Chapter 1999 - The Person in the Song Scatters Into the Sunset!

If only Jiu Di had asked, he could’ve ignored it. He had come to the palace to save the madman - how could he give up merely due to Jiu Di’s threat?

And Wang Lin didn’t believe that Jiu Di would stop suppressing the ancestral curse at the cost of an extremely difficult recovery!

However, Wang Lin could not ignore Gemini’s words!

In his heart, he already owed Gemini. Since she had also asked, Wang Lin had to silently ponder.

After a long time, Wang Lin said with difficulty, “Give me a reason!” He didn’t look at Jiu Di, but at Grand Empyrean Gemini.

“The Celestial Emperor has fallen. Lian Daofei is very important to the celestial clan…” Gemini sighed and looked at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin… Lian Daofei must be left behind…” The person who spoke was Hai Zi, who had been silent. 

She looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, “This place is the forbidden palace. Although it has collapsed, it will recover on its own… In the celestial clan, the forbidden palace is very important because the Celestial Ancestor’s head is here...

“The Celestial Ancestor’s head is used to suppress the 72 spirits of the celestial clan. It is because of this head that the 72 spirits have remained sealed. Once the head is damaged, it no longer has the power to suppress the spirits that are still alive. Even those that are dead will return back to the void once the suppression is lost...

“At that time, the entire celestial clan will go into chaos and the continents will collapse and dissipate. The entire celestial clan will face a catastrophe… According to my clan’s previous plan, we didn’t want to destroy the celestial clan, so after dividing the head, we were going to choose one person to sleep here. That person would replace the Celestial Ancestor’s head and become the existence that would suppress the 72 spirits...

“The person we chose was Lian Daofei!

“He carries the Celestial Ancestor’s bloodline and has inherited part of the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation. My clan has also planted a seed in him over the years. Once it’s activated, he will become a Grand Empyrean due to the Celestial Ancestor inheritance he absorbed!

With his Grand Empyrean cultivation and my clan’s secret spell, a suppression effect can be created. This is why you can’t take him… If you try to take him by force, then… I’ll have to stop you as well,” Hai Zi softly said.

 Gemini sighed as she looked at Wang Lin and spoke for the second time.“ Wang Lin leave Lian Daofei here. There will be no danger to his life, he will remain here and suppress the 72 spirits.”

Jiu Di coldly looked at this and didn’t speak.

Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at the madman that was laying on the Celestial Ancestor’s head. He didn’t hesitate when you spoke.

“I’ll give up the Celestial Ancestor’s head and only take away Lian Daofei!”

“Give up? Even if the Celestial Ancestor’s head were placed back, it could not play the role of suppression because it has been cut open by the Celestial Emperor. The power inside it has already scattered and can no player be used to suppress the spirits!” Jiu Di let out a cold snort.

Wang Lin’s face immediately turned pale and his eyes were filled with struggle and complication. Their words were simple and there wasn’t much to think about. Wang Lin knew it was the truth.

“Wang Lin… Leave Lian Daofei here.” This was the third time Gemini said this.

Time slowly passed and Wang Lin’s struggle set off a huge wave in his heart. After a long time, he let out a sigh. He could not take away the madman by force. Grand Empyrean Gemini would stop him, and Jiu Di would act as well. Along with Hai Zi, Wang Lin could not take the madman away with the three of them joining forces.

What was more, taking away the madman would result in the celestial clan being in chaos. Wang Lin didn’t care, but it would affect Grand Empyrean Gemini, who had helped him a lot… The Purple Yang Sect might even be destroyed.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin revealed a bitter expression. He looked at the unconscious madman and slowly closed his eyes.

“Madman, when I, Wang Lin, return to the imperial palace, it will be when I rescue you! I swear it!!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and put the Celestial Ancestor’s head into his storage space. He then suddenly looked up.

“Jiu Di, there is no need for you to find me. I’ll return in the future!” After Wang Lin spoke, he flew into the sky and didn’t look back. Leaving the madman behind made his heart sting. He had gained the most on this trip to the imperial palace. He had obtained part of the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance, obtained the Celestial Ancestor’s head, and even condensed the outline of his Grand Empyrean sun.

But in the end, he still couldn’t take the madman...

If there was a choice, Wang Lin would give back all these fortunes to take the madman away, but all of this was already decided from the start.

“With the Dao Wang clan’s ancestor’s divination, he likely even saw the Celestial Emperor possessing the madman… Perhaps it was part of the plan, but it was broken by me...

