Chapter 195 - Doubts about the Dead Sea

Chapter 195 - Doubts about the Dead Sea

The moment the five colored barrier broke, the rubble of the stone pillar started to glow bright red. There were no more soul fragments around the red haired man. The seal on his soul was gone.

It could be said that the him now had temporarily broken the seal. His eyes emitted a demonic gaze. He quickly raised his hand and swiped it downwards.

Suddenly, a giant rift appeared above him. The rift was very large, and layers of grey fog spilled out of it.

Wang Lin was very familiar with the grey fog. He immediately recognized it as the fog that was outside the Dead Soul Sea.

Meanwhile, within the red dust, countless red lights appeared. The specks of dust assembled into soul fragments and charged toward the red haired man. If those soul fragments were to land, then everything that had happened would have been a waste.

The red haired man’s eyes became cold. He would not allow those soul fragments to seal him again. After tearing open the rift, he stretched out his right hand and lowly growled, “Tu Si is long dead. Using my name, Ta Sen, I call upon my life saving weapon, the Star Destroyer Spear!”

The moment he finished uttering those words, a long spear that looked like a black dragon suddenly burst out from the gray fog and appeared before him. The spear paused for a moment, but quickly landed in the red haired man’s hand.

The moment the red haired man gripped the spear, a thunderous roar echoed through the surrounding area. Shortly after, the pillar that he was standing on collapsed and became a small pile of rubble.

The red haired man still floated in the air. His eyes were filled with pride. As for the soul fragments, it seemed he didn’t care about them at all. He waved the spear and all the soul fragments paused in midair. They floated 10 feet away from him.

Meanwhile, the red haired man moved his body and charged toward the rift. At the same time, everyone in Dou Mu’s group, especially the old man who made the deal with Wang Lin, revealed nervous expressions. Without a word, they quickly stood up and followed Ta Sen into the rift.

As they passed Wang Lin, the old man looked at Wang Lin and slightly nodded. Wang Lin’s soul went back into his body and moved into the rift.

The remaining surviving demonic cultivators all followed them into the rift without hesitation.

After entering the rift, Wang Lin immediately realized that they were just outside the Soul Sea. Right below them was the Dead Soul Sea that Wang Lin had tried to break into before.

The Soul Sea was split into two; one half was the Blood Sea and the other was the Dead Soul Sea.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. From the moment he entered the rift, he had been very careful. He discreetly looked around and saw that Dou Mu’s group had positioned themselves in such a way that they surrounded him and the red haired man.

This position was very intricate. If one didn’t look carefully, then they couldn’t see any sign of it. But Wang Lin had been through much and was able to see it at a glance.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal. He sneered in his heart. He was very suspicious of Dou Mu’s group. Throughout all those years, had they really never shown any signs or allowed Ta Sen to realize that they had always been plotting against him? It was a bit suspicious that people who had been secretly plotting for who knows how many years to be this blatant in front of Ta Sen.

But even if Ta Sen were to realize it, it didn’t have anything to do with Wang Lin at all. He just wanted to be present during the moment the Dead Soul Sea was opened so he could enter it and use his part of inheritance of knowledge to leave this suffocating place.

The red haired man stood above the Dead Soul Sea and started laughing madly. He shouted, “Tu Si, you couldn’t keep me trapped! Even though I was only a sliver of your evil consciousness, this inheritance should have been mine.” As he was speaking, his face turned grim and the spear in his hand struck down.

Suddenly, the wall of fog that surrounded the Dead Soul Sea caved in and a tunnel going deep in the direction of the Dead Soul Sea appeared soon after. The fog in the surrounding area was quickly pushed out of the way.

The tunnel was deep, the bottom could not be seen. A muffled roar could be heard, as if there were something roaring inside the tunnel.

“Tu Si, even your life saving weapon, the Star Destroyer Spear, has submitted to me. Only I have the qualifications to succeed your inheritance!” Ta Sen said, as the spear in his hand struck out again

This time, it was a vertical slash. It created a cross with the previous slash, forming a giant cross. In the center of the cross was a hole dozens of feet wide. Ta Sen entered it.

After the red haired man went in, Dou Mu’s group became more nervous, but they quickly followed behind. As for Wang Lin, his eyes lit up and followed them in as well. Meanwhile, all the surviving demonic cultivators revealed excited expressions and shouted with joy.

