Chapter 1991 - The Celestial Emperor’s Self-Confidence!

“So this was his plan! He said earlier that he wanted me to inherit the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation to become the second Celestial Ancestor to release the seal on his entire clan.

“I originally didn’t believe it, so that’s why I didn’t resist once I was absorbed by the right eye. I hid my soul inside the Heaven Defying Bead and used a fake soul to fool him to see what kind of plan he had!


“So this plan was this!” As Wang Lin watched all of this, he felt a hint of admiration for the Imperial Teacher, who had taken over his body.

“He will allow my body to gain some of the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance and then the madman and I will become the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes. As a result, the Celestial Ancestor’s head will have vitality and will no longer be dead. This power belonged to the Celestial Ancestor to begin with. Then, while inside the right eye, he will use some unknown method to make the Celestial Ancestor speak some words!

“With this method, he could perfectly release the seal on his entire clan! After all, this seal is a type of restriction and something the law of Immortal Astral Continent recognizes. In truth, releasing this seal means deceiving the law!

“After all, the law is dead and follows a set of rules. With the Imperial Teacher’s method, he might really succeed!” Wang Lin had never thought about such a strange way to release a seal. After witnessing this, he couldn’t help but admire the Imperial Teacher’s wit.

“However… Is this person really the Imperial Teacher…” As Wang Lin pondered, the Celestial Ancestor’s head was about to finish speaking.

“... Clan… All…. Clan… Seal…” The Celestial Ancestor’s eyes shined and its mouth moved in a very lifelike manner. The voice was that of the Imperial Teacher, and just as he was about to say the last word, a shocking change occurred!!

A laugh echoed from the hole in the sky and a drop of golden blood fell from the hole. Just as the Celestial Ancestor’s head was about to say the last word, the drop of golden blood landed on the Celestial Ancestor’s head!

When the blood fell, the Celestial Ancestor’s head trembled and the golden blood spread out, covering the entire head. The golden blood covered the mouth and forced the last word back in!

The Imperial Teacher, who had taken control of Wang Lin’s body, let out a roar of anger. He wanted to rush out but was blocked by the golden blood!

At this moment, the Celestial Ancestor’s head changed greatly and was covered in gold, looking like a head cast from gold!!

The Imperial Teacher roared, “Lian Daozhen!!!”

The Celestial Emperor’s laughter echoed in the sky as he walked out from the hole. With one step, he landed on the head of the Celestial Ancestor!

At the same time, Grand Empyrean Gemini chased him through the hole. The two little girls’ faces were pale but extremely serious. When they came in, their pupils shrank when they saw the Celestial Ancestor’s head below the Celestial Emperor.

“Imperial Teacher, your scheme is deep! You know I have prepared Dao Fei for a long time for the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell. You also know that Ming Dao was just a double to help Dao Fei succeed!

“In your view, Ming Dao existed to resist the pain of the inheritance because his dao was extreme pride. You thought I had lured Wang Lin here to make Ming Dao go crazy so that he could last longer due to the madness, thereby increasing the chance of Dao Fei succeeding!

“You let me lure Wang Lin here, and I allowed it to make you happy. Did you really think you could hide your plan from me!?” The Celestial Emperor smiled and there was a sense of pride on his face. His eyes looked like there was nothing in this world that could escape his gaze!

“Back then, you wanted me to kill Wang Lin. Did you really think you understood me? That the more you want me to kill him, the more doubt I’d have? Did you think that I didn’t know that Wang Lin was your most ideal target for possession?

“But I didn’t kill him, I prepared him for you instead!” The Celestial Emperor smiled and looked down at the Celestial Ancestor’s head. His words were filled with confidence!

This was the confidence one has when they controlled everything in their hands!

“Because I can control everything, I lured Wang Lin to the ancestral city and the palace as you wished!

“I wanted to see you make a fool of yourself!

“You wanted to transfer Ming Dao’s inheritance to Wang Lin and seize his body, so you lured him here to become the Celestial Ancestor’s head’s right eye.

“You even divinated that Wang Lin would seek Grand Empyrean Gemini for help to rescue Dao Fei since they could hold me off for a while. You took the opportunity of me using Dao Fei for the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell to turn him into the left eye!

“Then you used your Dao Wang clan’s special spell to make the Celestial Ancestor speak to release your clan’s seal. Do you think I didn’t know all of this?” The Celestial Emperor laughed.

Grand Empyrean Gemini had a serious expression and didn’t act recklessly. They stared at the Celestial Ancestor’s head. A rare trace of dread appeared in the hearts of the two little girls!!

