Chapter 1986 - Believe Me Once!

“Is it me or Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao… Or should I say, the real winner would be the Celestial Emperor or the Imperial Teacher.” Wang Lin remained calm as he silently pondered. His emotions didn’t change at all due to the Imperial Teacher’s words.

He looked at the Imperial teacher above the altar. His words were filled with truth and lies. However, Wang Lin was certain the so called inheritance would not be so simple!

Wang Lin looked at the Imperial Teacher and slowly said, “I wonder, how do you want me to cooperate so I can obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation? Also, the Celestial Ancestor is rumored to have gone missing; it is unknown if he is dead or alive. How well can this inheritance be carried out?” 

“This matter is complicated, but the Celestial Emperor has prepared extensively already. He found Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, who, without the Celestial Ancestor bloodline, could already become the strongest Ascendant Empyrean after you. If he obtains the Celestial Ancestor bloodline, his cultivation level will increase countless folds!

“His hatred towards you will turn into an obsession to surpass you. This obsession can increase his vitality grealty and increase his chance of surviving the pain by 40% so he can successfully force out all his own bloodline and be transformed into the Celestial Ancestor’s bloodline!

“At that time, he will become the second generation Celestial Ancestor, and the Celestial Emperor has spent many years scheming with Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao. I still don’t know what the Celestial Emperor did to make him so confident he could control the powerful Ming Dao once he succeeds the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell!

“I attempted to divinate it, but it was a complete blur. I managed to find some clues, and it should be something similar to possession and puppet! The key is this blood pool!” The Imperial Teacher pointed at the pool before the altar.

“This thing is extremely difficult to obtain. A few generations of Celestial Emperors gathered enough blood to barely increase the success rate of the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell. If you agree, I’ll preside over this and transfer the legacy to you instead!

Once you obtain this power, you will become the number one in the celestial clan, an existence beyond Grand Empyreans. At that time, you can save Lian Daofei with just one word!” The Imperial Teacher began to speak even faster.

Wang Lin calmly said, “What demands do you have?” 

“I only have one condition. Once you obtain the Celestial Ancestor’s inheritance and become the second Celestial Ancestor, you can replace the Celestial Ancestor to unseal my clan. Let my clan go free!” As the Imperial Teacher stared at Wang Lin, his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Then my clan will choose to leave the Immortal Astral Continent and go back to our hometown. As for you, you will become the most powerful person in the celestial clan. You will be able to enjoy endless power while reproducing the glory of the Celestial Ancestor!

“If you don’t believe me, I can make an oath. If I violate this contract, let me be destroyed!” As the Imperial Teacher spoke, his last sentence appeared out of thin air and light condensed to form a complex seal. The seal floated there and then disappeared.

The Imperial Teacher quickly said, “This is an oath, and the law of the Immortal Astral Continent is the witness. With your cultivation level, you can naturally sense if this oath is real or fake!” 

Wang Lin silently pondered.

Time passed breath and breath. For the first time, the Imperial Teacher became anxious.

“Wang Lin, I have no malice, and everything I have said is true. There is no feud between us, so I won’t harm you. I just want to fight for a free future for my clan.

“Can you please help me!!

“No one wants to be a slave for their whole life, and even all your future generations will be slaves to another. Can you imagine that!? My children had their fates decided the moment they were born! This kind of thing has continued for countless years. We have to struggle, we want to struggle, we want to break free!

“But my clan has no strength to resist!! Wang Lin, you are my clan’s only hope. Help my clan once, help my clan once!!” The Imperial Teacher looked sincere and was filled with a deep sense of sorrow. He clasped his hands and bowed deeply at Wang Lin.

However, Wang Lin’s expression was still cold and hadn’t changed at all, revealing ruthlessness. The black-haired him represented slaughter and destruction, so even if this matter was several times more sad, he wouldn’t care. Not to mention, he wouldn’t casually believe those words.

Wang Lin looked at the struggling Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao in the pool and felt the madness coming from his body.

“Has he lost his mind?”

“His mind has already been erased by the Celestial Emperor. The only thing that remains is his hatred and killing intent toward you!” The Imperial Teacher nodded.

From Wang Lin’s view, this hatred wasn’t that deep, but considering the dao Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao cultivated, he slightly understood.

Time slowly passed. The Imperial Teacher bitterly waited for a while. He looked at Wang Lin’s indifferent expression and couldn’t help but let out a sigh. He clenched his teeth and spoke once more.

“If Fellow Cultivator Wang agrees with me, I can give you all the Joss Flames provided by all the cave worlds on the Immortal Astral Continent. If Fellow Cultivator Wang absorbs it all, there will be many benefits!

