Chapter 1988 - Celestial Mountain!

Wang Lin’s expression was serious as he fell from the crack in the sky. He immediately flew to the peak of one of the nine mountains and looked up.

The Imperial Teacher did the same thing as Wang Lin and, in a flash, appeared on top of another mountain.

The giant golden palm arrived and instantly replaced everything in the sky. The sky became golden, as if it were a sea of golden fire.

However, just as the golden palm arrived, the earth of this space trembled. The eyes of the mountain that looked like the head of the Celestial Ancestor lit up. The palm in the sky seemed to be attracted by this gaze. It melted into two strands and was quickly absorbed by the two eyes on the mountain. The golden palm print disappeared in an instant!

An angry roar faintly came from the sky. It seemed to come from the Celestial Emperor. This roar seemed to have passed through many layers of space, but it gradually became more clear, as if the Celestial Emperor was desperately rushing here.

However, shortly after, the angry roar stopped and was replaced by the crisp voice of two little girls. It was clear that the Celestial Emperor had been stopped by Grand Empyrean Gemini!

The Imperial Teacher’s face was pale and he was panting. He seemed to have reached the end of his life, and he roared, “Wang Lin, the Celestial Emperor is stopped for now, but he is anxious to come here. We don’t have much time left!! We must first work together to subdue Ming Dao!!!

“After we subdue him, I’ll use a spell to transfer his inheritance to you!” 

Although there was no golden palm in the sky, Ming Dao’s body appeared. His body was rapidly decaying and a large amount of skin was falling off, exposing his black bones. His body was still giving off golden light that was corroding his flesh. This caused him to continue to roar in pain.

Because the Imperial Teacher had broken open the pool, there were cracks in the sky from which large amounts of red blood dripped down like rain.

The red blood fell on the nine mountains and on the ground. It was rapidly accumulating as if it were endless.

Under the blood rain, Ming Dao let out a roar and suddenly looked up. His eyes were turbid but filled with killing intent and madness. He stared at Wang Lin as he let out a roar and charged forward. He turned into a shadow and instantly closed in on the mountain Wang Lin was on, exuding his shocking pressure!

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. The instant Ming Dao closed in, he took a step back. With this step, 99 afterimages appeared.  

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the earth trembled. Ming Dao didn’t use any spell, he just smashed head-first into the mountain.

The earth trembled, and if it was any other mountain, it would have collapsed. However, this mountain trembled violently and rocks fell, but it showed no signs of collapse. No cracks had even appeared on the mountain!

Out of the 99 Wang Lins, more than 70 collapsed in Ming Dao’s crazed collision. The rest fused together in the distance to turn into his original body!

His expression was calm as he retreated and stared at the mountain with a strange light in his eyes.

“What kind of mountain is this… What is this place?” Wang Lin asked the Imperial Teacher!

“These are the nine celestial mountains that are the foundation of the celestial clan. They protect the celestial clan and suppress the 72 sealed souls. This also allows each generation of Celestial Emperor to inherit the title of Eight Extreme!

“This place is the forbidden palace under the imperial palace and the real closed door cultivation spot of the Celestial Ancestor!” the Imperial Teacher answered without hesitation.

“Wang Lin, attack!” The Imperial Teacher’s eyes lit up and he flew toward Ming Dao. His right hand stretched out and a small person made of white light appeared and immediately turned into the size of a person. It charged forward with him.

Ming Dao hit the mountain, causing it to tremble, and let out a roar. He didn’t care about the Imperial Teacher, he just charged at Wang Lin once more.

“All nothingness continues to exist because they exist!” The person made of white light before the Imperial Teacher walked forward and disappeared. When it reappeared, it was before Ming Dao, and it pointed at Ming Dao.

When the finger landed, a large amount of ripples appeared before the void around Ming Dao. These ripples were like chains and immediately caused Ming Dao to stop!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The golden light inside Ming Dao’s body was too strong, and Wang Lin dreaded this power. Seeing the Imperial Teacher act, Wang Lin hesitated for a moment before he charged toward Ming Dao.