“Even the Celestial Emperor’s self-destruction and the ancestral curse being shared by the four Grand Empyreans was likely foreseen by the Dao Wang clan’s ancestor. But he didn’t tell them, nor did he try to stop it...

“Perhaps he did it for his clan member of this generation, Hai Zi… All in order to dissipate my anger toward his clan… Just what did he see to make him so kind to me… Is it because in his mind, my existence is more fearful than a Grand Empyrean…”

Wang Lin thought about the words left by the genius of the Dao Wang clan in the Great Soul Sect. All those respectful “yous” the voice used.

Grand Empyrean Gemini looked at Lian Daofei, who was in a coma, and let out a sigh. She followed Wang Lin into the distance.

After Wang Lin exited the broken sky of the forbidden palace, he could not bear it and looked down.

He saw Hai Zi use her clan’s spell. The unconscious madman released bright golden light. As the golden light spread, a golden sun surrounded the madman. As the golden light spread out, Wang Lin felt the fluctuations of a Grand Empyrean spread out from his body.

This Grand Empyrean power was not an outline like Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun, but a completely formed sun. Lian Daofei became the 5th Grand Empyrean of the celestial clan after the Celestial Emperor fell.

However, the fifth Grand Empyrean would sleep forever and never awaken. The purpose of his existence was to replace the Celestial Ancestor’s head to suppress the 72 spirits!

Wang Lin looked at the madman and watched him turn into a mountain as the golden sun shrouded his body. This mountain was completely golden and shot into the clouds!

When the mountain’s peak appeared, the broken earth began to recover, but instead of the nine mountains before, there was only this golden mountain!

The sky also recovered and the entire world recovered eventually.

Wang Lin’s gaze lingered on the golden mountain for a moment longer before he turned around. He remembered the oath he had made and suddenly left!

After leaving the forbidden palace and entering the collapsed palace, Wang Lin stepped forward and disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was in the imperial palace in the ancestral city.

The imperial palace was in ruins, and at a glance, only the statue stood there alone. The statue was that of the Celestial Ancestor. He looked up at the sky with his arms stretched open as if he were casting a spell.

Wang Lin looked at the statue and silently pondered.

Ripples echoed beside him and Grand Empyrean Gemini walked out.

“The era of the Celestial Ancestor is over and his protection is gone… From now on, the celestial clan will no longer have any Celestial Emperor bloodline.” Grand Empyrean Gemini looked at the statue and let out a sigh.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Thank you…”

“This was my promise to you, even though the cost was very high… but I have to thank you for choosing me when I was merely two little girls.”

Gemini slowly said, “You indeed can’t take Lian Daofei away, I hope you understand… After all, I belong to the celestial clan and you belong to the Ancient clan.” 

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he turned around to look at Grand Empyrean Gemini. As for how she could see through his identity, Wang Lin didn’t ask or try to cover it up.

“Thank you…” Wang Lin clasped his hands and bowed at Grand Empyrean Gemini.

“I have obtained the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes, so now I will head back to the Purple Yang Sect. What about you? Will you  leave or come back with me to the Purple Yang Sect?”

Wang Lin looked toward the Eastern Continent before he said, “I want to head back to the Great Soul Sect… Then leave the celestial clan…” 

Grand Empyrean Gemini silently pondered for a moment and then let out a sigh.

“I don’t know if helping you was right or wrong…” She shook her head and then purple light spread out from her body. She split back into the two little girls. They looked back at Wang Lin with their innocent smiles and waved goodbye at Wang Lin as they flew off into the sky.

“Wa Wa, after we return, I’m going to sleep. I’m so tired.”

“Han Han, when we get back, how about we first see if Little Wolf has been obedient before we rest.”

“OK, let’s do that.”

The crisp and tender voices of the two little girls echoed like bells. Wang Lin looked at the two little girls flying away and muttered.

“Thank you both…”

Wang Lin closed his eyes and then reopened them after a long time before flying off into the distance. He didn’t see that in the ruins of the palace behind him, Hai Zi was silently looking at his back with a melancholy expression as he disappeared.

“Hai Zi, let’s go…”

Behind Hai Zi, Jiu Di walked out with a tired expression. His body was covered in black gas and he could almost no longer suppress the ancestral curse.

“I don’t blame you for not stopping him… That child is extraordinary… I’m old, and it will help you if your clan has ties with him.” Jiu Di, who was surrounded by black gas, looked at Hai Zi with a kind and doting gaze.

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