Chapter 1990 - Release Dao Wang!

Ancestral City’s forbidden palace!

There was a giant hole in the sky that emitted a faint light. There was a 100 foot head floating between the eight mountains below. The head was floating in the air motionlessly.

However, its right eye was open and contained a hint of light. It was still cloudy, and this light was like a vortex that rapidly rotated inside the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye.

As the light rotated, there was a vague shadow inside. This shadow was Wang Lin!

The Celestial Ancestor’s right eye was like another world. Wang Lin’s eyes were closed as he floated in this dark world. This place was empty and filled with death aura.

Wang Lin’s hair rapidly changed between white and black hair. He didn’t seem to be aware of this change, and his eyes were closed.

Inside his body, golden light slowly dissipated as if it were penetrating his skin. This golden light was dim, like it could be extinguished at any moment. Wang Lin looked calm inside this golden light, as if he was asleep and felt nothing.

It was unknown how much time had passed when the golden light in Wang Lin’s body became even brighter and spread outwards. Inside his body, there was an inheritance and a possession, suppression and rebelling!

Wang Lin looked normal on the outside, and inside his body, there was a ball of golden light. This ball of light contained the power of the Celestial Ancestor and emitted the golden light that spread through Wang Lin’s body. It was changing his flesh, blood, and bones to something suitable for the existence of this golden light.

The golden light was extremely overbearing. It emitted an aura that controlled all life and could make one go crazy. This aura was powerful enough that even without the Imperial Teacher attempting possession, this inheritance was enough to make Wang Lin turn into a madman with no consciousness!

The overbearing golden light instantly destroyed any attempts Wang Lin made to resist. It completely occupied his arms and shrouded his body.

However, there was a place on Wang Lin’s body that could not change no matter how much the golden light invaded. That was where the Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood was located!

The Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood was on the same level as the inheritance from the Celestial Ancestor, so the golden light couldn’t do much. However, there wasn’t much soul blood, so it couldn’t spread out to resist. As a result, the two sides didn’t touch each other.

“After the golden light suppresses his body, I can use this formation to suppress his soul and cause it to collapse. Then this old man will be able to control his body!” The Imperial Teacher’s thoughts echoed in Wang Lin’s body.

His body had already died and he only had a wisp of divine sense in Wang Lin’s body. He was aware that taking over Wang Lin’s body would not be simple, so he had used the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation as a lure. The purpose was to borrow the power of the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance to remove Wang Lin’s struggle. This would allow Wang Lin’s body to obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation and then he would occupy it without any danger.

This golden light had occupied every part of Wang Lin’s body, except where the soul blood was located and the head. The golden light from Wang Lin’s body was so bright that it could even be seen from the outside. One could clearly see a faint, golden light coming from the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye.

As the golden light spread out, it looked like the Celestial Ancestor’s head had gained a hint of vitality!

“This Wang Lin’s body is extremely strange; it contains the aura of the Ancient Ancestor. This aura can’t be erased… But it can be sealed up so it doesn’t interfere with my plans!” the Imperial Teacher thought to himself. Then the golden light in Wang Lin’s body gathered around the soul blood. Although it couldn’t erase the soul blood, it would no longer hinder the Imperial Teacher’s possession.

“I have already occupied the body, so next is the head. Once I occupy the head, then I can suppress his soul!” The Imperial Teacher was very excited. He felt the golden light spread out in waves toward Wang Lin’s neck after sealing the soul blood.

Wang Lin’s body trembled, then golden light filled his head and spread out from his orifices.

The golden light spread through Wang Lin’s head and used its unique, overbearing power to blast away any protection Wang Lin had set. It completely occupied Wang Lin’s  head and body!

After it completely took over Wang Lin’s body, the golden light shined brightly. This caused the right eye of the Celestial Ancestor’s head to glow.

“Suppress the soul!!” The Imperial Teacher immediately appeared and borrowed the golden light that was suppressing Wang Lin’s body to search for Wang Lin’s soul!

A moment later, he vaguely felt the fluctuation of a soul inside Wang Lin’s body. He rushed over with excitement.

“All things that exist can become null because they exist! Soul, become null!” As the Imperial Teacher’s words echoed, Wang Lin’s soul immediately dissipated and ceased to exist.

