Chapter 2004 - Star of Disaster for the Prince

“As for whether this matter is true, this little one doesn’t know. However, with the prince accompanying them, that means the Ancient emperor must have agreed, or else the city lord wouldn’t order the city to be sealed,” the burly man explained.

“Choosing a concubine?” Wang Lin was startled and didn’t think too much. He just thought that the emperor of the Ancient Dao, the place he was going to protect, sending people all the way to the other two countries to choose a concubine was absurd.

“However, since I can meet the people of the Ancient Dao here, they must have a detailed map to head to the 12 countries of the Ancient Dao. This does save me some time in looking for a map.” After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin was going to inquire more when he looked toward the city. Footsteps came from the city and then two teams of soldiers in green armor rushed out from the gate.

There were nearly 1,000 people among the two teams. They quickly came out of the city and gave off a killing aura. At the same time, three people walked out from the city.

The person at the front among the three was a burly man. He was nearly 10 feet tall and was obviously far taller than the others. He wore golden armor and had a red cape. He gave off a sense of pressure without being angry and walked forward in large strides.

Behind the burly man in golden armor, to the left, was a middle-aged man. He was a handsome middle-aged man who wore a blue shirt like a cultivator and exuded a celestial aura.

This man had three strands of beard on his chin, his skin was white, and he held a black fan. Although he gave off the aura of a celestial, his eyes were clearly demonic. His left eye had a strange fog swirling inside.

The last person stood on the right. He was a young man in black. He had a cold expression, but it could not hide the violence and killing intent in his eyes. He stood there as if there was a fire burning inside and outside his body, but this fire was cold.

The two of them obviously treated the burly man as their leader. He walked past the two teams of soldiers and looked into the distance. He seemed to detect something and turned to look at Wang Lin!

Not only him, but the two people behind him turned their heads at the same time. Their gazes locked into the nine stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and their eyes lit up.

“Greetings, God Lord City Lord, Demon Lord, and Devil Lord!” The two leather-armored burly men next to Wang Lin and the five outside the gate all knelt down without hesitation. They were extremely respectful.

However, the burly man in the golden armor ignored them. He looked at Wang Lin in confusion.

“This fellow clan member is very unfamiliar. I’m Blackstone City’s city lord. I wonder, does fellow clan member need help?” The burly man in the golden armor clasped his hand at Wang Lin.

“I’m Kong Shi.” The middle-aged man in blue with demonic eyes smiled and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

Only the black-robed young looked at Wang Lin and remained silent.

Wang Lin smiled and clasped his hands. “My name is Wang Lin. By chance, I heard that the prince and the Ancient Dao ambassadors are dropping by. I’d like to see them if you will, but if it’s inconvenient, I’ll leave.” 

He didn’t have any sense of arrogance because of his cultivation level and high status. Wang Lin’s personality was always like this. If others were respectful to him, he would naturally be respectful back.

“Since you came here, you are our guest. Brother Wang can stay and wait with us.” The burly man in golden armor smiled.

Looking at the other party, especially when he felt the ancient god power from this burly man, Wang Lin felt a familiar feeling. He smiled as he stepped forward and arrived next to the three of them.

“Brother Wang is also a God Lord and presumably has also passed the second trial. You should have entered the stage of Fusing the Demon and Refining the Devil. How is your progress?” The burly man looked at Wang Lin and smiled.

“Fusing the Demon and Refining the Devil?” Wang Lin’s heart trembled, but his expression remained the same. He shook his head with a smile and didn’t speak.

“Connecting, fusing, and refining is very difficult. How could it be so easy? From his appearance, he gives off no demon or devil aura, meaning he is still figuring it out. Liang Yun, this is the same as not asking,” the young man in black said coldly. His gaze swept by Wang Lin with a hint of disdain.

“Meng Luo!” The burly man in golden armor frowned as he looked at the young man in black. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin with a bitter smile.

“I presume Wang Lin has seen that this Meng Luo is a Devil Lord and that his personality is bad. I hope Brother Wang won’t mind too much. This connecting, fusing, and refining is indeed too difficult. I haven’t made much progress myself.” The burly man in golden armor apologized.

“No problem.” Wang Lin smiled. He really didn’t care about these little things.

