Chapter 1996 - Impudent!

Wang Lin’s appearance, his clean actions, and his words caused everyone to become silent.

Grand Empyrean Jiu Di’s expression was gloomy. He felt tearing and burning pain inside his body, but he suppressed it with his powerful cultivation. He stared at Wang Lin and killing intent appeared in his eyes!

He had calculated everything, but he hadn’t expected the Celestial Emperor to give up his Grand Empyrean body and choose to self-destruct. This didn’t match his understanding of the Celestial Emperor.

Even so, it was fine. Although the Celestial Emperor had exploded, the head had been opened. The ancestral curse was scattered between them, so it wasn’t fatal. They also had no reason to fight each other, so they wouldn’t make the curse worse. They would take what they needed and would then return to their caves to go into close door cultivation to slowly remove the curse.

However, what had caused Jiu Di to miscalculate again was that Wang Lin was still alive!

Not only had he not died, it looks like his cultivation level had increased, and now he had taken the initiative! Now that they were affected by the ancestral curse, they were in a passive position!

Not far away, Grand Empyrean Wu Feng’s face rapidly aged and his eyes dimmed. His body trembled and he looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze.

As for Grand Empyrean Dao Yi, he was covered by black gas and was filled with pain as he endured the ancestral curse that was trying to melt his body. Now that Wang Lin had appeared he felt anger along with the pain!

This anger came from an ant daring to bare its fangs against a lion!

“Arrogant, courting death!” Dao Yi let out a howl. He had the weakest cultivation among the Grand Empyreans and now he was under the ancestral curse, so he didn’t have much time to think. Even if Wang Lin was number one among Ascendant Empyreans, he was still an ant!

As he spoke, Dao Yi turned the pain he felt into killing intent and rushed toward Wang Lin. As he closed in, he raised his right hand and black gas gathered around it. It was a shocking sight.

One palm fell and the world seemed to stop as if everything had fused into one and descended on Wang Lin.

The black-haired Wang Lin suddenly looked up, and his gaze was filled with indifference. As the palm descended, he put the madman down and waved. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the black slaughter thunder formed a net before Wang Lin.

The moment the net appeared, Wang Lin’s black hair moved without any wind. An aura of slaughter and destruction spread out from his body. At this moment, Wang Lin was the spirit of slaughter and destruction!

When slaughter appeared, it was the beginning of the end!

This net had black thunder arcing across it and contained a destructive slaughter force. It immediately collided with Dao Yi’s palm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the thunder net collapsed. Wang Lin’s body trembled and split into countless strands of black gas. He recondensed in an instant, and his eyes were still as cold and indifferent.

Slaughter could not be destroyed!

Although Dao Yi was a Grand Empyrean, he was currently being affected by the ancestral curse and therefore could only use about 50% of his power. He also had to face Wang Lin’s slaughter thunder, which caused him to tremble and retreat a few steps. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and he immediately felt the strange aura coming from the thunder net. This aura began raging inside his body, and he could not expel it. This was also the first time Dao Yi had been knocked back by a non-Grand Empyrean after he became a Grand Empyrean!!

He had almost forgotten this feeling, and when it washed over him, he felt disbelief. This slaughter aura also caused the ancestral curse inside his body to become more violent. Pieces of rotten flesh fell from his face.

The power of the ancestral curse became even more intense!

“You… You…” As Dao Yi spoke, his words became a hiss from the intense pain. If it was an Ascendant Empyrean, they would have already perished from this pain.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and slowly said, “Dao Yi, if you still want to fight, I don’t mind watching the ancestral curse become even more serious and seeing if you fall or not!” 

Dao Yi stared at Wang Lin but didn’t speak. For the first time, he felt a sense of fear even he himself could not believe. Even more pieces of rotting flesh fell from his face. He no longer looked as beautiful as he did in the past.

Jiu Di’s expression was gloomy as his gaze fell on Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, this old man admits that I have underestimated you again! You hid until now and appeared at this moment to take the initiative. Even this old man admires you!

“However, if you think you can use the fact that we have to deal with the ancestral curse to take away the Celestial Ancestor’s head, it’s impossible!

“Wang Lin, you are a smart person. This old man really doesn’t want to act, as it would make the ancestral curse worse, but don’t force me! Hand over the head and this old man will let you leave here safely. We will take an oath to not hurt you in the future and even help you become a Grand Empyrean. If you are still greedy, then this will be your grave!” Jiu Di said calmly as he looked at Wang Lin.

