Chapter 2002 - Road

Day and night alternated and the waves sobbed. These were the only changes and sounds on this vast sea.

The sea was no longer cold; it had become humid. The sea became even more violent and the waves looked like they wanted to smash the sky apart.

It was as if there was a powerful beast in the sea, and it was going to replace the sky with the sea!

The sea dragon moved through the sea and was extremely flexible. It was much faster in the sea than in the sky, and there was a white-robed figure sitting on its head.

Wang Lin didn’t use Spatial Bending to rush to the Ancient Clan at his fastest speed. Instead, he let the sea dragon swim forward. He sat on the sea dragon and began to adjust his cultivation.

“This trip to the Ancient clan should have no life or death dangers. After all, Teacher Xuan Luo is there…” After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. The sky was blue and clear, and the sun was warm as the light landed on his body.

“At the Ancient clan, I need to calm down. During my silent cultivation, I need to complete my promise to Teacher. I need to protect the Ancient Dao and guard Teacher’s reincarnation.

“After all, I belong to the Ancient Dao…” Wang Lin looked melancholy as he let out a sigh.

“Unfortunately, in the celestial clan, I didn’t find Qing Shui, Situ Nan… And I didn’t find… Li Qianmei. This is a pity.

“Forget it. When I return to the celestial clan, I may find them.” Wang Lin let out a sigh. Before leaving, he had spread out his divine sense to search, but he still didn’t find them.

“I won’t head to the Ancient Si or Ancient Ji, but head to the imperial city of the Ancient Dao. I wonder how it will compare to the celestial clan’s ancestral city.” Wang Lin silently looked into the distance.

“My cultivation is still lacking, so I need to go into closed door cultivation in the Ancient clan and strive to become a Grand Empyrean. When I complete my promise to Teacher, I’ll go find Wan Er’s soul…” Thinking of Li Muwan, Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sadness.

“Wan Er… Where is that sliver of your soul… Only when your soul is complete can I find a method to awaken you…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and his right hand reached at the void. A rift leading to Wang Lin’s storage space opened.

He could not open it without damaging his storage space before, but now he could easily do it.

He could completely offset the force between the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent so the storage space wouldn’t be destroyed. The blood sword that had made Wang Lin famous in the cave world flew out and gave off a killing intent in the sun.

“This item belongs to the Ancient Dao clan…” Wang Lin held the blood sword and gently touched it. The killing intent seemed to be happy as it coiled around Wang Lin’s fingertips.

“It belonged to Ye Mo… When I obtained Ye Mo’s head, I promised to be kind to his descendents. In this trip to the Ancient clan, I need to find Ye Mo’s descendants…” Holding the blood sword, Wang Lin waved and it flew into the sky. After a long time, muffled rumbles echoed.

“With my current cultivation level, I can easily release its full power.” The blood sword trembled and popping sounds echoed. Countless cracks appeared on it as if the sword was shedding its skin and a layer fell off.

The blood red light from the sword became even more intense. Wang Lin didn’t understand back then, but now he saw a seal on the sword. He broke the seal with a wave of his hand.

After breaking the seal, the killing intent the sword emitted became even more intense. It surrounded the surrounding 500 kilometer of sea. The killing intent seemed to form a storm and a huge shadow appeared. This shadow obviously belonged to the Ancient clan!

Its whole body was covered in armor and in its right hand was a slender blood sword. This sword looked like it could split the sky!

“Ye Mo’s hometown, where Teacher is located, the Ancient Dao… The place I need to guard. I wonder what kind of place that is.” Wang Lin looked at the blood sword and put it away. The shadow disappeared, revealing the clear sky.

“After absorbing the sword fragment, my metal essence was completed and the five elements fuse into one. My cultivation level has increased.” Wang Lin’s cultivation was different from that of others; he needed essences. Only with essences could his cultivation level increase.

When the metal essence was completed, Wang Lin climbed from mid stage Void Tribulant to late stage Void Tribulant. Then, with the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance, he was able to make the outline of the Grand Empyrean sun appear once he erupted his full cultivation.

“The slaughter thunder essence true body is complete with five essences. The five-element true body is also complete. What’s next is my ethereal essences...

“If I can comprehend my other two ethereal essences, my cultivation can reach peak Void Tribulant! It’s just that comprehending ethereal essences is very difficult…  In my entire life, I only comprehended three.” In this rare moment of calmness, Wang Lin began to analyze the future path of his cultivation.