“Eh, so fragile - not even any memories remained… It should be because the golden light from the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance was too strong and Wang Lin’s soul became too weak and thus shattered with a touch!”

Without a soul, the body was like a deadman, but at this moment, the Imperial Teacher’s divine sense spread out inside the golden light to control Wang Lin’s body.

The moment he took control of Wang Lin’s body, Wang Lin, who was covered in the endless golden light, opened his eyes. The golden light from his eyes was even more dazzling!

However, the current Wang Lin was not his own consciousness, but belonged to the Imperial Teacher!

“It worked!! This Wang Lin was cunning to the end and always doubted this old man. He didn’t cooperate at all, but now, under the power of the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance, he was still taken over by this old man!

“This body is very powerful!! It can refine even more Joss Flame power!!” The Imperial Teacher was filled with excitement after taking over Wang Lin and clenched his fist.

“Unfortunately, the inheritance is not complete, but this is only the first step. Now for the second step. Once it succeeds, my clan will be able to rid itself of the Celestial Ancestor’s enslavement and regain freedom!!

“I have waited far too long for this day. There is nothing in this world worth more than freedom!

“For my clan, even if I’m destroyed, I’m willing to do anything!!” The Imperial Teacher’s eyes were filled with excitement but also melancholy. He saw memories of the past, of all his clan members that had their fate determined the moment they were born.

“Wang Lin… Don’t blame me…” The Imperial Teacher let out a sigh, but his eyes shined brightly before decisiveness appeared in them. He didn’t leave the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye. Still inside, he raised both of his hands to form a seal. The golden light his body gave off changed drastically!

The golden light around his body increased ten fold, a hundred fold, a thousand fold, ten thousand fold. It spread like wildfire, and all of the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation inside Wang Lin’s body rapidly erupted!

Under this ten thousand fold golden light, Wang Lin’s body was like a sun that lit up the world inside the dark right eye. This eye was now completely illuminated and no longer dark!

This extremely bright light in the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye shrouded the forbidden palace!

At this moment, the skull’s right eye shined brightly. It was a shocking sight as it looked like the skull was being resurrected!

“Left eye!!” The Imperial Teacher that occupied Wang Lin’s body in the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye formed a seal and began chanting complex spells.

As the chanting echoed, the Celestial Ancestor’s left eye suddenly opened. The left eye was turbid and filled with death. It was completely different from the right eye, which was now filled with golden light and vitality!

The moment the Celestial Ancestor opened his left eye, a powerful suction force shot toward the sky, toward where the hole had appeared!

At the same time, crackling sounds echoed. Outside the collapsed pool, the madman that was bound by the nine chains was being pulled down toward the collapsed blood pool by the suction force!

Cracking sounds came from the chains once they were pulled to their limit and could no longer bear it!

In truth, this suction force was not pulling the chains, but the madman tied up by the chains. The madman pulled the chains straight toward the collapsed blood pool. When he was only a few dozen feet away, the chains were not long enough and, a moment later, the chains that Wang Lin had found extremely difficult to destroy shattered!

The remaining six chains only lasted for a moment before they all collapsed!

After all the chains broke, the madman’s body was sucked into the collapsed blood pool by the powerful suction force. He turned into a ray of golden light and flew directly toward the Celestial Ancestor’s left eye!

In a flash, the madman’s body closed in and was devoured by the Celestial Ancestor’s left eye like Wang Lin!

Just at this moment, the madman’s blurry body appeared in the left eye. His body gave off an even more powerful golden light that penetrated the left eye. As a result, both of the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes were open and gave off endless golden light as if he had really resurrected!

“Celestial Ancestor, speak!! Release my Dao Wang clan’s seal!!” the Imperial Teacher excitedly screamed, but he hadn’t noticed that in a hidden part of the body, Wang Lin’s soul was coldly watching everything from the Heaven Defying Bead.

With the Imperial Teacher’s words, the Celestial Ancestor’s eyes shined and its closed mouth slowly opened. An ancient voice that sounded like the Imperial Teacher’s voice came out!

“Release… Dao… Wang…” The voice came out like a thunderous rumble.

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