“Even Gemini is extremely weak now, so she is not this old man’s match! In addition, there is also Wu Feng and Dao Yi. Although neither of them can display their full power and have to deal with the ancestral curse, they can still delay Gemini a bit!

“Besides, the Dao Wang clan’s Imperial Teacher Hai Zi is here too. Wang Lin, don’t seek death! What’s more, any of the Grand Empyreans can burn some Grand Empyrean power to crush you!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as his gaze swept past everyone.

At the same time, Grand Empyrean Gemini moved and arrived next to Wang Lin. Her face immediately turned pale and purple light covered her body. Her body seemed to melt and turned back into the two little girls.

The two little girls’ faces were deathly pale and they looked very weak. It seemed fusing into one required them to pay a great price.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. The moment they appeared beside him, he raised his right foot and stomped on the Celestial Ancestor’s head. The head trembled and two eyes covered in golden light were knocked out from the head!

The Celestial Ancestor’s head contained the ancestral curse, but this curse had been broken by the Celestial Emperor and company. Back when Wang Lin collected the Celestial Emperor’s soul, he became aware of this and was not worried about the curse.

The Celestial Ancestor’s eyes used to be one, and after they flew out, the two little girls immediately grabbed them.

“Since this item is useful to Grand Empyrean Gemini, then please accept it! Thank you for your help!” As Wang Lin spoke, Jiu Di’s expression changed. He let out a roar and rushed toward Wang Lin.

Dao Yi’s eyes were blood red as he rushed forward while covered in black gas!

“Wu Feng, Hai Zi attack at once!” Jiu Di felt extremely aggrieved. He was a Grand Empyrean who had lived for far too long, but now he had to summon others for help. This was a rare humiliation for him.

“This child can’t be allowed to live!” Jiu Di was filled with killing intent. As he closed in, Grand Empyrean Gemini, who had turned back into two little girls, each held an eye. Although their faces were pale, their gazes were decisive. Their bodies trembled as they fused back into the real Gemini and rushed toward Jiu Di and Dao Yi!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. In the distance, Wu Feng hesitated. Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi bit her lower lip as she was clearly struggling.

As Grand Empyrean Gemini was resisting Jiu Di and Dao Yi, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His right hand created two rays of black light that cut off the Celestial Ancestor’s two ears!

Golden blood splattered as the pair of ears shined bright and flew toward Wu Feng!

“Grand Empyrean Wu Feng, this is what you need! I won’t send you off!” Grand Empyrean Wu Feng raised his right hand and caught them. He silently put the ears away and took a few steps back. He had no need to participate, especially with the curse on him. He didn’t want to act, and he needed to return to his cave to get rid of the curse!

While retreating, Wu Feng remained silent and only gave Wang Lin a profound look. He turned around and disappeared!

When Jiu Di, who was being blocked by Gemini, saw this, the killing intent in his eyes became even stronger. He clenched his teeth and let out a roar. White light erupted from his body and formed a white sun behind him!

The white wolf roared and its head penetrated Jiu Di’s body, flying toward Gemini!

“Dao Yi, Hai Zi, steal the head!!” Jiu Di erupted his full power at the risk of the ancestral curse to fight against Gemini. In a flash, Dao Yi flew over Gemini and a sun also appeared behind him. He was also going all out at the expense of the curse worsening!

But he was the weakest among the Grand Empyreans and the ancestral curse on his body was extremely serious. At this moment, the sun was dim, as if it could dissipate at any time. He still could not use much of his power.

It was enough to kill an Ascendant Empyrean, but killing the black-haired Wang Lin in a short period of time was not possible! He would still need Hai Zi’s help. If Hai Zi assisted him with her Dao Wang clan spells, they would have a chance to win!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and the Celestial Ancestor’s head retreated with him. He raised his head and spoke to the struggling Hai Zi.

“I don’t know if I should call you Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi or Imperial Teacher Hai Zi… Your Dao Wang clan used me to release the seal. Even if you join forces with Jiu Di, at most I give up the head, but it is impossible for me to die here!

“As a result, even if you participate, you won’t gain anything and it won’t do your Dao Wang clan any good. If you don’t participate, then I can write off everything that has happened! As if it had never happened!”

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