Chapter 1997 - Sun of the Grand Empyrean!

Hai Zi silently pondered and let out a sigh. She didn’t attack and closed her eyes.

Jiu Di gritted his teeth due to Hai Zi’s decision, and his expression became even more gloomy. However, he didn’t try to persuade her. He began fighting against Gemini!

The thunderous rumbles from their battle spread in all directions. More thunderous rumbles echoed as Dao Yi closed in on Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with killing intent - he was going to kill Wang Lin and use Wang Lin’s fresh blood to wash away his shame!

Wang Lin’s expression was as cold as always. When Dao Yi arrived, a rare trace of battle intent appeared in his eyes. This battle intent had not appeared within him in a long time. This was from his comprehension of the battle intent essence he had obtained in the cave world!

This was the peak of “cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!”

“Dao Yi!” Wang Lin stood on the Celestial Ancestor’s head and let out a roar at the sky. His black hair moved without any wind and he raised his right hand. A golden sword fragment appeared in his hand. This was the fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword that Jiu Di had given him on the long street!

At that time, Jiu Di could have never imagined that Wang Lin would have survived the Dao Wang clan’s plan. If he knew, he would have never given Wang Lin this fragment!

After fusing this fragment into his body, the black-haired Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He stepped forward and hit his chest with his right hand.

“Five-element true body, get out!”

“Three ethereal essences, get out!”

“Restriction, absolute beginning, get out!”

With one wave, aside from slaughter, thunder, and absolute end, all of his essences left the body! Now the black-haired Wang Lin was like the incarnation of slaughter and destruction as he charged at Dao Yi!

The two of them began a thunderous slaughter in the sky!

Dao Yi let out a roar. Borrowing the power of his sun, everything in the world integrated into one. Each attack and movement contained the power of his faith spell, and he collided with Wang Lin. The black-haired Wang Lin collapsed again and again but looked immortal!

“Damn it, after this Wang Lin takes on this black-haired form, he is so difficult to deal with!” Dao Yi endured the pain of the ancestral curse and continued to attack, but he was forced back by the black-haired Wang Lin again and again. This caused the ancestral curse in his body to worsen!

As thunderous rumbles echoed, the black-haired Wang Lin’s body collapsed once more into countless strands of black gas. They seemed to contain life and rushed toward Dao Yi. The black gas gathered before Dao Yi. A finger stretched out from the black gas, reaching  toward Dao yi!

Dao Yi suddenly turned around, and his face was almost a complete skull now. Flesh and blood fell off as bloody water oozed out from his body. He threw a punch and the entire world seemed to stop moving, including the black gas. When his punch landed, Wang Lin’s finger collapsed and the black gas was knocked back. The black gas reformed into Wang Lin’s body 100 feet away.

But Dao Yi retreated three steps. The slaughter aura, which was already difficult to get rid of, seemed to have fused with the ancestral curse. This made him let out a painful howl at the sky.

The black-haired Wang Lin’s eyes were cold and he rushed out once more.

At the same time, the five-element true body that he had forced out completed the last essence, the metal essence, after integrating the sword fragment!!

Although the completion of the metal essence hadn’t formed an essence true body, it allowed the five-element true body to become complete. As the power cycled, the five elements perfectly fused into one. Wang Lin’s five-element true body erupted with shocking power and looked up at Dao Yi. As he stepped forward, the five elements surrounded him. The five colors around his body were like a five-colored cape!

The black represented earth!

The yellow represented metal!

The green represented wood!

The blue represented water!

The red represented fire!

The five-element true body closed in and raised his right hand, causing the five elements to move. The black earth turned into a vast land. This land was an illusion, but it was filled with shocking earth essence. Thunderous rumbles echoed. It seemed like the earth had awakened and turned into an earth giant. It threw a punch at Dao Yi!

There was also metal. After it appeared, it shined brightly and turned into countless swords. Each of the swords was only an illusion, but they were filled with endless metal essence. They turned into a rain of swords that fell on Dao Yi!

The wood essence turned into a 1,000-foot-tall tree in the sky and smashed toward Dao Yi! This giant tree looked like it could break the world apart!

Water and fire turned into waves of fire and water that swept toward Dao Yi!

At the same time, the black-haired Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He stepped forward and his body exploded into countless black thunderbolts that rushed toward Dao Yi!

This was his strongest attack when the slaughter original body and the five-element true body joined forces!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world and Dao Yi let out a miserable scream. His clothes were broken and blood was flowing out from the gaps on his face. The blurry sun behind him suddenly collapsed!