It wasn’t just a little, but a deep sense of dread!

Inside the right eye of the Celestial Ancestor, the Imperial Teacher that had taken over Wang Lin was deathly pale. He didn’t expect the Celestial Emperor to have all of this in the palm of his hand!!

But Wang Lin, who was hiding inside the Heaven Defying Bead, was calm. If he wanted to, he could reoccupy his body at any time, but he didn’t do so.

“This matter should not be that simple… This person seems to be the Imperial Teacher, but is he really the Imperial Teacher… If he isn’t, then how will this matter turn out? This is very interesting…” Wang Lin’s soul remained hidden and he didn’t act recklessly. He was going to continue to watch.

The Celestial Emperor smiled proudly above the Celestial Ancestor’s head.

“Imperial Teacher, I have seen through all of your plans, but how much of my plans have you seen through?

“Did you really think I was going to let Dao Fei obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance?

“Did you really think I wanted this Wang Lin to come to the underground palace to stimulate Ming Dao to last a bit longer?

“I’ll tell you today that you’re wrong! All your speculations are completely wrong! No one in the world can see through my plan. You can’t, Wang Lin can’t, none of the Grand Empyreans can!

“My plan is the Celestial Ancestor’s head! This head has been dead for many years and can’t be resurrected. It can only become a mountain to suppress the 72 souls of the celestial clan!

“But it is the Celestial Ancestor’s treasure, and it can also allow me to obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s complete cultivation without any danger!

“I’ll obtain it not inherit it!

“However, the Celestial Ancestor died and his body was split into pieces by someone. It is unknown who killed him, and even now, only his head has been found. A dead head!

“I thought for a long time and could not awaken its head, but I found a trace of hope in you. I gave you a reminder and you followed my hint to find any method possible to make the Celestial Ancestor’s head speak!

“Very good, you’ve done very well!” The Celestial Ancestor laughed and he raised his right foot. He then stomped down on the Celestial Ancestor’s head and golden light surrounded the Celestial Emperor!

“With this, I’m the strongest Grand Empyrean! Gemini, do you dare to battle this emperor again?” the Celestial Emperor looked up with self-confidence and charged at Gemini with the head below him.

Grand Empyrean Gemini, the two little girls, clenched their teeth, and behind them, a purple sun appeared. The sun emitted purple light that formed two purple swords that flew toward the Celestial Emperor.

The two purple swords fused together and instantly closed in. The Celestial Emperor waved his right hand and the eyes of the Celestial Ancestor shined brightly. The monstrous, golden light seemed almost solid as it looked at the purple sword light Grand Empyrean Gemini formed!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the purple sword light suddenly collapsed when it collided with the golden light. The fragments created ripples that forced Grand Empyrean Gemini to retreat.

The Celestial Emperor smiled, and as the Celestial Ancestor’s head shined, his right hand reached out at the void. A golden bird appeared in his hand.

He threw his hand and the bird flapped its wings as it flew toward Grand Empyrean Gemini!

Grand Empyrean Gemini retreated and the two little girls became serious. Without hesitation, they flew up and fused with the purple sun. Their bodies became like smoke and then turned into a very beautiful woman in her 20s!

This woman wore purple and her eyes contained fury. She raised her jade-like hand and the world become purple!

“Hand over Wang Lin and I’ll leave immediately - I’ll no longer participate in this matter. If not… The Purple Lin Sect will descend upon the ancestral city!” Purple filled this forbidden palace, and even the palace above was filled with purple. Even the sky was instantly covered in this purple light. This purple light shrouded every inch of the earth until it covered the entire ancestral city!

At the same time, in the sky above the ancestral city, a huge, purple meteorite comparable to half the size of the ancestral city appeared in the sky. It gave off a shocking pressure as it descended on the ancestral city. Countless cracks appeared on the ground and all the cultivators used various methods to escape the city.

The Celestial Emperor’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the Grand Empyrean Gemini that had fused. The golden light from the head below him became even stronger and fought against the purple light. The golden light contained power of the Celestial Ancestor, and the purple light struggled as it was forced to retreat slowly.

“If the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes hadn’t opened and I couldn’t control it, I may have compromised when facing your strongest spell, the Purple Lin Faith Spell… But now it is not strong enough!” The Celestial Emperor was filled with confidence.

But just at this moment, an ancient voice echoed inside this forbidden palace.

“If this old man steps in, will it be enough!?” As the voice echoed, Grand Empyrean Jiu Di stepped out from the hole in the sky. Behind him, the pale-faced Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi followed.

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