Chapter 1998 - Leave Behind Dao Fei!

Grand Empyrean sun was a mix of black and white. It gave off a strange light that lit up the world and shrouded the void behind Wang Lin!

This was Wang Lin’s strongest power. When the Grand Empyrean sun appeared, Wang Lin stepped forward and rushed toward the shocked Dao Yi!

Jiu Di’s eyes became serious and his pupils shrank as he charged forward to stop Wang Lin. He could not watch Dao Yi fall to the ancestral curse. He didn’t want the celestial clan to be in a miserable state where the balance with the Ancient clan was broken!

Now that the Celestial Emperor had fallen, nothing could happen to Dao Yi!

As Jiu Di moved forward, white light covered his whole body. Behind him, a white sun appeared and formed a giant white wolf. It let out a roar and rushed forward to block Wang Lin. 

The two of them got closer and closer!

“Wang Lin!!! Dao Yi can’t be killed!!” Jiu Di let out a roar and the white wolf around him opened its mouth to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. As the white wolf closed in, the black and white sun released a dazzling glow. It rapidly shrank and entered Wang Lin’s body.

This caused Wang Lin’s body to contain the full power of the Grand Empyrean sun’s outline. He turned his body and kicked the wolf!

At this point, one punch and one kick contained the power of the world and could trigger any kind of spell. With this kick, the void trembled!

From a distance, this was no longer a collision of a white wolf and Wang Lin’s kick, but the collision of a white sun and a black and white sun!

Thunderous rumbles echoed in all directions. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Grand Empyrean Jiu Di’s white sun trembled. The white wolf howled as its huge body collapsed due to the impact. Only the head remained, and it was knocked back.

Jiu Di’s expression was pale and his eyes were filled with shock. He was under the effect of the ancestral curse and therefore needed to divide his power to suppress it, and he had just battled Gemini, causing him to be in his weakest state, but he was still a Grand Empyrean. He was even extremely powerful among Grand Empyreans!

And although the other party had condensed the outline of a Grand Empyrean sun, it was only an outline. It was like a seed that had not flowered or bore fruit yet.

However, with just the outline of a Grand Empyrean sun Wang Lin had been able to force him back while he displayed the full power of what he could use right now!!

This made no sense. The only explanation was that the Grand Empyrean sun Wang Lin had condensed was not ordinary!!

“This is definitely not an ordinary Grand Empyrean sun!” Jiu Di rushed forward once more. When the two Grand Empyrean suns collided, Wang Lin was forced back and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. His body trembled and he rushed into the sky!

Jiu Di’s hasty action was unable to block Wang Lin. In a flash, he rushed into the sky toward Dao Yi, who was covered in a large amount of black gas and whose body was rotting away.

With one step, he closed in. When Dao Yi saw that he couldn’t escape, madness appeared in his eyes and he let out a roar as he raised his right hand. He reached into the void and a black half-moon blade appeared in his hand. This blade was covered in killing intent, and he turned around to cut Wang Lin!

“Wang Lin, if you want to kill me, then die with me!” In Dao Yi’s madness, his blade descended on Wang Lin, but as the blade closed in, Wang Lin’s body trembled and turned into 99 afterimages.

The 99 afterimages surrounded the area, and as the blade swept by, thunderous rumbles echoed. More than 90 were destroyed, but the remaining broke through and condensed into Wang Lin before Dao Yi.

Wang Lin’s face was pale. After he appeared, he raised his right hand and pointed to the spot between the eyebrows of Dao Yi’s skull.

With a bang, Dao Yi’s body fell from the sky and a miserable scream echoed. The ancestral curse completely erupted, and as he fell, a large amount of flesh and blood fell. Now half of his body under his broken clothes were mere bones! With a bang, he landed on the broken ground.

“I’m unwilling to let this be!!” Dao Yi was filled with resentment. If not for the ancestral curse, he would not end up like this before Wang Lin! But right now, he was in such a miserable state!

Jiu Di turned around, gritted his teeth, and roared, “Wang Lin, enough!! You can take away the Celestial Ancestor’s head! Hai Zi, you can not attack Wang Lin, but you have to save Dao Yi!” 

Hai Zi silently pondered and raised her right hand. She waved at Dao Yi, who had landed on the ground.

“With the power of the Dao Wang clan, gather the thoughts of the living and the existence of the dead… Let those that exist to continue to exist, let those that are about to dissipate… stop!”