“Regardless of cultivation level, spells, or lifespan, you will undergo a metamorphosis. After a long time, there is a chance you will reach a realm of void and destruction! This level is enough for one to stand at the top!” After the Imperial Teacher finished speaking, his right hand reached toward his forehead. A fist-sized black crystal slowly appeared. It gave off no light, but a powerful Joss Flame aura spread out.

“This item is the core of all the Joss Flames provided by all the cave worlds on the Immortal Astral Continent. With this, the entire continent will be constantly providing you with Joss Flames!

“The Celestial Ancestor was born from the void, and unlike my family, he couldn’t absorb it himself, so it’s necessary for my clan to transform it first. There are many people in this world who absorb Joss Flames, but because its not pure, they become a seed for Joss Flames for my clan once they absorb it!

“But you are different. You were born in a Joss Flame cave world. For you, you don’t need my clan to transform it. Your soul and body can directly absorb it!!” The Imperial Teacher’s eyes revealed a decisive gaze and he waved his hand. The black crystal flew toward Wang Lin!

The incoming crystal seemed to meet resistance before Wang Lin and floated before him. After taking out the crystal, the Imperial Teacher looked older, as if he was decaying.

“This item is my clan’s life crystal. After losing it, I won’t live for much longer. I give this to you in hopes that you will believe me. Help my clan gain freedom and leave here… Return home…” The Imperial Teacher’s voice felt ancient.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he waved his right hand and immediately put the crystal away. He looked up at the Imperial Teacher and nodded.

“I don’t understand the Immortal Astral Oath, I only know blood oath!” As Wang Lin spoke, he raised his hand and bit his finger. A drop of blood flew out, and this blood contained Wang Lin’s aura. This aura was very powerful, and if it exploded into a blood mist, the aura it would give off would make it difficult for others to tell if this aura was the real Wang Lin or not!

“If what you say is true, then I can help you once!” Wang Lin words entered the drop of blood and it flashed. Wang Lin flicked the drop, and it stopped before the Imperial Teacher.

The Imperial Teacher became excited as he looked at the drop of blood before him. He pointed at the pool Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao was in and spoke.

“Many thanks, Fellow Cultivator! At this moment, time is of the essence. I ask Fellow Cultivator to enter the pool so I can cast the spell while the Celestial Emperor is occupied and Ming Dao hasn’t awakened yet to transfer the inheritance to you!

“This matter will be painful and will require your blood to be changed so that you have the blood of the Celestial Ancestor. I ask Fellow Cultivator not to resist, as once you resist, all the previous efforts will be wasted...

“Fellow Cultivator Wang…” The Imperial Teacher’s expression was serious. He looked at Wang Lin with deep gratitude. He clasped his hands and bowed at Wang Lin for the second time!

“My clan will remember Fellow Cultivator’s grace! I thank Fellow Cultivator on the behalf of all my clan members on the Immortal Astral Continent!”

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he slowly walked toward the pool. When he got near the pool, he suddenly looked up at the Imperial Teacher. The Imperial Teacher was still filled with gratitude, and Wang Lin could see the death aura around him. Like he had said, after losing the crystal, he didn’t have much time left.

Wang Lin slowly said, “I  must first rescue Lian Daofei!”

The Imperial Teacher revealed a bitter smile as he looked at Lian Daofei, who was locked by the nine chains. He shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, this old man doesn’t want to deceive you. The chains on Lian Daofei’s body were placed by the Celestial Emperor, so I can’t remove them. Even though he is battling against Grand Empyrean Gemini, once it’s touched, he will immediately notice… So this old man really can’t open it.

“But once you obtain the power of the Celestial Ancestor, everything will be resolved! Believe me once, Fellow Cultivator, believe me once. I promise you this with the lives and the future of my entire clan!

“Believe me!” The Imperial Teacher was very sincere. He had paid with his life only for Wang Lin to believe him once.

Wang Lin looked at the Imperial Teacher and silently pondered for a moment before he nodded. He lifted his feet and stepped into the blood-like pool of water. However, just as his right foot was about to touch the pool, his right foot trembled slightly.

This action was very light, and the ripple from his foot touching the pool masked it so outsiders couldn’t detect it. A strand of slaughter aura spread out from his right foot.

The moment this aura appeared, it shot directly Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, who had his eyes closed, and immediately drilled into his body.

The Imperial Teacher was very excited. When he sawWang Lin step into the pool, he raised his hand to form a seal and used the last of his life force to use the secret spell. However, at this moment, the entire palace suddenly turned cold!

Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao suddenly opened his eyes and his feelings of confusion were turned into madness. The coldness was coming from his body, and the moment he opened his eyes, the pool of water instantly turned to ice!

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