Chapter 2025 - Filled With Rage (4)

The capital of the Ancient Dao, the floating city. Most of the city was still lively and the music continued as if it was an auspicious day.

The things that had happened around the Ancient Dao Temple didn’t spread out far due to the size of the imperial city and the specialness of the Ancient Dao Temple.

No one noticed that on the night before the wedding of the Ancient Dao Emperor, a great event that would shake not only the Ancient Dao, but even the entire Ancient clan, would occur!!

Countless people of the three clans were still singing and raising their cups. However, they heard a faint rumble that made them frown, then they looked up at the sky. The people that looked up felt their hearts tremble and suddenly stood up.

The music suddenly stopped as the rumble came from the distance.

In the sky, a meteor-like ray of light seemed to be creating a thunderous roar that would make the world tremble. As it flew, the thunder caused the earth to tremble and ripples to appear in the sky. It was like a swordfish flying through the air with the intention to split the sky in half!

An indescribable killing intent descended from the sky. Any members of the three clans who was invaded by this killing intent trembled and their eyes overflowed with fear!

They vaguely felt that something big was going to happen in the Ancient Dao imperial city!!

Wang Lin saw the lively palace in the sky. Going from the Ancient Dao Temple to this place, he had only spent a few breaths of time. This speed was comparable to Spatial Bending. The palace had restrictions around it, making it impossible to go in there directly.

Looking at the palace, Li Muwan’s figure appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. This figure made Wang Lin feel like his heart was being cut apart and bleeding. He let out a roar and charged at the palace like a real madman.

However, when he was within 100 kilometers of the palace, several hundred shadows appeared and revealed themselves to be the armored guards of the palace!

Shortly after, a cloud of smoke rose like an army of stampeding horses and nearly 10,000 Ancient Dao members appeared. Thousands more came from different directions, forming a cage to block Wang Lin!

“It turns out to be Lord Wang Lin.” One figure walked out from the sky, and when he saw Wang Lin, his eyes lit up and his expression became gloomy.

“Didn’t Lord leave? Why did you break in here. Do you know that this is a death…” Before he finished speaking, Wang Lin let out a roar.

“Scram!! Anyone who blocks me will die!!” Wang Lin stepped forward like a ferocious beast. He threw a punch and the world rumbled. The dozens of people before him trembled and their bodies exploded!

The slaughter feast had begun; this first batch of kills was just the prelude!!

It was also at this moment that nine rays of light arrived behind Wang Lin. They were the nine people under Xuan Luo. When they saw Wang Lin kill, their faces turned pale.

“Quickly, tell the Emperor. Wang Lin… He wants to kill the Emperor!!” Although the old man with the highest cultivation level followed Xuan Luo, his fervor toward the imperial power made him disobey Xuan Luo’s order.

When these words echoed, the expressions of the 10,000 palace guards all changed greatly. They were shocked by Wang Lin’s punch but were awakened by these words.

However, it was too late. Thunderous rumbles and miserable screams echoed. Wang Lin continued to walk forward, and anyone who blocked him died a miserable death.

The nine people under Xuan Luo gritted their teeth and rushed toward Wang Lin. They had used some unknown spell to appear before Wang Lin and had suddenly chosen to attack!

To the nine of them, if given the choice between Xuan Luo and the imperial power, they would choose the imperial power without hesitation!!

“You all are courting death!” Wang Lin originally didn’t want to kill the nine of them, but they had tried to block him several times. When they appeared before Wang Lin, a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He waved his right hand and a huge palm print appeared. It was the War Spirit Print!!

The moment the print appeared, 99 afterimages appeared, then, in a flash, even more appeared, for a total of 121 afterimages. They all fused together, causing a sixth finger, seventh finger, eighth finger, ninth finger… Until a 10th finger appeared!!

A 10-fingered palm rushed toward them. The nine people clenched their teeth and the ancient power in their bodies surged to resist. A thunderous rumble echoed before the palace.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the nine of them screamed and weren’t able to resist at all. The moment they were touched by the palm, their bodies collapsed and all nine died!

As they died, the palm swept forward and guards who were blocking the palm died. This place was immediately filled with the smell of blood.

If it was the celestial clan’s imperial city, everyone who saw this would have scattered. They would never rush up to die if they knew the difference in strength was so great.

