Chapter 1995 - This Thing, This Person, I, Wang Lin, Will Take Them!

Wang Lin’s expression was serious. He was hiding inside the head, so no one had noticed him. However, if the head was cut open by the Celestial Emperor, he would be noticed by the others.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he became focused.

The Celestial Emperor pulled the 100 foot Celestial Ancestor head up. When it floated before him, he suddenly looked up and revealed a decisive gaze.

His left hand rose up and his palm turned into a blade. Golden light shined and the veins on his face swelled. The blood in his body seemed to boil and gather inside his left hand. He cut down at the head and, after a loud rumble, a crack appeared on the Celestial Ancestor’s head!!

Endless golden light came from the crack, and the Celestial Emperor’s face was filled with pain. His body rapidly aged!

At this moment, Dao Yi, Wu Feng, and Jiu Di looked over. Only Hai Zi had a complicated expression as she looked at the head. It was unknown what she was thinking.

However, just as the Celestial Emperor revealed a painful expression, Jiu Di suddenly let out a roar. He charged forward at an extremely fast speed. Shortly after, Dao Yi and Wu Feng’s expressions changed and they followed.

When the Celestial Emperor’s right hand fell on the head, cracks appeared on it, but just at that moment, his hand had gone from a blade to a palm. He no longer cut open the head but instead pushed down. He didn’t choose to compromise and instead completely cut the head open, pushing his Celestial Ancestor bloodline into the head!

“You all underestimated my guts!! What is there to fear about death? If I have to live like a dog, what’s the point of being a Grand Empyrean?! Better to fight for a chance!” The Celestial Emperor laughed as the three Grand Empyreans closed in. The head absorbed the strength of the bloodline and then its eyes suddenly opened. Its mouth also opened, and golden smoke came out from its orifices!

When the golden smoke spread out, the Celestial Emperor opened his mouth and began to inhale it like crazy.

If the Celestial Emperor absorbed all this golden smoke, he could inherit the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation. He could even reverse the damage caused by the ancestral curse from cutting the head!

His cut had not only caused a crack to appear on the head, it also broke open Hai Zi’s seal. Although a crack had appeared on the head, now the Celestial Emperor could absorb the inheritance by force again!

In the distance, Imperial Teacher Hai Zi’s face immediately turned pale and blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Dao Yi’s eyes were filled with viciousness as he raised his right hand and a palm landed on the Celestial Emperor’s body!

At the same time, Wu Feng also attacked. He threw a punch!

As Jiu Di closed in, a white wolf appeared around him and attempted to devour the Celestial Emperor!

Just as their spells appeared, the Celestial Emperor raised his head. Golden blood flowed out of his eyes and orifices. The blow rapidly changed color to bright red - this was the sign of his bloodline dissipating!

Those eyes covered in blood revealed madness.

“Not good!” Jiu Di’s expression changed and he was about to stop his attack, but he was too late. The Celestial Emperor hadn’t absorbed the golden smoke at all. Everything he done before looked real, but it was all fake. The golden smoke he had absorbed all spread out. 

The Celestial Emperor let out a hysterical laugh and his body visibly expanded. He had chosen to blow himself up!! This was outside of everyone’s expectations. Jiu Di thought that they hadn’t pushed the Celestial Emperor to the point of self-destruction!

The self-destruction of a Grand Empyrean, although it was only his body, could shake the world. Even if he were to possess another body, he would no longer be a Grand Empyrean!

This self-destruction echoed toward the forbidden palace and destroyed it in a flash. This force spread out to the collapsed sky above and instantly disintegrated all the pillars in the palace above.

When the underground palace dissipated, this place that existed in an overlapping space with the imperial palace formed a connection. This collapsing force erupted out onto the square of the imperial palace.

The earth of the palace was scattered in all directions as everything collapsed. The entire palace that had existed for countless years in the ancestral city was completely destroyed as if a hand had swept by!

The beautiful palaces and all the cultivators inside them disappeared without a trace. The shocking explosion shook the entire ancestral city and caused it to tremble in fear.

Just as this destructive force closed in on the Celestial Ancestor statue in the imperial palace, the statue suddenly released blinding, golden light. The light and the impact collided to create a thunderous rumble.

This rumble became even more intense until it became a heavenly roar that echoed across the Central Continent!

