Chapter 2000 - The Plead From Ancient Times!

The destruction of the imperial palace and fall of the Celestial Emperor didn’t spread due to the suppression from Jiu di. The ruined palace returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

The Celestial Emperor went into closed door cultivation once more.

This generation’s Celestial Emperor, Lian Daozhen, often went into closed door cultivation, and the times were always uncertain. The entire celestial clan didn’t think too much of it.

Wu Feng returned to the Northern Continent and immediately sealed himself in the nevermelting glacier. He silently dispelled the ancestral curse inside his body.

He had never attacked after being affected by the ancestral curse, so he would have a much easier time than Dao Yi and Jiu Di. In addition, he had obtained the Celestial Ancestor’s ears. Once he dispelled the ancestral curse and refined the ears, his cultivation level would increase greatly.

Dao Yi dragged his mutilated body back to the Dao Yi Sect while enduring the intense pain and suppressing the humiliation in his heart. He immediately chose to enter closed door cultivation.

However, the ancestral curse had fully erupted in his body and could not simply be expelled. However, Dao Yi was a Grand Empyrean and was not as simple as he looked on the surface. Gemini had once called him “fake mask guy!”

In order to dispel the ancestral curse without affecting his cultivation later, he gathered all the Empyrean Exalts and several Ascendant Empyreans. He also called a lot of Golden Exalts and forced the curse to be split among everyone!

The ancestral curse was very strong, so the Golden Exalts immediately died after touching it. Even Empyrean Exalts immediately let out miserable howls as their bodies began to rot. Although they could last a bit longer, the final result was still death!

Only Ascendant Empyreans could survive thanks to their powerful cultivation, but the price was still great.

After all the Empyrean Exalts and Ascendant Empyreans under Dao Yi had helped bear the curse, Dao Yi searched for third step cultivators like crazy. Even if they could only help him bear a sliver of the curse, it would benefit him greatly.

This cruel method to share the burden of the ancestral curse made the Dao Yi Sect almost become a dead sect...

Jiu Di brought Hai Zi back to Mount Emperor and immediately went into closed door cultivation. He was powerful, so he could slowly dissipate the curse on his own. In addition, with Hai Zi’s help, the power of the ancestral curse would gradually dissipate with time.

Only Grand Empyrean Gemini wasn’t affected by the curse because they weren’t greedy. The two little girls went into closed door cultivation once they returned to fuse with the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes. Once they came out, they would be able to reverse the weakness caused by the accident in their reincarnation.

The celestial clan still had five Grand Empyreans, but the fifth Grand Empyrean only slept in the space under the palace. He had turned into a golden mountain and was suppressing the 72 spirits in the 72 continents.

Under this mountain, the madman still never awakened, as if he was awaiting for Wang Lin’s next arrival.

Half a year later.

The celestial clan’s Eastern Continent, Heavenly Bull Continent.

The Heavenly Bull Continent that was once covered in mountains had lost a lot during the war against the Green Devil Continent. This caused the landscape of the Heavenly Bull Continent to change.

However, the power structure of the continent didn’t change much. The Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect were still the strongest, with many smaller sects under them.

The disciples that had been sent to the ancestral city had returned to their sect. They all obtained their own fortunes and would become the future of their sects.

Great Soul Sect.

After Wang Lin left, Esteemed Green Bull had gone into closed door cultivation, not caring about worldly matters. The matters of the sect were left to the elders, but he did set any conditions. The mountain given to Wang Lin was to be preserved and was made into a forbidden land that others would not enter.

Many people were confused about this. When Wang Lin became famous in the Empyrean Trial and rumors of the White-Haired Ascendant Empyrean spread, the people of the Great Soul Sect were confused. They slowly figured out through various clues that Wang Lin was indeed the White-Haired Empyrean Exalt. They vaguely understood the meaning of Esteemed Green Bull’s action.

Yan Luan, an elder of the past, now held a high position in the sect and could decide on some important matters. She could have moved from her mountain and gone into the depths of the Great Soul Sect for a better cave. 

But she never left. At the peak of her mountain, she could see Wang Lin’s cave in the distance. Whenever she recalled the past, she would stand at the top of the mountain and silently ponder as she looked at Wang Lin’s mountain.

Fan Shanmeng and Fan Shanlu were still her disciples. Her personal grievances with Wang Lin had been resolved. Many years had passed - enough time for it to be forgotten.

In the Great Soul Sect, there was one more elder. His name was Du Qing. His body was not made of flesh and blood, but a piece of wood. After his origin soul condensed inside the wood, he made it into his body.

He was personally appointed by Esteemed Green Bull as an elder without the cultivation level of an elder. His life has been very comfortable, far better than before.

