Chapter 2026 - Filled With Rage (5)

This sharp roar shocked the entire square and everyone on the platforms. Their expressions changed greatly. They still didn’t believe that Wang Lin, who had been in a low mood and just left, would return in such a short period of time to kill the Ancient Dao Emperor!

But the deaths of the 107 Jins and their exploded bodies was testament to the truth of the statement.

Before people could react to the roar, an even more powerful roar echoed. A giant palm 1,000 feet large arrived. This palmprint was very strange - it had 10 fingers. As it closed in, a green light appeared around the square and collided with the palmprint.

A thunderous rumble echoed, shaking the entire palace. The 10-fingered palm dissipated, but the green light curtain trembled violently before it collapsed into countless fragments as well.

A wave of bloody wind came from outside the square and swept into the dead-silent square. Everyone’s gazes gathered on where the palmprint had disappeared. They looked like they were going to face a great enemy.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s face was pale. He clenched his fists as he stared at where the palmprint was, and his eyes filled with anger!

Song Zhi also looked at that direction. There was a flash of confusion in her eyes, and at the same time, her heart trembled, feeling as if a memory was going to awaken.

The two shadows that had received the order to take her away seemed to have forgotten the Ancient Dao Emperor’s order. Their pupils shrank and their hearts sank as they looked at where the palm had disappeared.

There was a dense blood mist moving at that location; it was a shocking sight. Sound of footsteps echoed from the mist toward the silent square.

The sound came from the blood mist, and when it entered the ears of everyone here, it was as if it was stepping on their heartbeats. This made them feel suppressed and fear arose from the bottom of their hearts.

As the footsteps closed in, the people of the three clans on the platforms all subconsciously retreated. They felt like the thing that would come out of the blood mist would be a ferocious ancient beast that would devour the world and slaughter all life.

In this silence, the Ancient Dao Emperor suddenly said, “Kill this man!” His voice was calm without any tremor, as if the Ancient Dao Emperor was still very calm. However, if you looked at his face, you would find that behind the anger in his eyes, there was fear.

After the Ancient Dao Emperor spoke, more than a dozen smoke-like shadow appeared from the palace. These shadows rushed out toward the blood mist and instantly closed in.

The moment the dozens of shadows entered the blood mist, miserable screams echoed. These screams were extremely miserable and they gradually disappeared one after another.

Although the miserable screams had disappeared, the echoes lingered in the hearts of the people. This made the Ancient Dao Emperor even more gloomy.

“Why have you both not take the Empress away!?” He turned his head and looked at the two shadows behind Song Zhi. They trembled and quickly nodded. The two moved and turned into a  vortex that surrounded Song Zhi. The vortex rushed toward the palace.

But just at this moment, a cold and crazed roar came from the blood mist.

“You dare!?” This voice contained a penetrating force and caused the two people inside the vortex to tremble. This voice filled hearts with endless fear and they seemed to be unable to control their bodies. They felt like a grand calamity would descend upon them if they took one more step!

The moment they stopped and turned back into two shadows, a fuzzy figure appeared in the blood mist. As his footsteps echoed, the figure walked out of the blood mist.

The moment this figure walked out, the gazes of everyone here gathered on him.

When they clearly saw the figure, gasps echoed. He had a head of white hair and a white robe, but now the white robe was covered in blood. His eyes were filled with madness and had turned blood-red!

It was Wang Lin!!

He had killed with every step and had killed a large amount of people on his way to the palace. This was the second time he had come here today. Before, he had come to hand over a congratulatory gift from his teacher, but now he was here to take someone away!

“Wang Lin, what are you going to do?!” The Ancient Dao Emperor stared at Wang Lin across the square and the nearly 100,000 people from all three clans.

Wang Lin walked out from the blood mist. He didn’t look at the Ancient Dao Emperor but looked gently at Song Zhi, whose eyes were filled with confusion.

“I’m going to take her away!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at Song Zhi. He then looked at the Ancient Dao Emperor coldly.

The Ancient Dao Emperor’s heart trembled and his face turned pale under Wang Lin’s gaze. However, this immediately turned into endless anger. He was the Ancient Dao Emperor, he was a supreme existence in the Ancient Dao, he was a descendent of the Ancient Ancestor, he was the proud genius of the heavens!!