At the source of this explosion, where the Celestial Emperor had exploded his body and his Grand Empyrean power, a large amount of flesh flew toward Dao Yi, Wu Feng, and Jiu Di.

The Celestial Emperor’s self-destruction could collapse the palace but was not enough to destroy the three of them. This was especially true when the three of them worked together and their power increased several fold.

However, because they had attacked, their faces immediately turned pale and became filled with fear!

This was because the power of their spells had fused with the flesh and blood of the Celestial Emperor, causing their auras to fuse with his exploded flesh and blood. Due to their counter attack, they weren’t affected as much, but the thing that was most affected was the Celestial Ancestor’s head!

The Celestial Ancestor’s head should not be so fragile, but when the Celestial Emperor’s palm had descended, it had caused golden smoke to come out and also cracks to appear on the head!

As a result, the destructive force of the Celestial Emperor’s self-destruction and Jiu Di and company’s counter attack hit the Celestial Ancestor’s head. This caused the head to rumble and crack open.

As the crack spread, it was equal to all four of them violating the ancestral curse at the same time. Dao Yi had the weakest cultivation, and he immediately let out a miserable scream. Large amounts of black gas surrounded him and his beautiful face rapidly decayed.

Wu Feng let out a muffled groan as his body was surrounded by black gas and began to decay.

Jiu Di had the highest cultivation level, and the ancestral curse was split among the four of them. He was able to resist the curse with his powerful cultivation. Strange runes appeared on his body, making for a shocking sight!

The Celestial Emperor had only exploded his flesh, so his soul still remained. As the skull cracked open, his soul was rapidly dissipating and he rushed toward the head. He was heading to the left eye, where Lian Daofei was!

“I’m the Celestial Emperor - I have wisdom beyond that of others; how could I not have a backup prepared? Dao Fei is my backup!! I’ll take control of his body and use it to help me share the burden of the ancestral curse. He has also inherited some of the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation, so I can still turn this around!!” The Celestial Emperor’s soul was burning, and while the other three were dealing with the ancestral curse, he rushed toward the left eye of the cracked head.

However, just as his soul neared the left eye and he was about to rush into Lian Daofei’s body, a shocking change occurred!!

There was a flash of golden light from the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye and Wang Lin walked out! He had waited a long time for this critical moment!

He was like a hunter who had waited until this moment to begin the hunt!

Wang Lin wasn’t affected by the ancestral curse at all. At this moment, Dao Yi let out a tragic cry, Wu Feng retreated, and Jiu Di was resisting the curse. Wang lin charged directly into the left eye!

When Gemini saw Wang Lin, she immediately revealed a joyous expression!

There was also Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. There were ripples in her eyes and a flash of excitement passed by.

Wang Lin moved extremely fast and entered the left eye in a flash. It was the moment when the Celestial Emperor, who was surrounded by the ancestral curse and whose soul was burning, was about to enter Lian Daofei.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. There was no hesitation as he waved his hand at the Celestial Emperor. Although the Celestial Emperor was a Grand Empyrean, his body had exploded and his soul was damaged from the ancestral curse, so he was very weak. After seeing Wang Lin, he let out a scream that could pierce one’s soul!

“You… You…” the Celestial Emperor screamed, filled with endless fear. He had accounted for everything; even at the last moment, he had gone all out like a true ruler, but he could not have expected Wang Lin to be alive!!

It wasn’t only him, Jiu Di, Dao Yi, and Wu Feng didn’t expect Wang Lin to still be alive either!!

With a wave of his sleeve, the Celestial Emperor’s soul let out a scream, but instead of retreating, he rushed toward Lian Daofei. However, he stood no chance as he was pulled into Wang Lin’s storage space.

The extremely weak Celestial Emperor, along with the ancestral curse, was no longer a threat to Wang Lin!

Just as Wang Lin put away the Celestial Emperor’s soul, the Celestial Ancestor’s head trembled. The crack from before was too large, and now it cracked open even more.

Wang Lin grabbed the unconscious Lian Daofei and walked out from the left eye. He stood in this collapsed world and stepped on top of the Celestial Ancestor’s head!


His head full of white hair rapidly turned black at this moment! Black hair, black robe, black eyes!

“This thing, this person, I, Wang Lin, will take them!”

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