Chapter 1944 - Dream Blocks Reincarnation

At a different time and a different space, Wang Lin stood at this exact same spot. It was a very rare moment, and Wang Lin didn’t know if others had experienced this, but he knew he was experiencing it.

He stood like he did when he entered the dream on planet Suzaku. He was in an enlightened state under the rain, and although his eyes were closed, the world was there in his heart.

It was like a child who had left home and, after decades, suddenly saw something that looked very familiar. No matter how much the child tried, they couldn’t remember where the feeling of familiarity came from.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and connected the familiar feeling to the scene back in the cave world. His body became a connection that connected the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent.

“This rain is very familiar… The sound of the rain landing on the green stone slabs is also very familiar…” Wang Lin muttered to himself. After a long time, he opened his eyes and looked at the mountain, temple, square, and the furnace above the square. This scene made him vaguely understand something.

“Life is like a dream and dream is like life… I comprehended this in the dream dao on planet Suzaku…. I know this is not the end…” Wang Lin calmly stood there and didn’t create any ripples.

Liu Jinbiao was standing behind Wang Lin, and his eyes were filled with confusion. Wang Lin wasn’t thinking silently but voicing his thoughts. When Liu Jinbiao heard this, he seemed to comprehend something.

“I use my left hand as life and right hand as death… My open palm is karmic cause and my closed palm is karmic effect… My open eyes are truth and closed eyes are false. I used these three things to create a world of my own… A dream world…

“In the illusion, I saw rain at the same location. Here in the real world, standing here, I also see rain...

“The world is being seen by my eyes… Because I see it, it exists…” The rain made everything look hazy. Some disciples quickly traveled down the mountain and walked past Wang Lin. The rain had come too suddenly, so most disciples were not prepared.

However, these people seemed to be unable to see Wang Lin and Liu Jinbiao. They walked by as if the two of them didn’t exist.

“I use my eyes to see the world, and the grass and trees reflect in my eyes. I thought that with my eyes opened, the world was real, and if my eyes were closed, everything was fake… This was true and false, an expression of the heart. I thought that after I closed my eyes, the grass and trees would disappear… But will they really disappear…

“What exists and what doesn’t exist. I look at the world with my eyes and the world looks back at me…. When I close my eyes, everything becomes false, but if the world close its eyes… will i become false…” Wang Lin looked at the rain falling from the sky.

“I don’t understand what Master said, but I felt that the reincarnation made me understand the second step of deception. Deceiving oneself doesn’t just end once you believe it. You must make the world also believe it...

“To deceive yourself is, in truth, to deceive the cycle of reincarnation! Since I deceived reincarnation, then I can do as I wish. The heavens can’t go against my intent and the reincarnation cycle can’t stop my soul. To cheat the world, to cheat time...

“I didn’t understand this before, but after awakening from reincarnation, I understood…” Liu Jinbiao muttered behind Wang Lin.

“Who set the 3,000 grand dao? Who chooses these things in the world? The dao of deception was rejected by people as shameless, but they don’t know that the dao of deception has to be among the 3,000 grand daos!” Liu Jinbiao’s dream was to make the dao of deception one of the 3,000 grand daos!

Even in this life, he was still the same.

“The heavens and earth created essences, and cultivators like us cultivate essence. Master said that once you obtain an essence, you can enter the third step! In my opinion, the dao of deception is also three steps. The first step is to cheat others, the second step is to cheat oneself, and the third step is to return to the source to devour yourself to deceive others!

“The other was just a collective name but in fact it contained the heaven, the earth, time, reincarnation, everything! To deceive the world, to deceive time, to deceive the grand daos of the world!!

“Even daos can be cheated, and I’ll become a celestial!

“All daos return to the same origin. My third step of returning to the origin is the same as what Master said before. If you close your eyes, does everything around you dissipate? If the heavens close its eyes, do you and I stop existing?” Liu Jinbiao muttered. The confusion in his eyes from his awakening gradually became clear. It was as if thunder had light up the darkness in his eyes.

His words fell in Wang Lin’s ears and caused Wang Lin’s heart to tremble. He vaguely understood something.

