Chapter 2029 - Filled With Rage (8)

When the tens of thousands of people appeared, the eyes of the nearly 1,000 people outside the palace widened in disbelief. Even the Ancient Dao Emperor’s expression changed and became even more gloomy.

His father, the old man, gasped. He hadn’t noticed anything before, and now he looked at Wang Lin with even deeper fear in his eyes.

As those souls returned to their bodies, the tens of thousands of people opened their eyes. After a moment of confusion, they awakened completely.

Bursts of cries echoed. They felt like they should have died, but now it was all like a dream as they were revived!

However, they were not as strong as before death and had weakened a lot. Although this spell was mysterious, it was unable to make so many people recover their original power.

However, due to the soul blood in Wang Lin’s body, although their power had been weakened, they would only need a few  decades to recover completely.

Only someone with the soul blood could use such a spell that was close to the power of the Ancient Ancestor. After the cries, they all became silent and looked at Wang Lin with complicated expressions.

Among them were the nine people under Xuan Luo. They let out sighs and felt like they had just escaped a great calamity.

Their souls had been taken by Wang Lin, so they understood that the reason they were revived was because of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face was extremely pale. Although he had the soul blood, using a spell like this would still harm him greatly. In order to not disappoint Xuan Luo, he had made this decision when he decided to break into the palace.

Whether he succeeded or failed, he was going to take the souls of everyone he had killed and then revive them once Xuan Luo arrived.

Facing this unimaginable scene, Xuan Luo was moved. With his cultivation level, he could see that Wang Lin could do all of this due to the drop of soul blood.

“With three drops of soul blood, one can create a new clan…” This had been passed down throughout the generations. Now that Xuan Luo saw this, he believed it.

Wang Lin raised his head. His pale face made him look sickly. He looked at Xuan Luo and softly said, “Teacher… Disciple didn’t really kill a single Ancient Dao member…” 

“Even though he didn’t kill anyone, he has weakened many powerful members of the Ancient Dao and broke into the palace, disrespecting the imperial power. If word of this spreads out to the Ancient Shi and Ancient Ji, the Ancient Dao will lose all face. He still needs to die!” the Ancient Dao Emperor suddenly said. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, tell Teacher the reason.” Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin and his expression gradually softened. He thought Wang Lin didn’t care about his feelings and had gone on a wanton killing spree that would result in irreparable damage and regret. Not only would this have made his heart ache, it would’ve also made him feel disappointment.

For his only disciple, he had done everything he needed to do as a teacher; he had even taken Wang Lin as his own son. He had prepared everything Wang Lin needed for cultivation and was even willing to go against Grand Empyrean Gu Dao for Wang Lin. Just moments ago, he was refining a treasure for Wang Lin.

But when he arrived, he saw the ground covered in blood. The Ancient Dao he protected had countless deaths, and all of it had been done by his disciple. This made Xuan Luo feel like his heart was stabbed with a knife and filled him with disappointment!

But now, when he saw Wang Lin use the soul blood to revive the people that had died, despite hurting himself, Xuan Luo’s heart ached for Wang Lin.

His heart ached for this disciple, and he knew that this disciple still cared about him. Because he knew that if Wang Lin hadn’t planned this in advance, there would’ve been no way to revive people out of nowhere.

“Before he came, he had already accounted for my feelings…” Xuan Luo’s gaze softened. He understood his disciple. If not for an important reason, his disciple would not have done this, much less go crazy like this.

The reason was most likely Wang Lin’s bottom line!

Xuan Luo let out a sigh and he vaguely guessed part of it.

Wang Lin’s face was pale as he said, “My wife’s soul is inside Song Zhi’s body… Disciple is going to take her away… The Ancient Dao Emperor knows this and won’t allow it. Disciple also needs to kill him!” 

The expression of the Ancient Dao Emperor changed and he immediately roared, “Absurd. You want to steal my empress? How can I let you take her away? You said your wife’s soul is inside her body - simple ridiculous!

“You didn’t explain at all when you arrived. Why should I give my empress to you!?” The Ancient Dao Emperor sneered, but his heart trembled.

“So now that I’ve explained, I’m going to take her away.” Wang Lin turned his head and coldly looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor, who was being guarded by nearly 1,000 people.

