Chapter 1984 - Arriving!

The snow covered the early morning in the ancestral city, making it so one couldn’t see far away. The snow that made the world blurry revealed a sense of coldness that could penetrate one’s heart.

Wang Lin turned around and walked against the wind and snow back toward the ancestral city.

There was a jade in his hand, and this was one of his ace for coming to the ancestral city. This was his agreement with Grand Empyrean Gemini and Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya.

When Wang Lin needed her, Grand Empyrean Gemini would come to help in person. This was Grand Empyrean Gemini and Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya’s promise to Wang Lin!

It was also because of the existence of the jade that Wang Lin still came, knowing he would make an enemy out of the Celestial Emperor!

Under the eastern gate, the wind and snow were mostly blocked by the city wall. Standing in the shadow of the city gate, Wang Lin looked at the jade in his hand and crushed it!

The moment Wang Lin crushed the jade, purple and red light flashed, forming a strange array before him. This array looked ancient and was extremely complex; it looked like it was used for a transfer!

As the light from the formation flickered, the figure of two little girls appeared. Their eyes slowly opened as if they were being summoned during their sleep. One of them was still holding a doll.

“So sleepy, eh, what is this place?”

“Little Wang Lin!! It’s you!”

The two little girls looked around and their gazes landed on Wang Lin. They immediately revealed looks of joy and surprise.

“Wang Lin greets Grand Empyrean Gemini!” Wang Lin clasped his hands and bowed.

“There is no need to bow, no need to bow. We missed you so much after you left. We didn’t expect to see you so soon. Where is Little Biaozi? Quickly, call him out.”

“That’s right, I miss Little Biaozi.” The two little girls were filled with excitement.

Wang Lin calmly said, “This place is the celestial clan’s ancestral city. Does Grand Empyrean Gemini remember our agreement?”

“Agreement? Ah, I remember. You said that when you need it, we need to help you once. Do you need help now?”

“Who messed with you? Hmph, hmph, to dare to provoke our family’s Little Wang Lin. We will settle this for you!” The two little girls immediately became spirited, as if they were very keen on fighting and such.

Wang Lin looked at the two little girls and softly said, “I’d like to ask Grand Empyrean Gemini to help me trap the Celestial Emperor for some time. I need to take a trip to the palace!”

“Celestial Emperor? No problem!” The two little girls’ eyes moved and there was a hint of seriousness in their pure eyes. However, they didn’t ask more. They withdrew their gazes and flew toward the palace.

In a moment, the earth shook faintly and there seemed to be a loud roar coming from the palace.

Wang Lin felt the earth tremble under the gate and closed his eyes.

“Let slaughter descend on this world to replace the light with destruction… I, Wang Lin, willingly sink into destruction…” Wang Lin muttered, and his long, white hair rapidly changed to black from the roots. As his hair turned black, the snow falling from the sky also changed.

The snow became black, and as the black snow fell, it turned into a storm that raged above. When Wang Lin’s hair turned completely black, the snow also all turned black!!

Black snow descended from the air and covered the morning sky. This cased the eastern city to become completely dark!

In the sky, large amounts of black snow raged and covered most of the light. Wang Lin opened his eyes. They were filled with a ruthless sense of coldness. The black-haired Wang Lin should only appear when it was dark, but at this moment, he had used a spell to turn the snow black and used the black snow to turn light into darkness!

From a distance, the current ancestral city was extremely strange. The eastern city was covered in night, while the rest of the city was in day. The cultivators in the eastern city all charged out of their rooms and looked up at the sky. Every one of them was filled with shock and horror.

But soon, they instantly felt the ruthless destruction coming from the eastern city. This aura was not overbearing or lively, but the moment they felt it, they thought of destruction and the end!

Wang Lin slowly walked forward, strands of black gas surrounding his white robe. More and more gathered until outsiders couldn’t see the figure inside, only a mass of black gas!

As Wang Lin advanced, the black snow invaded the light. Every time he took a step, the darkness would also spread one step!

“I originally put away the slaughter and destruction, I was ready to leave… But Celestial Emperor, since you want me to come, then today you must bear the beginning of destruction!” As Wang Lin stepped forward, the black gas rushed forward like black flames that would burn the world!

