Chapter 1987 - The Celestial Skull Turns Into a Mountain!


Ming Dao let out a roar and his body stood up inside the frozen water, releasing cracking sounds. His hair grew rapidly until it was longer than his body and laid on the frozen body.

His hair moved as he stared at Wang Lin with monstrous killing intent!

This sudden change startled the Imperial Teacher, but before he could speak, Wang Lin’s right foot rose up the moment Ming Dao awakened and the pool froze. His eyes were filled with killing intent and coldness as he looked at the Imperial Teacher.

“You are indeed deceiving me!”

“This…” Just as the Imperial Teacher was about to explain, Ming Dao’s roar echoed, causing the entire place to tremble. He rushed at Wang Lin like a fierce beast!

“If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, then our agreement from before is over!” Wang Lin’s expression was extremely gloomy and angry. Facing Ming Dao, who was charging at him, he waved his right hand.

With this wave, his slaughter and destructive power appeared to form a black cloud that flew toward Ming Dao. As it closed in, Ming Dao let out a roar. His eyes were filled with madness. He raised his left hand and nine strands of green gas suddenly appeared around his five fingers. After forming nine circles, they expanded and flew toward the black cloud.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the green gas erupted with extremely pure fire essence power. Each ring began to burn, shaking the black cloud.

The Imperial Teacher stared at this and began to ponder. He immediately guessed that this was related to Wang Lin, but he wasn’t sure. Perhaps Wang Lin’s arrival had stimulated Ming Dao to awakening early!

As he pondered, he raised his right hand and a small person made of white light appeared. Just as it was about bow to divinate, Ming Dao was knocked back toward the Imperial Teacher as the smoke rings and the black cloud collided.

Wang Lin also retreated and suddenly looked up after retreating several steps. He stared at Ming Dao, who had been knocked toward the Imperial Teacher. Killing intent appeared in his eyes as he stepped forward and the black robe around him erupted into a black cloud. Wang Lin became one with the black cloud and rushed toward the madman, who was trapped by the nine chains.

“You kill him or subdue him, then our deal can continue!” As Wang Lin’s voice echoed, the blood that contained Wang Lin’s blood oath erupted into a blood mist. This blood mist surrounded the altar and the Imperial Teacher.

When the blood suddenly erupted, it caused the Imperial Teacher to be shrouded by Wang Lin’s aura. This aura was very powerful and would make it difficult for someone who could only detect auras to figure out the difference between real and fake!

Wang Lin was currently the black-haired version of himself and was hiding inside the fog, so his aura was completely hidden. Ming Dao, who had lost his mind, immediately felt the aura from the blood mist around the Imperial Teacher - the aura he hated to the bones!

Without hesitation, he immediately changed his target. His eyes were bloodshot as he charged toward the Imperial Teacher!

Ming Dao arrived with a sharp roar and interrupted the Imperial Teacher’s divination. He looked at the blood mist around him and no longer needed to divinate as he had already guessed the answer. There was a flash of viciousness in his eyes as the little person in his palm flew out. It immediately turned into the size of a real person and pointed at Ming Dao.

Till the end, Wang Lin still didn’t believe the Imperial Teacher’s words. The reason he had even talked with the Imperial Teacher was to find a way to save the madman. The Imperial Teacher’s power was very strange, and if he tried to stop Wang Lin, then Wang Lin would find it difficult to find spare power to save the madman.

Therefore, he first got the information that Ming Dao had lost his mind and then condensed his own aura before the Imperial Teacher in the guise of a blood oath. He wasn’t worried the Imperial Teacher would have doubts, because, after all, it was normal for the blood oath to contain the user’s own aura.

As time passed, the Imperial Teacher revealed his anxiousness several times. Wang Lin had used the blood oath as an excuse to place it near the Imperial Teacher, then he agreed without giving the Imperial Teacher time to think!

The Imperial Teacher was anxious, and much time had passed. Once Wang Lin agreed, The Imperial Teacher didn’t suspect the blood, and he didn’t bother to divinate it. His attention was focused on transferring the power to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly executed this plan, and once Ming Dao was awakened by him, all of this took place!

What Celestial Ancestor inheritance, what saving the Imperial Teacher’s clan? Wang Lin had no interest in any of this. He was currently the black-haired Wang Lin, who represented slaughter and destruction; how could he care about such things?