Hai Zi waved her hand and blue ripples echoed around Dao Yi. When Wang Lin closed in, he felt like he had entered quick sand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and a large amount of black threads spread out from his body toward Dao Yi. These black threads penetrated the ripples and reformed into Wang Lin’s body before Dao Yi.

In Dao Yi’s madness, he wanted to desperately resist, but his ancestral curse had erupted completely. Just as he was about to use a spell, it collapsed and his body decayed even more. He let out a miserable scream when Wang Lin appeared before him. Wang Lin’s foot landed on his chest, making it impossible for him to struggle.

“You battle when you want to battle and stop when you want to stop. How can things go as you wish? This Dao Yi attacked me first. If you want me to stop, you have to pay the price!” Wang Lin had one foot on Dao Yi and calmly looked at the rapidly incoming Jiu Di.

Jiu Di’s expression was gloomy and he stopped 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin, and as time passed, the ancestral curse inside his body became violent.

Jiu Di took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “What do you want?” 

Wang Lin’s right foot exerted a bit of force on Dao Yi’s body and the black gas spread even more. This stimulation caused Dao Yi’s madness to scatter and he experienced a sharp pain he had never felt before along with the sense of humiliation from being stepped on by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed an undetectable amount and he said, “I want that baby skull!”

Jiu Di frowned.

“Dao Yi, give me that skull and you can leave.” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he held the initiative. He had never thought about killing Dao Yi. After all, he had been able to seize control of the situation because all the Grand Empyreans were being affected by the ancestral curse, not because his power allowed him to ignore everything.

Dao Yi stared at Wang Lin as if he was going to memorize Wang Lin’s appearance.

“Dao Yi, give it to him!” Jiu Di let out a cold snort.

Dao Yi knew he didn’t have much time. With his current injuries, it would already be difficult for him to remove the ancestral curse. If it were delayed anymore, then even if he got rid of the curse, his cultivation would be damaged too much. With a howl, as Wang Lin’s right foot loosened, his right hand reached at the void and took out a fist-sized skull.

Dao Yi released the skull in his hand and then charged into the sky. He broke the void and disappeared without a trace.

This skull looked like that of a baby and was filled with death aura. The feeling seemed to be fused with the void and surged in all directions.

The familiar feeling clearly appeared in Wang Lin’s heart. He waved his right hand and the skull flew toward himself. He put it away inside his storage space.

After receiving the skull, Wang Lin retreated back next to the Celestial Ancestor’s head. The madman was still in a coma on the head.

“Wang Lin, the Dao Wang clan and I lay out this plan, yet the person with the biggest harvest is you. This old man will remember this. Leave this place, and you better become a Grand Empyrean as soon as possible. Otherwise, once this old man gets rid of the curse, you will have to give me an account for this matter!” Jiu Di looked at Wang Lin.

“And you, Gemini. If Dao Yi doesn’t recover and we go to war with the Ancient clan, then you can watch the blood of my celestial clan flow. Your Purple Yang Sect will not escape alone!

“This old man originally had a good plan. I was going to let all the Grand Empyreans divide the Celestial Ancestor’s relics so we could become stronger. To make it so that there will no longer be a Celestial Emperor!

“But because of you, all of this changed. You have to bear the consequences of this matter!” Jiu Di sneered.

Gemini silently pondered and didn’t speak, but there was a flash of confusion and complication in her eyes.

Wang Lin apologized in his heart. He looked at Grand Empyrean Gemini and made a decision in his heart!

“I owe Grand Empyrean Gemini a lot… I can only do my best to stop the war between the Ancient clan and the celestial clan to make it so she doesn’t regret her decision today.”

Grand Empyrean Gemini silently pondered for a bit and then coldly said, “Since have I decided to do something, there is no need for you to say more!”

“Good, good!” Jiu Di began to laugh. His eyes turned cold as he looked at Wang Lin.

“This old man can let you take away the Celestial Ancestor’s head, but you can’t take Lian Daofei!! This matter is not up for discussion. Take the head and leave!

“This old man is already backing down! If you still want to be stubborn about taking him away, then this old man will stop suppressing the ancestral curse. I’ll risk a difficult recovery in the future to make you stay!

Gemini, you can help him obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s head, but now the Celestial Emperor is dead and the Celestial Ancestor’s head is broken. You should know Lian Daofei’s role in this place,” Jiu Di slowly said.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his pupils shrank.

Gemini silently pondered for a bit and then looked at Wang Lin. “Wang Lin… leave Lian Daofei behind.” 

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