Chapter 1994 - Ancestral Curse!

Jiu Di looked at the Celestial Emperor and explained the origin of all of this. “This plan was concocted by the genius of the Dao Wang clan, and it has been in motion for generations. He helped me become a Grand Empyrean as the condition for my help.

“When the previous Celestial Emperor died and before you took over the throne, the previous Imperial Teacher found me. According to the plan, we got married and gave birth to a baby girl.

“This baby girl would have the body from the Immortal Astral Continent but the soul of the Dao Wang clan… Originally, this couldn’t happen under the Celestial Ancestor’s seal as the power of the seal was too great!

“However, the Celestial Ancestor had been dead for many years at that point, and the seal was weakening. The genius of the Dao Wang clan came up with a plan, and in order to complete it, it required the entire Dao Wang clan to sacrifice their souls to fight against the power of the seal.

“Since then, the number of the Dao Wang clan members had been decreasing because of this. Until this generation, where only two remained… For countless years, the Dao Wang clan members that died used their unique methods to put their souls inside Hai Zi, which has protected her soul.

“The reason she can leave the ancestral city without dying is due to her body and also to the protection of the souls of all the Dao Wang clan members...

“The entire Dao Wang clan spent countless years completing this plan on Hai Zi’s body, and she is the only one who can complete this plan.” Jiu Di calmly looked at the Celestial Emperor as he explained the origin of all of this.

“Because she is your daughter, you were able to help her without reservation! You even became the godfather of the Dao Wang clan and obtained the Joss Flames only the Celestial Ancestor was eligible for… The Dao Wang clan actually paid such a price to release the seal…” The Celestial Emperor let out a sigh and revealed a complicated expression.

“Aside from Hai Zi, the last Dao Wang clan member was the Imperial Teacher that just died… In fact, you didn’t have to release the seal on the Dao Wang clan, but the ancestor of the Dao Wang clan had already divinated your actions. He knew of your desire for the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance and that when facing the pressure of the four Grand Empyreans, you would not give up but choose to fight!

“The key to this plan was the Dao Wang clan’s sealing power in the Celestial Ancestor’s head. A person who could be possessed would have to be absorbed into the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

“Therefore, Wang Lin was very important!”

The Celestial Emperor silently pondered for a moment. He bitterly looked at Jiu Di and Hai Zi before speaking.

“Then if I didn’t insist on releasing the seal but instead to return the Celestial Ancestor’s head back giving up on inheriting the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation, your plan would have been wasted?”

“I won!” The person who spoke was not Jiu Di, but Hai Zi. The current Hai Zi was completely different from before. She gave off a mysterious aura and calmly looked at the Celestial Emperor.

“If you had given up on inheriting the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation, then the ambush my Dao Wang clan had prepared would begin! All the spirit temples across the 72 continents obey my clan!

“All the spirit temples are prepared to awaken the spirits sealed in their continents. The cost of their awakening would shake the Celestial Ancestor’s head, and at that time, only the Celestial Ancestor himself would be able to suppress it. You would’ve had to inherit the Celestial Ancestor’s power, or the entire celestial clan would’ve gone into chaos! Once you tried to inherit the Celestial Ancestor’s power, you would’ve had to release the seal on my clan!” Hai Zi spoke softly.

“Like the Green Scorpion Temple…” The Celestial Emperor’s pupils shrank.

Hai Zi nodded.

“Dao Yi, Wu Feng, I assume you two knew about this?” The Celestial Emperor’s gaze moved to Dao Yi and Wu Feng.

Dao Yi frowned and slowly said, “Grand Empyrean Jiu Di came to me and told me about the Dao Wang clan’s plan. But I didn’t know anything about this Wang Lin. I only just found out that this Wang Lin was a key part of his plan!”

Wu Feng silently pondered for a moment and nodded.

The Celestial Emperor immediately began to laugh, but his laughter was filled with extreme bitterness. He looked toward Grand Empyrean Gemini.

“What about you, Gemini? Did you know of this plan as well?”

Grand Empyrean Gemini’s original body remained calm, as if she was not interested in any of this. She looked at the Celestial Emperor.

“I don’t know and didn’t want to know. I only came to take away Wang Lin! Whether it’s you or Jiu Di, anyone who dares to stop me is my enemy!”

The Celestial Emperor’s eyes lit up. “Wang Lin… Wang Lin… Since the Imperial Teacher was able to successfully possess him, then he is dead! I presume you all observed him when he was in the cave world!” 

“The Dao Wang clan’s ancestor only vaguely divinated a rough period of time where someone would come out of a cave world. He could not divinate who this person was or which cave world. We could only wait.” Jiu Di shook his head.

