expression ferocious.

Xuan Luo’s body trembled. He closed his eyes to hide the sadness and confusion in them.

“I have guarded the Ancient Dao until today and have done nothing I regret… I only have this one disciple… I brought him here from the cave world. He had a supreme position in the celestial clan, but he still came to find me… I only have one disciple!!” Xuan Luo opened his eyes and revealed a desperate determination.

When Xuan Luo made the decision, Wang Lin softly said, “Teacher…” He looked at Xuan Luo and revealed a smile. This was the first time he had smiled since he had found Wan Er’s soul fragment.

However, when Xuan Luo saw this smile, his heart felt even more pain. What kind of smile was this? It was clearly a silent cry.

“Teacher, you have protected the Ancient Dao your entire life… Disciple is not worthy of your decision…” Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo and knelt down. He kowtowed once at Xuan Luo.

Throughout his life, he had said that he would not bow before the heavens or the earth. He would only respect his parents and kneel to Situ… Now there was one more person he would kneel to.

“You…” Xuan Luo’s eyes were filled with sadness.

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