Chapter 1992 - Five Grand Empyreans!

Grand Empyrean Jiu Di’s sudden appearance didn’t surprise the Celestial Emperor. He was still confident as he stood on the head of the Celestial Ancestor and watched Jiu Di walk over.

“Jiu Di! You indeed came!” The Celestial Emperor smiled.

Grand Empyrean Jiu Di’s expression was serious as he stared at the Celestial Emperor. His focus was on the Celestial Ancestor’s head, and he revealed a complicated expression.

“The Celestial Ancestor’s head… Back then, this old man followed the Celestial Ancestor, and now it has been countless years… Lian Daozhen, this old man has experienced several generations of Celestial Emperors, but you can be considered the most grandiose!

“Using the desire of the Imperial Teacher, you obtained the control of the Celestial Ancestor’s head. If you had enough time to fully absorb the Celestial Ancestor’s head into your body, then you would indeed be the number one Grand Empyrean in my celestial clan!

“But now you won’t have the chance!” Jiu Di’s voice was ancient, and he stepped forward. With this step, the woman formed by the fusion of Grand Empyrean Gemini was suddenly covered in purple light and she also walked toward the Celestial Emperor!

The three Grand Empyreans began a battle inside this forbidden palace!

The Celestial Emperor was still confident when facing Gemini and Jiu Di. He raised his right hand and pressed down on the head below him.

“Eight Extreme Dao, Extreme Fire Dao!”

With this, the Celestial Emperor’s body was covered in a golden light which then spread across the entire head. While the golden light dissipated the purple light in the sky, the head opened its mouth and released the Celestial Emperor’s voice!

“Eight... Extreme... Dao... Extreme... Fire... Dao!”

Although these words were stuttered, they were complete. After the words came out, nine strands of 10-foot-thick green smoke appeared. They circled around the Celestial Emperor and the head nine times before flying toward Jiu Di and Gemini.

Thunderous rumbles echoed in the forbidden palace. Wang Lin, still hidden inside his body, clearly saw everything happening outside.

Wang Lin didn’t act recklessly due to this sudden change, he was still waiting! He didn’t think everything was so simple. Jiu Di’s appearance might cause some new changes!

Before Wang Lin fully understood the situation, he would not come out!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Grand Empyrean Gemini’s face was pale as purple light covered her body and she retreated a few steps. Jiu Di also retreated with a serious expression.

What they had just faced was not the Celestial Emperor, but the Celestial Ancestor! An attack from the Celestial Ancestor had forced even their combine attack back!

Jiu Di’s eyes lit up and he said, “It is not the complete Celestial Ancestor’s power, only about 10%!” Popping sounds echoed inside his body and his old face rapidly changed. He turned from an old man into a middle-aged man!

He looked very handsome and gave off the overbearing aura of an emperor! Jiu Di kept the appearance of an old man year-round, and only when his cultivation fully erupted would his appearance change like this.

“Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve seen you like this, Jiu Di, but even so, you are not my match!” The Celestial Emperor smiled and simply sat down on the Celestial Ancestor’s head. Both his hand pressed down on the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

“With my blood, summon the ancestral spirit!” The Celestial Emperor bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of blood.

The moment he spat out the blood, the Celestial Ancestor’s head trembled and monstrous, golden light appeared. The golden light condensed into a huge, golden shadow. The shadow was wearing a royal robe - it was the Celestial Ancestor!

The head was real and the body was an illusion. At this moment, his eyes shined and his right hand rose into the air. A huge, golden sword appeared and the Celestial Ancestor’s shadow grabbed it.

The Celestial Ancestor’s sword!

The moment the sword appeared, Wang Lin heard something calling him.

“Back then, with one sword, many foreign souls were slain. Only those qualified were sealed into continents. Now the two of you have offended the might of the Celestial Ancestor - do you still refuse to back down when facing this sword?!” The Celestial Emperor’s voice echoed as he raised the golden sword and waved at Grand Empyrean Jiu Di and Gemini!

The sword was silent, but the world changed colors, making it feel like the space here was about to be cut in half. Grand Empyrean Jiu Di’s expression changed. His hands formed seals and a white sun appeared. The white sun hung in the sky with the purple sun. A white wolf rushed out from the white sun and let out a howl at the golden sword!

At the same time, Grand Empyrean Gemini’s hands formed seals and purple light covered the world. Purple bamboo appeared behind her and instantly turned into a purple bamboo forest. The bamboo all flew into the air and shot toward the golden sword.

“Dao Yi, Wu Feng, if the two of you don’t act, when will you!!” Jiu Di roared as the white wolf rushed forward. A shocking change happened on the Celestial Emperor’s left and right sides!

