Chapter 1989 - He, Lian Yunjue!

The impact from the explosion of Ming Dao’s bones rushed toward the Imperial Teacher, but most of it shot toward Wang Lin. From a distance, this storm looked like a giant mouth that was going to devour Wang Lin!

The impact containing the power of the Celestial Ancestor made Wang Lin experience a life or death crisis. He could not dodge, and it would be difficult to resist, but Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a decisive gaze. At this critical moment, he let out a roar.

“Heavenly Bull, soul collapse!!”

The Heavenly Bull soul armor that had been with Wang Lin for many years suddenly collapsed. The fragment turned into a vortex around Wang Lin and formed a giant Heavenly Bull around him!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as Ming Dao’s exploding bones collided with the Heavenly Bull. This shocking sound set off a series of echoes that shrouded the world.

Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and retreated. The giant Heavenly Bull around him showed signs of dissipating but was still there. Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he stared ahead. He saw that at the place where Ming Dao had disappeared, there was a golden ball of light. This ball gave off a bright light, and the shadow of a figure rapidly formed.

This figure was blurry but gave off a shocking pressure, and from its appearance, it seemed to be Ming Dao, who was going to reform his body!

“Following his flesh and blood, his bones will collapse. If he can persist, then he will complete the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell and his body will be reformed by the golden light!” The Imperial Teacher’s earlier words echoed in Wang Lin’s mind. His pupils shrank and he was about to attack when the Imperial Teacher’s ancient voice echoed in his mind.

“Wang Lin, this old man will use his life to give you the inheritance. I can sacrifice myself only to ask you to release the seal on my clan!

“Ming Dao has already persisted to this point and had endured a majority of the pain for you. This will make the chances of you successfully obtaining the inheritance much greater!” The Imperial Teacher’s ghostly light charged out after his body collapsed. His calm voice that was ready for death filled Wang Lin’s mind.

The ghostly light rapidly closed in and collided with the shockwave created by Ming Dao’s bones. The ghostly light immediately penetrated this shockwave and arrived at the golden figure that was forming. The ghostly light immediately circled around the figure sevens times and was still going.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he didn’t listen to the Imperial Teacher’s words. He clenched his right fist and the collapsed Heavenly Bull soul armor condensed in his hand. In an instant, the storm around him dissipated and the Heavenly Bull shadow that was about to collapse gathered inside Wang Lin’s fist, then he threw a punch!

With this punch, the Heavenly Bull soul armor on Wang Lin’s body shattered, but this punch moved extremely fast. It carried a destructive force and instantly closed in on the ghostly shadow the Imperial Teacher had turned into and the golden shadow.

“No!!!” A miserable divine sense message came from the ghostly light. Wang Lin’s punch contained the last the Heavenly Bull soul armor. It created an impact that penetrated the eight layers of ghostly light and collided with the golden shadow!

“In the celestial clan, you’re not one of the people I can trust!” Whether what the Imperial Teacher was saying was true or a lie, Wang Lin didn’t care. He only knew that the Imperial Teacher had participated in the slaughter back on the long street. If his slaughter avatar hadn’t descended, he would have without a doubt died!

In his heart, he also had a speculation. Although he couldn’t confirm if it was true or not, once it was confirmed, then everything before him would be a lie!

The last power of the Heavenly Bull soul armor collided with the golden shadow. A thunderous rumble echoed across the world and the golden shadow directly collapsed!

During the condensing process, it was at its weakest, and this was a critical time where it couldn’t withstand too much force. At this moment, the golden shadow collapsed, but the golden light itself was not damaged at all. It flew directly toward the sky.

The ghostly light the Imperial Teacher had formed after he died didn’t dissipate but reformed into the Imperial Teacher. After he appeared, his face was filled with anger and pain. His hands formed a seal and he pointed at the earth.

“Celestial Ancestor!! It was my clan that found your head!!”

As the Imperial Teacher pointed at the earth, the mountain that looked like the Celestial Ancestor’s head trembled. Large amounts of rocks fell and the entire mountain exploded before a dumbfounded Wang Lin.

As the mountain exploded, a monstrous golden light came from the mountain. After the mountain completely collapsed, Wang Lin saw something inside. Wang Lin stopped breathing and his body trembled. He was filled with disbelief and horror!