Any cultivator that saw him would feel their heart tremble and feel fear from their soul. It was as if the black gas was their natural enemy and the destroyer of life.

Wherever he walked, the black snow melted, turning the ground into ruins. It was uncertain if this was due to the erosion of killing intent, or the decay from the melting black snow.

The surrounding buildings all seemed to go through countless years in a short period of time as Wang Lin walked by. They turned into dust and scattered.

He walked step by step toward the central city from the eastern city. The distance was far too large, but at this moment, black ripples echoed with every step Wang Lin took. He seemed to be fully integrated with the darkness. Although he looked slow, he was moving very fast, and one could only see the dust flying.

The darkness devoured the light in the sky and covered the eastern city, moving toward the palace.

Very few cultivators dared to block Wang Lin right now. They were terrified as they watched the darkness descend and devour the light.

A line of ruins connected the eastern city and the palace. There was no longer a city behind Wang Lin, only the dust of time.

Outside the palace, tens of thousands of black-armored soldiers were lined up, staring at Wang Lin. Behind him, countless more figures flew out from every corner of the palace.

In the sky, the world changed colors. There were two suns in the sky, one purple and one gold! Inside the purple sun was Grand Empyrean Gemini, and inside the golden sun was the Celestial Emperor!

The battle of the two Grand Empyreans caused thunderous rumbles to echo and the world to become a blur. Ripples also echoed in all directions.

“Grand Empyrean Gemini, this Wang Lin is trespassing in the palace and doesn’t respect the Celestial Ancestor. This is the behavior of a traitor!! Are you two going to continue to be stubborn!?” The Celestial Ancestor’s voice echoed in the sky as thunderous rumbles accompanied shocking spells.

Wang Lin stood outside the palace and suddenly looked up. All the black gas gathered around him to form a black robe. His black hair even grew a bit longer. He looked at the golden sun in the sky and his eyes revealed an emotionless indifference.

As the black gas around Wang Lin condensed into the black robe, the darkness in the sky spread out like ink. The sky outside the palace was divided into three parts. One part was black, one part was golden, and in the middle was purple!

“I originally didn’t want to pursue the trap at the street and just wanted to leave… I didn’t want destruction and slaughter to descend on the world, but you… forced me here by using the madman… Now I’m coming!” Wang Lin’s eyes were even more indifferent and there was no trace of any emotion in them now. He suddenly looked at the tens of thousands of black-armored soldiers and the figures flying out of the palace.

Wang Lin raised his foot and stepped forward. His body suddenly expanded into a black cloud and swept forward.

Those tens of thousands of soldiers all had serious expressions as they look at the black cloud formed by Wang Lin. They let out roars and black light came from their suits of armor, turning into a powerful aura. The aura of tens of thousands of people gathered together!

This mass of monstrous killing intent let out a roar and turned into a giant dragon turtle! This beast had the head and tail of a dragon but not the body. Its body was that of a turtle, and it had countless ghost tattoos on it.

This beast was not the Black Tortoise. In the celestial clan, it had a special name - it was called the Dragon Ghost!!

Turtle (gui) and ghost (gui), both had the same sound! [1] 

The Dragon Ghost was formed by the killing intent the black-armored soldiers had gathered over the countless years. It let out a roar and rushed at the black cloud Wang Lin formed. 

In an instant, it collided with the black cloud, but the moment it touched the black cloud, its body trembled and it let out a miserable roar!

No matter how powerful the killing intent, it would all disappear before slaughter and destruction!

The black cloud formed by Wang Lin swept by without pausing. The Dragon Ghost collapsed and the tens of thousands of black-armored soldiers coughed out blood. Their bodies seemed to be hit by a powerful force and were knocked back!

The gate to the palace seemed to go through countless years in an instant as Wang Lin passed by and it collapsed. The sky darkened as Wang Lin passed by, and the land of the palace turned black. The entire gate turned into ashes!

The tens of thousands of black-armored soldiers were terrified, but as the black cloud swept by them, miserable screams echoed. When the black cloud swept past them and reformed into the black-haired Wang Lin, the tens of thousands of black-armored soldiers had all turned into corpses.

As the wind blew by, they also turned to dust and scattered!

1. Both words have similar sound due to having the same ping ying in chinese.

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