The only thing that remained was the obsession that remained when he turned into the black-haired version: save the madman!

He turned into black fog, and while the Imperial Teacher and Ming Dao were fighting, he charged toward the chains above. As soon as the black fog shrouded the chain and he was going to save the madman, a golden light came from the madman’s body. This golden light was the same as the golden light from the Celestial Ancestor statue in the palace.

Under this golden light, a power that made his heart tremble, one that not even his slaughter could resist, spread out. The moment the golden light touched the black fog, the black fog began to dissipate. The black fog was turned into threads and was forced out of Wang Lin’s body.

Under the golden light, the black-haired Wang Lin was surrounded by black gas. The moment the black gas appeared, it dissipated with a sizzle. A sharp pain came from Wang Lin’s soul and shrouded his body, making it so he could not close in on the madman!

He suddenly retreated, but under the golden light, his hair rapidly changed. After retreating a few hundred feet, his black hair had dissipated and was replaced by white hair!

This power forced Wang Lin to turn back to his white-haired form from his slaughter and destruction! Even though his hair was no longer black, Wang Lin was still being rejected by the golden light. The blast caused him to cough out blood and his pupils to shrink. He stared at the chains around the madman with shock in his eyes!

“This… Is this the power of the Celestial Ancestor’s bloodline!? Did the Celestial Emperor choose Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, or his little brother, Dao Fei!?” As Wang Lin retreated, the Imperial Teacher pointed at Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, causing Ming Dao’s body to be pushed back.

However, the retreating Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao let out a roar and his skin rapidly decayed. Large amounts of wounds appeared on his body and golden light shined out from those wounds as they decayed.

This caused his body to be shrouded in a golden light no weaker than the one that had turned Wang Lin’s hair white!

The appearance of this force caused Wang Lin to suspect his previous speculations. The appearance of this golden light made him uncertain if the Celestial Emperor had chosen the madman or Ming Dao!

“Wang Lin, you moved the chain, so the Celestial Emperor already knows - he could come at any time. Quickly, come help me suppress Ming Dao so I can transfer his power to you!” The Imperial Teacher’s face was pale. He had lost the crystal and therefore didn’t have much time left. His words were anxious, and at this moment, he didn’t care about Wang Lin’s scheme from before.

Ming Dao’s body was covered in golden light, but the decay did not stop - it only intensified as the golden light became stronger. Pieces of rotten flesh fell off and he looked like he was in endless pain. His eyes were blurry, filled with only madness as he let out a roar and charged at Wang Lin.

He didn’t use any spell as he closed in. The golden light coming from his body was the best spell and treasure. Wang Lin felt like a sun was rushing toward him to completely destroy him!

Wang Lin’s expression changed and he retreated, activating the soul armor as he did so. He was now using his full power. Sundered Night appeared in his left hand and Ancient Dao No Celestials appeared in his right!

These were two were his most powerful spells, and he bombarded Ming Dao with them!

At the same time, the Imperial Teacher also jumped into the air and left the altar for the first time. He waved his right hand and nine white figures appeared. The nine figures turned into nine fingers and rushed toward Ming Dao!

As the rumble echoed, before Wang Lin could see the result, a muffled, angry roar came from outside the palace. The entire palace shook violently and the top of the palace collapsed. A large, golden palm seemed to have broken through space, descending on them.

“Shang Xuandao, you dare to betray this emperor?!”

The golden palm contained the destructive force of a Grand Empyrean. After it appeared, it immediately absorbed the golden light from Ming Dao and the madman. When all this power gathered together, the entire palace trembled!

The Imperial Teacher’s face immediately turned pale. As the palm closed in, he immediately screamed.

“Wang Lin, into the pool!!” He only had time to say this one line before he rushed into the pool below.

Wang Lin hesitated, and after he gritted his teeth, he charged into the pool. When he entered the pool, the Imperial Teacher used some unknown spell that caused the pool of water to boil and turn into a vortex before collapsing. There was another space hidden under this palace!

The sky was blood-colored like the blood pool. At this moment, a crack opened up in the sky, then ripples echoed and Wang Lin and the Imperial Teacher fell through. The golden palm and Ming Dao’s figure followed after them.

There were nine mysterious mountains on the ground!

One of the mountains was carved into the shape of a skull. The skull looked at the sky, and it looked like the Celestial Ancestor!

A skull turned into a mountain!

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