The red haired man was in the front. He turned around and looked behind him. His lips curled into a cold smile. Soon, he arrived at the bottom of the grey fog. The path was blocked by a layer of clouds. Purple lightning flashed constantly in the clouds.

The red haired man didn’t say a word. He tossed the spear forward. It transformed into a black dragon.

It charged into the clouds right as a bolt of purple lightning landed on it.

The red haired man didn’t pause for a moment. He quickly followed the spear into the clouds. Suddenly, countless bolts of purple lightning shot out of the clouds and landed on his body.

Under the bombardment of the purple lightning, a lightning sphere formed around Ta Sen’s body, but he was not harmed. He started to laugh.

Wang Lin’s pupils contracted as he stared at the red haired man. He remembered that the purple lightning that appeared at the second realm’s restriction mountain was the same purple lightning as this.

Wang Lin blinked and slowed down. From somewhere behind him, he heard the old man’s voice, asking, “Little friend, how come you’re not moving forward?”

Wang Lin didn’t turn his head. From the moment they left the Blood Sea, the ten old cultivators had been keeping their eyes on him, preventing him from backing out.

He had only slowed down a bit, but the old man was already questioning him. From this, Wang Lin could tell how important this was to them.

Wang Lin didn’t know why they had so much confidence that they could even ignore Ta Sen’s existence, but he had already made up his mind; leaving this place was his main goal.

Within the lightning ball, the red haired man formed a strange hand sign and said, “Tu Si is long dead. I use my name, Ta Sen, to call upon my family’s lightning weapon, the Purple Moon!”

The moment those words left his lips, the technique in his hand shot out and entered the clouds. Soon after, the clouds began to shrink. The raging purple lightning slowly died down. Eventually, the cloud turned into a half moon blade and fell into the red haired man’s hand.

After he looked at it, he opened his mouth. The half moon blade shrank and entered his mouth.

Under the grey fog were the clouds of purple lightning, and under the clouds of purple lightning was a completely black sea. This was the dead soul formed by half of Ancient God Tu Si’s soul when he died.

The red haired man looked at the half moon blade. His face revealed an excited expression, then he charged toward the dead sea under his feet.

The moment he rushed forward, a roar came from the dead sea. Soon after, a non-dragon, but dragon-like creature suddenly bursted out from the dead sea. As it moved, it created countless waves in the dead sea.

Shortly after, the creature’s large head came out from the sea and stared at the red haired man.

Ta Sen looked at the creature and frowned. He shouted, “Evil creature, you can’t even recognize me!?”

The creature, that was millions of feet long, slowly moved, causing the waves in the sea to roll violently. It stared at Ta Sen and suddenly spoke human words.

“Ta Sen, you are an evil consciousness that formed when the master was practicing the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique. How could I forget about you? If it wasn’t for you revolting when the master was at the most critical point of his cultivation, the master wouldn’t have died.”

Ta Sen coldly snorted and grimly said, “What does this have to do with me? Tu Si’s ambition was too big, trying to master a divine technique that no one could master. If it wasn’t for that, how could he have created me? The moment he separated me from his soul, he abandoned me, but I have to thank him, otherwise, the moment he died would have been the moment I perished as well!”

The large creature’s eyes became cold and said, “Before master’s death, he told me to guard the inheritance of knowledge. Without my permission, no one can get the inheritance.”

“The inheritance of power is already mine and the only thing left is the inheritance of knowledge. Tu Si’s memories are useless to me. Everything he knew, I know as well. If it wasn’t for the restrictions placed by the law of inheritance that requires both inheritances to fully control the power in this body, I wouldn’t even have bothered with all this, and I wouldn’t have gotten trapped by him in the Blood Sea for so many years.” The red haired man said as he struck forward with the spear.

Suddenly, a dark cyclone appeared. The cyclone grew larger and larger, until the wind was roaring. It charged at the creature.

Seeing the scene before him, Wang Lin couldn’t help but form a doubt in his heart. If what this creature said was true, and he was guarding the inheritance of knowledge, then when Sky Devil Magician opened the portal to the inheritance treasure before, why was there no danger? And even after part of it was taken, why was there no sign of this creature?

Wang Lin looked down at the dead sea and his doubts increased. He frowned. He quietly activated the Ancient God Tactic in his mind. According to the inherited memory, anyone with the inheritance only had to active their inheritance in the Dead Soul Sea to leave.

The large creature coldly stared at the red haired man. It didn’t even care about the cyclone roaring towards it. The moment before it landed, the creature whipped its head out and hit the cyclone.

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