“The genius of the Dao Wang clan created the Great Soul Sect on the Heavenly Bull Continent because it was divinated that Wang Lin would appear there. So the first step of the plan was to make contact with Wang Lin!” The Celestial Emperor was very smart and immediately pointed out the key.

The Celestial Emperor looked up, and his voice echoed like thunder. “However, I wonder if the Great Soul Sect’s ancestor knew that this Wang Lin would die here at the forbidden palace as a price for releasing the Dao Wang clan’s seal.

“Jiu Di, you used Wang Lin to lure Grand Empyrean Gemini here. Otherwise, with just the three of you, you wouldn’t have had enough power to force me to try to absorb the Celestial Ancestor’s power by force!

“You also used Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, Dao Fei, me, and the 72 sealed spirits! I don’t believe you did all of this just for the Dao Wang clan, even if she is your daughter!

“And the two of you, Dao Yi and Wu Feng. For the two of you to come, Jiu Di must have promised you great benefits. You came for your own gains!

“The reason you are telling me the truth is to make me aware of the situation I’m in. You all must need something that requires my cooperation!

“Only Gemini didn’t obtain anything and was used by Jiu Di and the Dao Wang clan!” The Celestial Emperor still fought by using his words to try to obtain help from Gemini!

Gemini silently pondered. How could she not see through it all after fusing?

“Celestial Emperor, we don’t want to kill you. You just need to use your bloodline power to cut open the Celestial Ancestor’s head. You will still be the Celestial Emperor, you will still be a Grand Empyrean!

“If you are unwilling, then don’t blame us for killing you then drawing out your bloodline power to complete this step!” Jiu Di said calmly without any killing intent, but his words were extremely cold.

“Gremini, the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes used to be one entity. If you absorb it into your body, it will reverse the accident you had during your reincarnation and even increase your power! It will also allow you to separate and merge at any moment rather than burn your Purple Yang force to maintain this fused state!

“Wu Feng, this old man can confirm that the Celestial Ancestor’s ears can hear the sound of dao and track of the laws of the Immortal Astral Continent. This old man promises to give them to you. Fuse them with your dao and you can comprehend the peak of the martial dao!

“Dao Yi, the Celestial Ancestor’s skull was born from the void, and over the past countless years, the essence of his power has gathered here. This old man promises to give it to you. With it, your body and soul can become one!

“This old man wants the Celestial Ancestor’s brain - it is of great use to me. As for the Celestial Ancestor’s head, we all… split it evenly!” Jiu Di calmly looked at the Celestial Ancestor.

“So you knew about the ancestral curse the Celestial Ancestor left before death!” The Celestial Ancestor’s expression was gloomy.

“I had searched for many years and finally found a clue not long ago. Through it, I was able to determine that the legend was true. If the Celestial Ancestor was dead, then anyone who attempted to destroy his body would die...

“Unless it was a successor with the same bloodline. A successor can use their bloodline to bear the power of the curse so that the bloodline is cut off. Then there will no longer be any more Celestial Ancestor bloodline to be inherited, and only then can the curse be released! Celestial Emperor, now you have no choice but the bear the curse. You won’t die, but the title of Eight Extreme will end with your generation. However, the Celestial Ancestor has been dead for countless years and his might still shrouds the celestial clan. It is time to change!

If you are not willing, then you will without a doubt die! If not for the fact that I'm worried about the situation with the Ancient clan changing after your death, this old man wouldn’t waste so much time discussing this with you.”

Jiu Di looked at the Celestial Emperor, and his voice was cold. “Make your choice!” 

The Celestial Emperor silently pondered.

On the ground inside the dull right eye of the Celestial Ancestor’s head, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he hid his aura. He had heard everything that had happened outside. This trip to the palace had been filled with twists and turns. Wang Lin had guessed some of it before, but not everything.

“The Great Soul Sect’s Esteemed Green Bull told me to return 300 years later to go to the top floor… The founder of the Great Soul Sect left something for me...

“The old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect, the genius of the Dao Wang clan. After using me to release the seal on the Dao Wang clan, what would he leave me…” Wang Lin had a complicated expression.

“He appeared in the Heavenly Bull Continent and founded the Great Soul Sect just to wait for me… Maybe I should be dead in his plan… But if he did divinate I would die in the palace, why leave me something in the pavilion, and why 300 years?

“You used me and schemed against me every step… You calculated my arrival, so I presume you calculated my personality as well. How could I let this matter go!?” Wang Lin silently pondered and sighed. There was a powerful shock from outside as the Celestial Ancestor’s head flew into the sky.

The Celestial Emperor seemed to have made a choice after pondering for a long time. His right hand reached toward the earth and he raised the Celestial Ancestor’s head!

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