Chapter 1993 - The Real Imperial Teacher!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the four Grand Empyreans tried to break through the golden light. Time was of the essence, and the Celestial Emperor knew he hadn’t given himself a lot of time!

If he was unable to absorb the power of the Celestial Ancestor by force before the four Grand Empyreans broke through the golden light, then everything he had done would be for nothing.

He would never allow such a thing to happen. Now that he had reached the last step, he was about to succeed and was unwilling to fail now!

“Not even the Imperial Teacher could see through my plan. Jiu Di only came because he is near the ancestral city, but Dao Yi and Wu Feng came so fast!”

The Celestial Emperor clenched his teeth and pointed at the head with his right hand. The moment his finger touched the head, it collapsed into a mess of flesh and blood.

“With my flesh and blood as the descendent of the Celestial Ancestor, activate the law of the Immortal Astral to release the eternal seal on the Dao Wang clan!!” The Celestial Emperor roared and his remaining fingers collapsed. Not only his fingers, but even his palm collapsed as well.

This collapse continued. By the time the Celestial Emperor finished speaking, half of his right arm had disappeared.

Large amounts of golden blood spread out and formed a golden rune before him. This rune burned into dust before him!

The moment the golden rune finished burning, the Imperial Teacher, who was possessing Wang Lin’s body, trembled. The seal that had been suppressing his Dao Wang clan for countless generations disappeared.

The moment the seal was released, excited tears flowed down from the Imperial Teacher’s eyes. This was his life’s pursuit - he had paid everything to release this seal so that his clan could escape from being trapped in this doomed fate from birth!

The moment the seal was released, the power from the Celestial Emperor rushed in. It entered Wang Lin’s body and easily erased the existence of the Imperial Teacher!

This was the Celestial Emperor’s last ace - he would not let the Imperial Teacher continue existing after the seal was released. The moment the seal was released was the moment the Imperial Teacher would die.

When the Imperial Teacher was about to die, a memory that had been sealed for an unknown amount of time awakened.

He faintly remembered that the Dao Wang clan, after years of inheritance, was almost extinct. He remembered that long after his birth, including him, there were only three people left.

He didn’t know who his parents were and no one had told him. He only knew that he was a member of the Dao Wang clan… Aside from him, he knew he had seen a woman and a baby girl.

This mother and daughter were equivalent to his relatives!

He remembered that woman was the previous generation’s Imperial Teacher and that he was not the Imperial Teacher. The real Imperial Teacher was the baby girl.

He didn’t know who the father of the baby girl was, and she had disappeared soon after birth. He was taken by the woman and was passed down the spells of the Imperial Teacher.

He slowly grew up and his memory was sealed. He still thought that he was the Imperial Teacher. He gradually grew up and the woman died. He then became an adult, and in his memory, there were many members of his clan sleeping. His mission was to release all the sleeping clan members from their fate.

He still believed that there were many members of his clan left… But now that his memory had awakened, he remembered that aside from the missing baby girl, he was the only one left in his clan...

“No wonder the Celestial Emperor dared to release the seal… Because the Celestial Emperor knows that I am the only one left in the Dao Wang clan… As long as I die, even if the seal is released, it will be fine.

“So it turns out I’m not the Imperial Teacher… So… Am I a member of the Dao Wang clan… Am I… I should be… Now that the seal is released, the missing baby girl should be the real Imperial Teacher. Where is she, who is she…” He had thought that he was the Imperial Teacher the whole time and was willing to give up everything for his clan to scheme against the Celestial Emperor. Now that he had failed, his memory was unsealed and his thoughts slowly dissipated.

Even when he died, he still didn’t know who the real Imperial Teacher was...

But even at the moment of death, he didn’t complain at all. He understood that perhaps this was his mission, to protect the real Imperial Teacher and release the seal on his clan. From the moment he was born, this was his doomed mission.

As this pitiful person died, the power of the Celestial Emperor swept through Wang Lin’s body. After he determined that there weren’t any soul fluctuations left, it swept through once more and then left.

However, even the Celestial Emperor didn’t notice the Heaven Defying Bead inside Wang Lin, or Wang Lin’s soul inside the Heaven Defying Bead!

After releasing the Dao Wang clan’s seal, the Celestial Emperor became excited. He still thought everything was under his control. His strong self-confidence was still there and he quickly began to absorb the power of the Celestial Ancestor’s head!