They chatted for a while longer. The burly man in golden armor and Kong Shi were trying to determine Wang Lin’s origin, but in the end, they didn’t get any answers.

They gradually lost the intent to talk and became silent.

The silence didn’t last long before Wang Lin noticed something, and he casually looked at the sky. Kong Shi had been watching Wang Lin, and upon seeing Wang Lin’s action, he also looked up but found nothing.

However, just as he was about to withdraw his gaze, his eyes narrowed. The burly man and the young man in black also looked at the sky with respect and excitement.

At this moment, the sky changed and layers of ripples echoed. A thunderous rumble echoed as a fist appeared out of thin air and punched the sky.

As the roar echoed, the sky seemed to collapse and even more ripples echoed. More and more cracks appeared, until it looked like the sky was going to collapse. Two giant hands broke through the sky and tore open a large rift.

A giant green shadow hundreds of thousands of feet tall with a horn on its head tore open the sky and stepped out!

This green shadow wore a green suit of armor and gave off monstrous demonic aura. This demonic aura turned into a fog that spread endlessly in all directions.

This was clearly an ancient demon!! Its eyes were blood red and filled with violent intent. It immediately let out a roar as it appeared. It took a large step out of the rift and landed on the earth!

When its foot landed, a shockwave spread in all directions, carrying dirt like a wave.

As Wang Lin looked at the ancient demon, his heart trembled and his eyes narrowed.

“This… This is no ordinary ancient demon!” Wang Lin immediately saw the problem at a glance. He had seen ancient demons in the cave world, but, like ancient gods, unless they revealed their true bodies, they look like ordinary people.

But even after revealing their true bodies, they would maintain their consciousness and not fall into madness. Most importantly, the demonic aura this ancient demon gave off was as powerful as that of Empyrean Exalt cultivators.

The moment the ancient demon stepped on the earth and let out a roar, the man in the golden armor, the Demon Lord, and the black-robed youth knelt down on one knee and respectfully said, “Greetings, Prince!” 

Not only them, but the 1,000 soldiers on the side all knelt down and were all excited. Even the people inside the city that saw the ancient demon all felt their hearts tremble and knelt on the ground.

The only person not kneeling inside and outside the city was Wang Lin.

The golden-armored man immediately noticed that Wang Lin had remained standing. He was startled and was filled with disbelief. Kong Shi was the same, and even the young man in black revealed terror.

How could a mere prince make Wang Lin kneel? Not even a Grand Empyrean could make Wang Lin kneel. Even before the Celestial Emperor, Wang Lin only needed to clasp his hands.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the roaring ancient demon and saw the person standing on its head. He wore a royal robe and his black hair fluttered in the wind. He was a young man who looked ordinary but had an unspeakable temperament.

Behind him, there was a woman in blue. She looked fairly young, and when her gaze fell on Wang Lin, she was surprised.

The youth in the royal robe also saw Wang Lin, who was the only one standing. The sky rumbled once more. The young man raised his head and no longer looked at Wang Lin as he looked back at the sky.

Another huge shadow walked out from the rift that had been torn open. This shadow was slightly smaller, and when it stepped out, it revealed the two horns on its head and its body was black. It was an ancient devil!

This ancient devil’s eyes were also red and filled with madness and violence, as if it was about to lose control. It let out a howl. There were seven people standing on its head.

Among the seven were five men and two women. They clasped their hands at the young man, and when they looked at the ground, their attention was attracted by Wang Lin, who was the only person standing.

“My clansman is disrespectful. You all saw something embarrassing.” The young man smiled at the seven above the ancient devil. Then he turned to look at the burly man in the golden armor next to Wang Lin.

“Liang Yun, is he your new recruit?”

“Reporting to Prince. I don’t know this person, he has just appeared here. He said… he wanted to see the prince. This humble one was wrong to let him stay… This humble one will kill him right now!” The big man in golden armor revealed anger and killing intent.

“No need!” the prince said coldly. His eyes lit up and gathered on Wang Lin.

“Tuo Luo, kill him!” After the prince spoke, the ancient demon hundreds of feet tall below him let out a roar. It raised its right claws and reached toward Wang Lin.

It looked like it wanted to grab Wang Lin and crush him! The sharp claws seemed like they would split open the ovid. They contained monstrous demonic aura and closed in on Wang Lin.

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