The Ancient Dao Emperor immediately said, “Ridiculous. Your explanation is without reason. If I really let you take her away, won’t the entire world laugh at my incompetence!? Besides, your reason is without logic. I can say that this woman was my wife in my last life. What can you do?!” His voice was sharp and show no signs of backing down.

He was convinced that Wang Lin could never hurt him, nor would dare to kill him. He also saw the respect Wang Lin had toward Xuan Luo. With Xuan Luo here, Wang Lin would be even less likely to attack.

If he didn’t take advantage of this, he wouldn’t be royalty.

Besides, he was the Ancient Dao Emperor - anyone who dared to kill him would have to ask Grand Empyrean Gu Dao first!

As the Ancient Dao Emperor, he had nothing to fear; how could he let Wang Lin do as he wished? He had thought about it. Once today’s matter was over, he was going to spoil Song Zhi and take her virgin body, let her bear his child and let Wang Lin fall into despair!

The Ancient Dao Emperor waved his sleeve and coldy said, “If you want to take away my empress, then give me some evidence!”

Wang Lin silently pondered. The killing intent in his body was almost unable to be suppressed and was about to erupt. He was going to kill the 1,000 people blocking his path and slaughter his way to the palace to kill the Ancient Dao Emperor!

But he could not do this. There was a hint of red on his pale face as he suppressed the crazed killing intent in his body.

He looked at Song Zhi and revealed sadness. He had power comparable to that of a Grand Empyrean, and beside Xuan Luo, no one here was his match. However, right now, before a tiny emperor, he could not take a step forward. He could see Wan Er’s soul right there but could not take her away.

All of this was because he didn’t want to disappoint Xuan Luo and put him in a dilemma. He didn’t want to make the teacher he owed so much to feel sorrow.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and revealed a miserable smile. When he opened his eyes once more, his right hand reached at the void and a jade appeared. After his divine sense gathered on the jade, he crushed it.

The moment he crushed the jade, everything he had seen using the jade from the Great Soul Sect, along with the Ancient Dao Emperor’s mutter, was displayed before everyone without anything hidden.

The image was incredibly clear!

“The Imperial Teacher said that this soul fragment can make me the true ancient emperor of the entire Ancient Clan. Then, making this woman my empress will be the best reward for her.

“Although this woman is not an absolute beauty, she has her own charm. I don’t know where the imperial teacher got this soul fragment from… She may have her own lover, and perhaps he felt extreme pain after her death...

“Unfortunately, he will never know that this woman is in my hands… If I could see who this woman’s lover was and I could see him for myself, it would be very interesting.

“If one day they meet, I wonder if they will recognize each other… This matter is not urgent. After the ceremony, I’ll have to get a good taste of the soul fragment after it is fused.”

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s voice came out of the images from the shattered jade. Although this was the second time Wang Lin had heard this, the killing intent in his heart surged once more. However, he suppressed it once more.

This voice was heard by everyone here. Although the Ancient Dao Emperor remained calm, a huge wave was set off in his heart. He never expected such a strange spell to exist in this world!

The Ancient Dao Emperor sneered and said in a gloomy tone, “Such a realistic illusion, interesting. Wang Lin, you spent some effort to create this, but it’s all false. I have never said such a thing. What soul fragment?” 

Wang Lin remained silent, but his killing intent surged like crazy. It was about to erupt for the third time, and his eyes became red once more. However, he suppressed it once more, and due to suppressing his anger multiple times, blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

As the Ancient Dao Emperor sneered, Xuan Luo frowned. He raised his right hand and reached toward Song Zhi.

However, there was a flash of purple light around Song Zhi that dissipated Xuan Luo’s grab. This caused Xuan Luo’s expression to change.

When the old man saw this, he exclaimed, “Purple Print Ancestral Soul Lock!!” 

The Ancient Dao Emperor smiled slightly and coldly looked at Xuan Luo. Then he looked at Wang Lin and his laughter became even more unbridled.

“She is my empress, no one can take her away. I have already planted this lock on her body. This is a relic from the Ancient Ancestor. If I die, she dies, and with one thought, she can’t move more than 100 feet from me. Without breaking the lock, who can take her away from me?

“I control whether she lives or dies. Wang Lin, do you dare to kill me? If I die, she will also die!

“Wang Lin, why are not not kneeling!?” The Ancient Dao Emperor laughed as he looked at Wang Lin.

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