As he closed in, he raised his right hand and Sundered Night appeared. The earth became the sea and the sky turned dark, while he became the sun. Bright light appeared, containing the powerful force of Wang Lin’s faith spell. He fused with the light that could tear apart the darkness and charged at Ming Dao.

At the same time, the Imperial Teacher, with his pale face, bit the tip of his tongue. He used his last remaining life to spit out a mouthful of blood that condensed into a blood man. The blood man let out a roar toward the sky and charged toward Ming Dao with a fierce expression!

Wang Lin and the Imperial Teacher both attacked Ming Dao with powerful spells!

Ming Dao was originally not this strong, but the golden light in his body was indestructible and could replace all spells. It was powerful enough to force anyone back and make them not dare to close in.

Like a fire, if a moth pounced at it or it pounced at the moth, the moth would be burnt to ashes!

As the blood man and Wang Lin’s Sundered Night closed in on Ming Dao, he let out a roar at the sky. It was as if the pain had reached a peak. His body, which had mostly rotted, trembled and suddenly collapsed!

This collapse was a separation of flesh and blood! It was the force of his flesh and blood exploding in all directions!

The blood man charged forward into the explosion of Ming Dao’s body!

Popping sounds echoed and the blood man let out a miserable scream. Ming Dao’s flesh penetrated through the blood man, and it disappeared before it even got close to Ming Dao!

The power of the Celestial Ancestor was present inside Ming Dao’s flesh and blood, making it comparable to all kinds of spells. Wang Lin’s expression changed and he rapidly retreated. The flesh and blood rapidly dissipated under Sundered Night, but some still penetrated through. As Wang Lin dodged, three pieces landed on his body.

It was his chest, right leg, and left arm.

Intense pain came from his body and golden light shined from those places as if it were trying to burn his body.

“This is happening because he awakened early and hasn’t absorbed enough of the Celestial Ancestor’s bloodline. Following his flesh and blood, his bones will collapse. If he can persist, then he will complete the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell and his body will be reformed by the golden light!

“Wang Lin, we can no longer hold back - we must use our full force. We have to subdue him before he completes the spell or dies so I can transfer the power to you!” The Imperial Teacher’s words were weak and anxious. He raised his hand and little light people started to appear in his palm.

He bit the tip of his tongue once again and, with a roar, his body rapidly decayed as if he was going to die. He spat out a mouthful of blood which then turned into a blood man. All the little people made of light rushed into the blood man. The blood man gave off a powerful aura and opened its eyes. There was no fierce gaze, only calmness as it charged at Ming Dao.

The Imperial Teacher’s body trembled and his breathing became rough. His face was extremely pale and death shrouded his body.

Seeing the Imperial Teacher like this, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and activated the power of the Heavenly Bull soul armor to its peak. His hair moved without any wind as his Ancient Dao and celestial cultivation fused together and he threw a punch at Ming Dao!

This punch was the peak of Wang Lin’s power. When he threw the punch, 99 afterimagnes condensed with his original body and smashed toward Ming Dao.

Ming Dao’s body trembled and his body was like a skeleton. What little flesh and blood remained at this moment exploded once more. Now Ming Dao’s body was all bones!

The bones were completely black, but there was a fist-sized ball of golden light that gave off endless golden light inside him. This was what he inherited from the Celestial Ancestor!

The power of the flesh and blood exploding could not stop the blood man formed by the life force of the Imperial Teacher or the spell formed with Wang Lin’s Heavenly Bull armor. Thunderous rumbles echoed, and Ming Dao looked like he could not bear it anymore.

However, just at this moment, a roar that came from the soul echoed across the world from Ming Dao’s skeleton body.

“I’m unwilling to give up!!”

As his divine sense echoed, two golden flame began to burn in his eye sockets, but an instant later, the fire showed signs of extinguishing. Cracks appeared on his bones and they collapsed in a flash!

The moment all his bones collapsed, an unimaginable shockwave spread out with him as the center. This powerful force caused Wang Lin to feel a powerful life or death crisis coming!

Not far away, the Imperial Teacher’s dim eyes shined with a hint of hidden excitement. He had used the last of his life, so his body collapsed like his oath. At the same time, a ray of ghostly light flew out toward Ming Dao!!

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