However, this place was the Ancient clan, where the imperial power was supreme. The rest of the guards rushed out as if they were crazy and burned their blood to stop this palm.

The palace 100 kilometers away was still as lively as before. Countless people were coming up to drink and congratulate the Ancient Dao Emperor.

The Ancient Dao Emperor was still smiling and he would sometimes laugh out loud. Song Zhi was silently sitting beside him with her head lowered, thinking of something.

However, the Ancient Dao Emperor would look at Song Zhi with a playful smile. He was very happy right now. In fact, it had been a long time since he was this happy.

He was 90% certain that Wang Lin and the soul knew each other. And from Wang Lin’s appearance, their relationship was not simple, as if they were dao partners.

Every time he thought of this, he would begin to laugh and would drink a cup of wine. He liked this feeling. Later on, when the time to play with his empress came, he would fantasize about Wang Lin’s painful expression.

“What right do you have to get the soul blood? I’m the descendent of the Ancient Ancestor! What right do you have to become Xuan Luo’s disciple when I bitterly begged but was still rejected by Xuan Luo?

“What right do you have!? You are merely an ant from a cave world, just a barbarian. How dare you compare to a genius like me!! Now you come to my Ancient Dao and you dare not to kneel before me? Wang Lin, you got guts. You don’t consider me important at all. I don’t care what cultivation level you are at; in the Ancient clan, you must kneel when you see me!!

“If you don’t kneel, it’s fine. After tomorrow’s ceremony, I’ll go play with my empress, see how your woman tastes!!

“From his appearance, he was bitterly searching, but he didn’t know that the woman he has been searching for is right beside me and is my empress!!” When the Ancient Dao Emperor thought of this, he raised his cup and began to laugh once more.

Seeing the Ancient Dao Emperor laugh for no reason, the people on the platform raised their cups with smiles.

But before they could drink these cups of wine, and the Ancient Dao Emperor’s laughter hadn’t even finished yet, they all heard a thunderous rumble come from outside the palace!!

When the rumble rang out, it was muffled, but this caused the noise here to suddenly stop. Everyone instantly looked toward the source of the rumble.

However, due to the restriction of divine senses in the palace, they could only see a blur. More importantly, there was a crazed aura blocking all divine senses in that place, so not even the Ancient Dao Emperor could see anything.

“No harm!” the Ancient Dao Emperor slowly said. He put the wine cup next to his mouth and took a sip.

His action calmed the people on the square and the platforms down. They were not worried, as this was the Ancient Dao imperial palace, the center of the Ancient Dao. The protection here was powerful - they didn’t believe anyone could break in here and survive.

The square became lively once more and the congratulations echoed once more.

However, as the rumbles from outside became louder, everyone became silent once more. No one noticed that the Ancient Dao Emperor’s hand trembled a bit as he put down the wine cup.  

He frowned and stared into the distance.

The Ancient Dao Emperor slowly said, “Where are the guards?!” 

As he spoke, the 108 Jins all stood up and dropped to one knee before the Ancient Dao Emperor.

“Go out and kill the troublemaker, bring me his head!”

“As you command!” the 108 Jin said at once. Their voices fused together into a sound wave and released a powerful surge of killing intent.

They turned into 108 rays of light and the 108 Jins rushed outside the palace!

After the 108 Jins flew out, the Ancient Dao Emperor said, “Send the Empress to rest!” Two shadows appeared behind Song Zhi and bowed toward her.

Song Zhi stood up and the confusion in her eyes became even stronger. She looked toward the place where the rumbles were coming from. The words “Wan Er” were still echoing in her mind.

“Still not going back?” The Ancient Dao Emperor frowned and looked at Song Zhi with a cold and heartless gaze.

Song Zhi seemed to be very afraid. Her body trembled and she lowered her head. She was going to follow the two shadows when a thunderous roar echoed. It was very close, as if it was right outside the square!

As the roar echoed, the Ancient Dao Emperor suddenly looked over and his expression changed greatly!

He saw the 108 Jins’ figures get knocked back, and they coughed out blood. Their bodies exploded in the sky and only one person didn’t die. He fell to the ground and knelt down before the Emperor. He let out a sharp roar that echoed across the square as he coughed out blood.

“It’s Wang Lin!! He wants to kill the Emperor!!!”

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