The thing inside the mountain was a head. A head 100 feet large with its eyes closed and a head of black hair!! The moment the head appeared, a shocking pressures spread out.

Under this pressure, Wang Lin felt the illusion that his body was being suppressed and his soul was going to dissipate!

The head was bleeding from its orifices, but his appearance was very clear. When Wang Lin was absorbing the earth fire vein at the Heavenly Bull Continent, he had seen this person seal the Heavenly Bull!

At the Empyrean Trial, he had seen this person’s shadow! In the palace, he had seen this person’s statue. He had heard about this person again and again over the past few hundred years!! He had even heard this person’s true name in the Dong Lin Pool!!

He was the ancestor of the Celestial Ancestor, the ancestor of the entire Celestial Clan. The legendary strongest member of the Celestial Clan!

He had once sealed and suppressed 72 foreign souls to form the current 72 continents!

He had also created the Empyrean Trial and left behind a trial ground for the future generations!

He was the Celestial Ancestor - he was Lian Yunjue!

The Celestial Ancestor’s head, Lian Yunjue’s head!! This head came out of the collapsed mountain and slowly rose into the air. The wound on its neck was irregular, as if someone had forcibly torn his head from his body!

The blood that was dripping from his orifices was golden, but because too much time had passed, it contained faint hints of purple! There was no pain on his face, as if he was sleeping.

The moment Wang Lin saw this head, his mind rumbled as if countless bolts of thunder had exploded in his brain, completely startling him.

Wang Lin had many guesses about the Celestial Ancestor, and among the celestial clan, there were many different versions of the story of the disappearance of the Celestial Ancestor!!

Wang Lin thought that the Celestial Ancestor had left the Immortal Astral Continent. He also thought that the Celestial Ancestor was in closed door cultivation in some place, and he even thought that the Celestial Ancestor may have died!

But when he personally saw the Celestial Ancestor’s head, the shock and horror he felt was something no speculation would reduce!

“Who killed the Celestial Ancestor?”

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. What he saw today seemed to open a door to the ancient past of the celestial clan!! What happened back then?

If the Celestial Ancestor was dead, then what about the Ancient Ancestor...

All these thoughts instantly echoed through Wang Lin’s heart. The ghostly light that was the Imperial Teacher let out a hiss after summoning the Celestial Ancestor’s head. He closed his eyes, then his left hand covered his left eye and his right eye suddenly opened!

The Celestial Ancestor’s head seemed to be affected by him. The moment he opened his right eye, the Celestial Ancestor’s head also opened its right eye.

Its right eye was like a hole - there was no color!

The moment he opened his right eye, the rapidly ascending golden light stopped and charged direction toward the Celestial Ancestor’s head. It instantly disappeared into the right eye.

Shortly after, the Imperial Teacher formed by the ghostly light angrily looked at Wang Lin and then pointed at him! He chanted a complex spell that Wang Lin could not hear clearly.

Wang Lin’s face instantly turned pale and he retreated without hesitation. However, as the Imperial Teacher pointed, a monstrous golden light came from the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye. Wang Lin immediately felt a great force drawing him in, and he was involuntarily pulled into the right eye of the Celestial Ancestor!

The moment he was sucked into the right eye of the Celestial Ancestor, the Imperial Teacher was surrounded by nine ghostly lights and rushed into the Celestial Ancestor’s right eye after Wang Lin!

“You didn’t listen to this old man’s advice and interfered with my plan. Now the plan that had a 90% success rate is reduced to only 30%!

“You deserve to die!! This old man really intended to let you have the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance. I would have used its power to suppress your mind so that I could possess your mind after you obtained it. However, after I completed my plan, I would’ve considered giving you a chance at survival. Once you pledged your loyalty with your soul, I would have let you become my clan’s Joss Flame guardian!

“But now this old man has changed his mind!! This is all because of your own doing!! Don’t blame this old man for not keeping his promise!

“This old man has waited for too many years and couldn’t leave this place. I also couldn’t find the right person to possess, but your appearance gave me the opportunity. Your body is too suitable for this old man!!

“This old man will allow you to complete the inheritance. Once you have the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation, it will be the same as me obtaining the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation!”

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