“If I rely on ethereal essences to raise my cultivation level, then my future cultivation will be very difficult… It will take many years before it can improve again.” Wang Lin frowned as the sea dragon below him swam. It broke through the waves, forming a line in the sea.

The waves raged, causing the sea to rise up and down. Wang Lin only took a glance before he began pondering the future path to take.

“This won’t do. If this continues, I won’t know when I’ll have the power to return to the celestial clan. My cultivation is different from that of others, so perhaps I can find another way to increase my cultivation level.” Wang Lin was immersed in his own thoughts as time passed.

A few days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes, revealing a hint of fatigue.

“I can’t rely on ethereal essences. Even so, I’ll put the ethereal essences as a long term goal. During that, I’ll put my focus on the five-element true body and the slaughter thunder essence true body.

“Water, fire, and earth have formed essence true bodies. Now, only metal and wood need to condense their essence true bodies. According to my analysis, once the metal and wood essences have formed their essence true bodies, then the five-element true body will be complete!

“If this is the case, there is a 50% chance I can avoid raising my ethereal essences when increasing my cultivation level to peak Void Tribulant… Although my combat power would be a lot weaker due to the ethereal essences being incomplete, once the ethereal essences are completed, my power should increase grealy!

“Then it would be the slaughter thunder essence true body. Right now, only the thunder essence has formed an essence true body. The remaining four essences - slaughter, absolute beginning, absolute end, and restriction - are incomplete. If they could all form their own essence true bodies, then my slaughter thunder essence true body should be complete and allow my cultivation level to surpass Void Tribulant!

“However, I’ll have to wait until my metal and wood essence true bodies appear before knowing if this road will be as I thought.” Wang Lin pondered as he decided on his future.

“As for the outline of the Grand Empyrean sun… The reason it appeared was deeply related to the Celestial Ancestor cultivation I inherited.

“The Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance didn’t increase my cultivation level but allowed me to condense that sun once I erupt my full cultivation. With that sun, my combat power increases greatly!

“It makes up for the fact that my Heavenly Bull soul armor was broken. With my current cultivation level and combat power, I’m the strongest under Grand Empyreans. Even against Grand Empyreans, unless they burn their Grand Empyrean power, I can still fight them!

“If my analysis is correct, once all five elements form their true bodies and my cultivation level increases, I should be able to exchange blows with a Grand Empyrean who is burning his Grand Empyrean power!

“And once my slaughter thunder essence true body obtains essence true bodies, then very few Grand Empyreans can be my match! Then, if I can completely comprehend the fourth ethereal essence, which would be the reincarnation essence, I comprehended at the Dong Lin Sect, I can use it to break through the countless dream barriers to find my true self to obtain the fifth ethereal essence!

“At that time…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“Grand Empyreans won’t be my match! After all, Empyrean Exalt and Ascendant Empyrean are just a transition between Void Tribulant and Grand Empyreans. The transition could exist and also not exist!

“Furthermore, I still have the avatar in the void… That avatar is still growing, and unless it's the last resort, I can’t use it!”

“Time… I need time!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and immersed himself inside the Celestial Ancestor’s head in his storage space. Wang Lin had been studying it along the way, and he understood that once he could fully integrate the head into the Grand Empyrean sun outline, the sun would become solid. Once the sun was solid, Wang Lin would be able to truly become the 10th Grand Empyrean!

He had two more items in his storage space: one was a strand of white hair and the other was a fist-sized skull filled with death.

Both items gave Wang Lin a very familiar feeling, but he still couldn’t figure out the source of this familiar feeling.

Time passed day by day and the waves became even more intense. There was also the power of the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. This power was the key to separating the celestial  and Ancient clans.

However, for Wang Lin, this power was far too weak compared to what he had experienced in the void, so he could simply ignore it. His aura surrounded the sea dragon, allowing it to move even faster!

There was a black dot in the sky - it was the mosquito beast. Wang Lin released it and it let out a cheerful hiss in the sky as it followed Wang Lin toward the Ancient clan.

A few months later, when Wang Lin opened his eyes again, he saw the edge of the sea. The black earth was different from that of the celestial clan. The Ancient clan’s black earth gave off a sense of desolation and recklessness.

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