He was recognized by Grand Empyrean Gu Dao. No one could decide if he lived or died, his will was the will of the Ancient Dao. Now, on the day before his big wedding, someone who he considered an ant and was extremely jealous of wanted his empress. This made him laugh in anger.

“Wang Lin, you are the disciple of Lord Xuan and the future guardian of the Ancient Dao. I have always treated you well. You didn’t want to kneel, so you didn’t have to kneel. You didn’t want to participate in the banquet, so I allowed you to leave...

“I have treated you so well, but now you have killed members of the Ancient Dao and broke into the place. Now you want to take my empress before everyone!!!

“Wang Lin, you have gone too far! How are you protecting my Ancient Dao? You clearly want to destroy my Ancient Dao!! Such a vile person, everyone must know!!”

The Ancient Dao Emperor waved his hand and roared, “Come, kill this Wang Lin and bring me his head!!” At the same time, he looked toward the Ancient Dao Temple with a gloomy expression.

Wang Lin silently closed his eyes. In order to not make his teacher feel bad, he had forced himself to calm down when he arrived. He had given the Ancient Dao Emperor a chance. If the Emperor had handed over Song Zhi, then there might have been a chance of redemption between him, his teacher, and the Ancient Dao...

But now...

Wang Lin opened his eyes and the madness in his eyes lit up. A monstrous killing intent erupted.

“If you don’t agree… then you can die!!” Wang Lin let out a roar and stepped forward. As he raised his foot, all of the Ancient Dao members rushed forward even though they knew they were no match. Under the command of the Ancient Dao Emperor, they rushed forward and killing intent appeared in their hearts!

In the Ancient Clan, the imperial power was supreme and the words of the Ancient Dao Emperor were everything! In their eyes, Wang Lin was betraying the Ancient clan and had to be killed!

Facing the madness of the people rushing at him, Wang Lin stepped forward and thunderous rumbles echoed. Anyone who blocked him, no matter their identity or cultivation level, collapsed into piles of flesh and blood before him.

In just a moment, countless people died, but even more people rushed forward. Even some members of the other two clans decided to charge at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was hundreds of thousands of feet from the palace where the Ancient Dao Emperor was. Wang Lin closed in on the palace like a storm and thunderous rumbles continued to echo.

“Anyone who blocks me will die!!” Wang Lin let out a roar and threw a punch. The dozens of Ancient Dao members before him died.

At the same time, on the square, a giant shadow appeared behind each Ancient Dao member. There were thousands of ancient gods, demons, and devils. They all let out a roar and rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t stop, and at this moment, an Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. This shadow seemed to support the world, and he waved his hand after the shadow appeared!

As he waved, the giant figure behind him also waved its arm and began a crazed bombardment with all the shadows rushing toward Wang Lin.

The thunderous rumbles echoed across the palace and countless cracks appeared on the earth; even the sky seemed like it was going to be torn open. The thousands of Ancient Dao shadows collapsed and the thousands of Ancient Dao members exploded.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and the madness in his eyes became even stronger. He continued to walk forward, and in the blink of an eye, he was at the center of the square. He was even closer to the Ancient Dao Emperor!

“Sound the drum and activate the Flying City Formation. Summon all clan members to the palace to destroy this person!!” The fear in the Ancient Dao Emperor became even stronger. He retreated a few steps and let out a roar.

With this roar, countless figures flew out from the depths of the palace and charged at the palace. Everyone inside the palace closed in!

Shortly after, bang, bang, bang… The sound of the drum echoed across the sky. The sky changed colors and the sound spread across the whole city.

The sound of the drum echoed across the world and the expression of every Ancient Dao member changed greatly. This drum beat was different from before - it contained a strange force and meant that the Ancient Dao imperial palace was facing a crisis!

Every Ancient Dao member who heard this sound would have to use their life to protect the Ancient Dao!

At the same time, lights of transfer arrays appeared in hundreds of places across the city. Every transfer array would allow people to arrive at the palace at the quickest speed.

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