The collapse of the sun created a powerful impact and caused the incoming wood to disintegrate and the earth man to shatter. The sea of water and fire was pushed back and the countless metal swords collapsed. The five elements scattered and reformed into Wang Lin’s five-element true body!

It also caused the black-haired Wang Lin’s countless thunderbolts to explode. Black gas appeared and retreated to reform the black-haired Wang Lin’s body!

Dao Yi let out a miserable scream. The only things left on his face were his eyes. However, his eyes were like ghostly fire and were now filled with fear!

He feared not only Wang Lin, but also the ancestral curse that had completely erupted. He could clearly feel the ancestral curse was beginning to burn his soul. If he continued to fight instead of immediately leaving to adjust himself, he was likely to… fall!!!

“This sovereign is unwilling to let this be!!” Dao Yi let out a roar and rushed into the sky to leave. He no longer dared to fight, he felt the shadow of death shrouding over him.

“Restriction essence seal, the sky!

“Absolute beginning essence, Sundered Night!

“Life and death, karma, true and false, cover the world!” the black-haired Wang Lin and Wang Lin’s five-element true body said at the same time!

Just as Dao Yi was about to leave, the destroyed sky above him suddenly flashed and a rune appeared. This was Wang Lin’s restriction essence’s sealing power!

After the restriction essence, a bright sun appeared. It released a dazzling light and fused with the restriction essence, creating the scene of the light sealing the world.

Shortly after, the three ethereal essences suddenly appeared and formed a fog that surrounded the seal. This fog contained Wang Lin’s dao, and it spread across the sky. It contained a powerful sealing force!

“You want to leave!?” The black-haired Wang Lin and his five-element true body charged at Dao Yi!

In the distance, Jiu Di revealed a look of shock. As his attack collided with Gemini, he treated and was about to charge toward Wang Lin.

Gemini’s face was pale, but she clenched her teeth and blocked him once more!

Jiu Di let out an angry roar. “Gemini, that’s enough!! The Celestial Emperor is already dead. Are you going to allow Dao Yi to be destroyed by the ancestral curse as well!?”

Gemini stopped. After all, she belonged to the celestial clan!

Dao Yi’s body also began to decay. Right now, he looked extremely terrifying. Pain and madness filled his eyes and an invisible flame appeared around his body. He let out a roar and punched at the sky.

The world rumbled and the seal created by the restriction, absolute beginning, and the three ethereal essences collapsed. Dao Yi, who had burned his own body to borrow power, immediately rushed out!

Seeing Dao Yi about to escape, the eyes of the black-haired Wang Lin and his five-element true body lit up at the same time!

“You can escape, but the Dao Yi Sect can’t escape!” These words came from black-haired Wang Lin, and they were filled with slaughter and destruction.

“How can you fight whenever you want to fight and leave whenever you want to leave?” These were the words of the five-element true body.

Dao Yi’s eyes were filled with madness. He didn’t hesitate to burn his body in order to leave and go into closed door cultivation. What sect, what celestial clan? None of that mattered now. He rushed forward and his body became a blur.

At the same time, Jiu Di charged forward while Gemini paused. He looked like he was going to stop Wang Lin’s pursuit but was actually filled with killing intent!

The black-haired Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he didn’t hesitate at all. As Dao Yi escaped and Jiu Di closed in, his body turned into countless strands of black gas and flew toward the five-element true body. They fused into a blurry figure.

“Restriction essence, return!”

“Absolute beginning, return!”

“Life and death, karma, true and false, return!”

“Five-element true body, condense; slaughter thunder essence true body, condense; ethereal essences, condense!” The blurry figure rapidly changed to form Wang Lin’s body!

His hair was not completely black and not completely white, but half black and half white. As he looked up, an aura that made Jiu Di’s pupils shrink erupted from Wang Lin’s body!

This was his strongest form aside from his avatar in the void! This was his peak form after he absorbed some of the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance and fusied his slaughter and five-element true bodies together!

Behind him, a large, strange black and white outline of a sun appeared. This sun was fuzzy and was a mere outline, but it caused the hearts of Hai Zi, Jiu Di, Gemini, and the escaping Dao Yi to tremble!!

“This… This is…”

“This is not formed by a spell, this is… the sun of the Grand Empyrean!”

“This is impossible. He never went to the Immemorial God Realm, how could he have a Grand Empyrean sun?! Although it’s blurry, but it is indeed the outline of a Grand Empyrean sun!!”

“He… He actually used his own power to condense a Grand Empyrean sun by force! This person… This person…”

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