Strands of golden smoke came from the orifices of the Celestial Ancestor’s head and entered the Celestial Emperor’s body. This caused the Celestial Emperor’s cultivation level to suddenly increase.

Excitement filled the Celestial Emperor, but he didn’t see that in the distance, when he released the seal on the Dao Wang clan, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s body trembled violently.

Hai Zi’s eyes were filled with confusion and struggle. A memory was awakening in her mind. When the seal on the Dao Wang clan disappeared, a source of power awakened inside her body!!

This power came from the Dao Wang clan - it belonged to the real Imperial Teacher of the celestial clan!!

Her eyes gradually revealed bright light and she subconsciously raised her hand. She pointed at the glowing Celestial Ancestor’s head!

“Everything exists because it can be lost, this is death…

“All those that died due to the thoughts of the living form from nothing, this is dao…

“The Dao Wang clan takes the thoughts of the living, takes the existence of the dead, takes pursuit of one’s hope, and takes the power of the afterlife to create Joss Flames. With this… we turn dao into death to let those that exist continue to exist and let the dead… return to nothing!” Hai Zi muttered as she pointed at the head. All the golden light rapidly contracted back into the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

When the golden light dissipated, the Celestial Ancestor’s head inside the golden light was revealed!

The Celestial Ancestor’s head below the Celestial Emperor lost all its golden light and slowly closed its eyes. It was filled with death aura once more and it lost its power to fly, so it fell to the earth.

This interrupted the golden aura the Celestial Emperor had been absorbing, and now the aura’s source was gone. The golden light scattered from the Celestial Emperor’s body and went back into the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

This sudden change startled the Celestial Emperor. His eyes widened with disbelief and he suddenly looked up. He immediately saw Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi!

“This… This is impossible!! The Imperial Teacher is dead, completely dead. You are not of the Dao Wang clan, how can you have the power of the Imperial Teacher!?” The Celestial Emperor almost went mad. He didn’t dare believe what he was seeing - he didn’t dare to believe and wasn’t willing to believe!

“You are definitely not a member of the Dao Wang clan!! Under the Celestial Ancestor’s seal, the Dao Wang clan can’t leave the palace, the ancestral city… You didn’t die, who are you!?” The Celestial Emperor’s face was pale. He had thought that he knew everything and that no one knew his plans. He was filled with self-confidence.

Everything had played out according to his plan. Only Dao Yi and Wu Feng’s sudden appearances had caused some changes to his plan, but everything else had remained the same!

But just as he was about to succeed in absorbing the power of the Celestial Ancestor’s head so that he could become the second Celestial Ancestor, he found that everything was not what he had thought. He was actually inside someone else’s scheme!

“I… am the Imperial Teacher…” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi had a complicated expression as she spoke. Her memories had awakened along with her mother’s memories and the inheritance of all the previous generations of Imperial Teachers.

“The person that died was the last member of my clan on the Immortal Astral Continent beside me…” Hai Zi sighed.

“What the hell is this? It’s impossible. If you really are the Imperial Teacher, how did you leave the ancestral city?! Jiu Di, tell me!” The Celestial Emperor took a deep breath. He was a Grand Empyrean, and although he was about to go crazy, he still calmed himself down by force!

“This plan was created by a genius of my clan. He didn’t hesitate to do something that made it seem like he was splitting from the clan. He tried many methods until he successfully left this place and created the Great Soul Sect...

“Although he died, he perfected the plan and passed it down. He also found the key to this plan - this person called Wang Lin! A cultivator from a cave world… Only his body could be perfectly possessed by my clan member to allow this plan to be perfectly carried out…

“As for why I can leave the ancestral city… That’s because my soul belongs to the Dao Wang clan, but my body belongs to the Immortal Astral Continent…” Hai Zi said softly.

Jiu Di pondered a bit and then slowly said, “Celestial Emperor, she is my daughter!”

“The reason I’ve been able to live for so long with endless lifespan, and even became a Grand Empyrean, was due to the help of the Dao Wang clan!

The Dao Wang clan had been preparing for this for a long time, until they divinated Wang Lin’s appearance. Then they put the plan into motion!” Jiu Di calmly looked at the Celestial Emperor, who was shocked by the truth.

Wang Lin also heard this from inside the Celestial Ancestor’s head. While everyone was paying attention to Jiu Di and Hai Zi, his soul came out of the Heaven Defying Bead to take control of his body!

“So this is the truth!!” His eyes shined brightly!

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