Time passed. As the countless sunrises and sunsets passed, the Great Soul Sect seem to not change much, just like the Heavenly Bull Continent. The mountains were still the same mountains and the pavilions were still the same as before.

Wang Lin stood outside the Great Soul Sect and looked at the familiar sect. When he first arrived here, he only had a vague understanding of the Great Soul Sect. He had slowly thought that he had gained an understanding of the sect until he left and experienced many things. Finally, at the imperial palace far away from the Great Soul Sect, he found a connection to the Great Soul Sect. He finally knew that even now, there was still something he didn’t know about the Great Soul Sect.

“Dao Wang clan… A genius that no one could surpass… This Great Soul Sect’s ancestor, perhaps he is dead or perhaps he is not dead… But his plan spanned across countless years and he divined the events of today back then. He had schemed against everyone. In his eyes, everyone was a pawn...

“In the end, his plan of releasing the seal on his clan and causing the Celestial Emperor’s bloodline to disappear succeeded. To allow his last remaining clan member to gain freedom…”

Wang Lin looked at the Great Soul Sect and had a complicated expression. He had come to the Immortal Astral Continent long ago, but only now did he know that the remote Heavenly Bull Continent that the all powerful people looked down upon had a hidden secret that could be traced to countless years ago.

With a sigh, Wang Lin stepped toward the Great Soul Sect.

His current cultivation level was far above that of Esteemed Green Bull and all the members of the Great Soul Sect, so no one noticed his arrival.

In the Great Soul Sect, Wang Lin saw Du Qing and Yan Luan, who was standing on the mountain with a fiery red dress. He also saw Fan Shanmeng and Fan Shanlu.

Wang Lin didn’t pause and walked into the depth of the Great Soul Sect. He went to the Soul Scripture Pavilion that he had gone to back then!

This Soul Scripture Pavilion had to be opened by Esteemed Green Bull back then. However, now, with one step, Wang Lin was already standing outside the Soul Scripture Pavilion.

This was a seven-story pavilion covered by a thin layer of mist. Outside the pavilion were two large beast status that were very life-like.

The pavilion’s gate was closed and it was silent. There were three large words above the gate.

Soul Scripture Pavilion!

This pavilion looked like it had seven floors, but in truth, there was an eighth, ninth… and even 10th floor! Esteemed Green Bull had said that not even he could enter the 10th floor. That was where the Great Soul Sect’s old ancestor was laid to rest.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked up at the top of the pavilion. He had come searching for the answer, for what the genius of the Dao Wang clan had left him.

Pushing open the closed door, Wang Lin walked in. He was familiar with this place, and he calmly walked up the stairs.

Creaking sounds echoed inside the quiet pavilion. Wang Lin walked up to the second floor, third floor… Up to the eighth floor, which he had managed to reach before.

There was no need for Wang Lin to break the restrictions here - they scattered as he walked by.

Looking at the stairs to the ninth floor, Wang Lin slowly climbed up. There were a few jades floating there. They contained the Great Soul Sect’s greatest spells.

The complete multi-layered illusion spell Wang Lin wanted was here.

His gaze swept by the jades one by one. Wang Lin saw everything inside and then made his way toward the ancient stairs not far away.

This place led to the tenth floor!

A total of 13 steps. Wang Lin raised his foot and climbed up step by step. He arrived at the top of the Soul Scripture Pavilion, the tenth floor.

The moment he entered the tenth floor, Wang Lin saw something that made him silently ponder for a long time. He looked inside with a complicated feeling for a long, long time before he let out a sigh.

“So it turns out that this is what you left me… And something you had to make me come here to see… Dao Wang clan’s genius… the matter of you using me just like I told Hai Zi is written off!” Wang Lin didn’t look at the tenth floor but turned around and left.

After Wang Lin left, the complete scene of the tenth floor was revealed.

The tenth floor was not large, only 100 feet of space. There was a statue and a skeleton within.

The statue was that of a man. He stood there, looking down, and his eyes seemed to contain the power to destroy the world. He gave off a pressure without being angry and coldly stared at the skeleton before him.

The skeleton was kneeling before the statue with a look of pain and pleading. There was a crack on his head, but there was no brain… There was a hole in his chest, but there was no heart inside...

His hands were raised in the hair. In his left hand was his withered brain and in his right hand was his beatless heart. He looked at the statue as if he was asking for forgiveness and had knelt there for countless years...

This was no ordinary skeleton, but a prison for the man’s soul. This soul prayed for forgiveness.

The statue was that of Wang Lin.

The skeleton was the Great Soul Sect’s old ancestor, the Dao Wang clan’s genius!

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