Whether it was him or Liu Jinbiao, both were struggling to confirm their daos. The path of dao was lonely, but if one could see another’s struggle, then the path would no longer be lonely, and they could confirm their own dao!

“You use deception as dao to cheat the world. I use my life as dao to defy the world and confirm my dao shadow… In truth, both of us are cultivating our hearts…” Wang Lin closed his eyes.

“In my eyes, the world is my appearance… If I close my eyes, the world no longer exists… If the world closes its eyes, I still exist! If I can reach a state where I open my eyes the world closes its eyes and the world remains dormant as long as I live, then I will have ascended.” Wang Lin took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

“I have experienced life and death, walked through karma, and searched through true and false for me, who sank into the sea… If there is a fourth ethereal essence, it is reincarnation...

“This reincarnation is not the life and death reincarnation, but the reincarnation of the world. Not the lives of souls, but dao… The reincarnation of everything…” Wang Lin took a deep breath as he raised his feet and walked forward under the rain.

“Restrain the heavenly dao. All souls beneath the heavens must suffer divine tribulation. Free thyself from convictions that lead only to destruction and walk the path of the true dao!

“Facing the boundless unknown, all souls must resolve their questions in life and break free from the machinations of heaven. Obtain the path of life and walk the path of the true dao!

“Lock down the fortune of heaven and seal the underworld. Those who do not achieve the true dao will sink into a sea of suffering and forever lose the path of the true dao. Walk the path of true dao!”

He understood. 

This dao scripture was complicated, and he barely understood it back then. However, here, under the rain on a mountain at the Dong Lin Sect, he understood its meaning.

“Those who do not achieve the true dao will sink into a sea of suffering and forever lose the path of the true dao…

“All souls beneath the heavens must suffer divine tribulation. Free thyself from convictions that lead only to destruction…

“I have comprehended life and death, and life and death is a rope. One end is life and the other end is death. Connected together, it forms a circle.

“I have comprehended karma, and karma is like a net. It is a large net formed by countless lives and deaths. All lives inside would find it difficult to break free.

“I comprehended true and false, and true and false is like a dream barrier. Everyone has a dream barrier in their heart, and when you thought you were awake, you didn’t realize your world was just a dream...

“Everything around you is just a part of your dream… All beings are in their own dreams they can’t awaken from. It is like a circle that was layered around you. When you thought you had awakened and walked out from a circle, you were just in another circle.

“I how have an answer to Li Qianmei’s three questions…

“I connect life and death to form a large net of karma. I open my eyes in the dream and use true and false to cast the net into the dream to catch a fish… That fish is me!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he walked forward.

He understood that this was related to Liu Jinbiao. If not for his dao of deception, Wang Lin would still be confused and would be unable to completely see through his three ethereal essences.

Liu Jinbiao followed behind him and seemed to gain enlightenment. When he looked at Wang Lin, he felt like Wang Lin was different, but he didn’t know why.

It was as if there was a layer of fog around Wang Lin. This fog couldn’t be seen, but it made him feel like he was from a dream, very unreal.

However, now it was as if Wang Lin had awakened from a dream and everything was clear.

“This Dong Lin Sect was very mysterious to me. The disciples almost never leave and only cultivate inside the sect… I thought this was the rule and custom of the sect...

“But after I entered this place, I felt something familiar and gained enlightenment about my dao. This is related to my state of mind, but it is also related to this place!”

Standing on the hill, Wang Lin appeared on top of the palace. He stood there and allowed the wind to blow on his white hair and clothes. He looked down on the world, on more than half of the Dong Lin Sect.

From his view, the entire Dong Lin Sect was extremely large. He saw the disciples of the Dong Lin Sect move through the rain and many cultivators cultivating in their residences.

He also saw the beauty of the mountains under the rain and the vitality of the trees...

As he watched, sadness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Su Dao… I don’t know if it was like this when you were here… but right now, the Dong Lin Sect… is a dead sect!

“All of this is just a dream… No wonder the Dong Lin Sect is mysterious and their disciples rarely go out…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He closed his eyes and then slowly them.

He saw the Dong Lin Sect that outsiders could not see!

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