The world on the left of the Celestial Emperor became still and nothing moved. Everything stopped and Grand Empyrean Dao Yi walked out. He raised his right hand and pointed at the Celestial Emperor. Everything looked calm, but this represented Dao Yi’s dao!

His dao was everything turn into one. With one finger, he released the peak of his power! [1]

On the right side of the Celestial Emperor, the winds raged and clouds escaped. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the bald Grand Empyrean Wu Feng walked out. He didn’t hesitate to throw a punch at the Celestial Emperor!

Grand Empyrean Wu Feng was someone who had passed through the 16th palace in the Empyrean Trial. He was someone who sought after martial arts and had completed his dao through it. This punch contained the peak of his faith in his own strength!

Four Grand Empyreans attacked at once!!

Wang Lin clearly saw all of this from inside the right eye of the Celestial Ancestor. His mind trembled. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen on this trip to the imperial palace. Even Dao Yi and Wu Feng had appeared!

When the two of them appeared, Wang Lin understood that everything here was a chess game, and he was only a piece in the game. Even these Grand Empyreans were just pieces. This was a chess game with one side being the Celestial Emperor, but who was the other?

The golden sword collided with Gemini, Dao Yi, Wu Feng, and Jiu Die. Thunderous rumbles echoed and Dao Yi was knocked back. Wu Feng retreated with a pale face as popping sounds echoed inside his body.

Gemini and Jiu Di had higher cultivation levels than Dao Yi and Wu Feng, but even they were forced back by the golden sword.

Although the four of them had retreated, the combined power of their attacks was not simple. Aside from that one person in the Ancient clan, no one could resist the power of four Grand Empyreans at once!

Not to mention, this was only an illusion that contained about 10% of the Celestial Ancestor’s true power. The sword collapsed and turned into countless fragments that fell to the earth.

At the same time, the Celestial Ancestor’s shadow also disappeared, leaving only the real head. The Celestial Emperor’s body trembled and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He suddenly looked up and stared at Dao Yi and Wu Feng!

Jiu Di looked at the Celestial Emperor and coldly said, “If this old man is not enough, then does the Celestial Emperor think adding Dao Yi and Wu Feng is enough!?”

The Celestial Emperor’s expression was gloomy as slowly said, “What exactly do the four of you want me to do!?”

Grand Empyrean Gemini’s goal was very clear. She stared at the Celestial Emperor and calmly said, “Release Wang Lin! Then I’ll leave!”

Jiu Di looked at the Celestial Ancestor’s head and slowly said, “This old man hopes the Celestial Emperor will reseal the skull that suppresses the 72 souls of the celestial clan. This skull is very important to the celestial clan, and it is not something the Celestial Emperor should have!”

“My thoughts are the same as Jiu Di’s! Celestial Emperor, keeping the balance of power we had between the five of us like before is very good, there is no need to change!” Dao Yi’s expression was gloomy. He looked at the Celestial Ancestor’s head below the Celestial Emperor with dread.

Wu Feng pondered a bit and said, “This is also what I want!” 

The Celestial Emperor began to laugh. His laugh was extremely cold. He raised his hand, causing Dao Yi and Wu Feng’s expressions to change. He pressed his hand against his chest and golden blood spewed out from his mouth. The Celestial Ancestor’s eyes revealed monstrous, golden light and it opened its mouth to released even more golden light. Even its ears and nose emitted endless golden light.

This golden light suddenly spread out, forming a golden wave. This caused Jiu Di and company’s expressions to change, and they all retreated.

As they retreated, the Celestial Emperor revealed a fierce expression. At this point, he would not easily retreat; he would rather erupt with the full power of the Celestial Ancestor’s head so that others couldn’t get close for a while. Then he would use this time to forcibly absorb the power of the Celestial Ancestor. Once he succeeded, he wouldn’t have the slightest fear when facing four Grand Empyreans!

As the golden light shined, the Celestial Emperor pressed his hands on the head and absorbed. However, he could not absorb any of the golden light, it was as if there was a layer of seals around the head that prevented him from absorbing the head’s power.

“This is the Dao Wang clan’s seal. That damn Imperial Teacher - when he made the Celestial Ancestor speak, he used his soul and left a trace of the Dao Wang clan’s seal in it!

“But this seal can’t stop me! I’m the Celestial Emperor. Normally, I might not be able to release it, but with control of the Celestial Ancestor’s head, I can!

“Even if I release the seal on the Dao Wang Sect, it won’t matter. The Imperial Teacher is dead and can’t set off any waves!” The Celestial Emperor’s mind raced. The situation was urgent and he didn’t have time to think too much!

1. Yi is one in chinese

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