Chapter 1943 - Under the Rain

“How do you know about my dao of deception? You… Who are you?” Liu Jinbiao’s body trembled. The fear he felt overlapped with the fear in his soul. It was as if he had experienced this a long time ago.

“You told me personally.” Wang Lin took a sip of wine.

“Impossible!! My master is Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya. I… I… If you hurt me, you will die! Besides, I have never seen you or cheated you, what do you want with me…” The fear in Liu Jinbiao’s eyes became even stronger until even his words became a mess.

“Unless… Unless you’re someone who walks the same path?” Liu Jinbiao didn’t know what to think as he stared at Wang Lin

“Your name is Liu Jinbiao and my name is Wang Lin. Can you remember?” Wang Lin put down the wine jug and looked at Liu Jinbiao.

“Wang Lin… Wang Lin… Very familiar…” Liu Jinbiao’s eyes were filled with confusion and he seemed to be struggling. Soon, he began to tremble, and pain appeared on his face.

“It looks like he can’t break the seal on his own. He can’t and Zhou Yi couldn’t. I wonder if there is anyone who can break it themselves.” Wang Lin sighed. He couldn’t bear to see Liu Jinbiao suffer. He raised his finger and pointed to between Liu Jinbiao’s eyebrows.

With this, a thunderous rumble echoed in Liu Jinbiao’s mind as if millions of bolts of thunder had exploded at once.

His vision became blurry and he saw this hundreds of years of life. Him using his dao of deception again and again...

“Great Celestial Jin Biao, immortal celestial! This is pretty good. In the future, all of you will shout like this. This old man’s name is Liu; from now on, I’ll be called Liu Jinbiao. It’s a domineering name!

“Once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens! Haha, this was created by me. With this, I’ll become famous across the Great Sage Continent and make a killing!

“Ah, it is best not to stay here for long. It’s best for me to go to the Great Sage Continent…

“This celestial has reincarnated and has naturally taken on the appearance of a child. How can mortals like you understand this?

“Eh, you mortals are very interesting. You kneel before a celestial not to become a celestial but to borrow the power of a celestial to become a king? This matter… is simple!

“Alas, perhaps I was a big fraud in my previous life. Otherwise, how could I know how to cheat people the moment I understood the world around me…

“You look like a thief and can’t be a good person - what is your name? What, you feel that you should be called Xu Liguo? What do you think your name should be? Forget it, this celestial will help you calculate your fortune. Go to the Central Continent, yes, the Central Continent. There you will meet your fortune.

“This is the first time this celestial has descended into the mortal world, but your ancestors were virtuous. Forget it, I’ll live here and help you guys.

“Hmph, hmph, I’m only seven years old, but I have cheated almost everyone. Its looks like I need to leave and develop elsewhere…

“Eh, little brother, this candy is pretty good; how about letting me have a bite…” His last memory was when he was four years old and he tried to cheat the Lin family’s kid’s candy.

The memories of the past echoed in his mind. Thunderous rumbles echoed as a vortex devoured all these memories. As the rumbles became even more intense, he saw his other life.

He saw himself struggle to cultivate and slowly discover the dao of deception. He found a treasure that made him almost invisible, but he ended up losing it to a cultivator named Wang Lin...

Countless years after, he followed that person until he reincarnated.

He remembered his good friend Xu Liguo. Even though Xu Liguo had done some things that made him very uncomfortable, they both had the same bad personality and thus became good friends.

The memories of the two lives gradually overlapped until Liu Jinbiao’s vision was no longer blurry. He looked at Wang Lin, who was drinking wine, and tears flowed down.

All of this was so unreal, as if it was just a dream. When he closed his eyes, he was still in the dream world, and when he opened them, it all felt like an unforgettable dream. Even though he was awake now, there was still a sense of confusion.

However, this confusion immediately dissipated after he saw Wang Lin.

“Mast… Master…” Liu Jinbiao’s eyes were filled with excitement. Even though he had cheated a lot of things, he had never felt this kind of excitement that came from his heart.

Wang Lin also revealed a happy smile. He laughed as he looked at Liu Jinbiao and passed over the wine in his hand.

“Drink a mouthful of wine for our meeting on the Immortal Astral Continent.”

Liu Jinbiao’s trembling left hand took the jug and he drank a big mouthful. The spicy wine entered his belly and warmed his body. It caused him to tremble, and he became focused.

Liu Jinbiao looked at the jug in his hand as he muttered, “I originally thought my dao of deception had already reached the peak of the second step. I could instantly deceive myself to believe anything.

“But this dream that wasn’t like a dream, reincarnation, made me understand this was the real peak of the second step of deception… If I had understood this then, before I reincarnated, I would had deceived myself to become a good person and then, even after reincarnation, I would’ve continued to be one…” Liu Jinbiao shook his head as he looked at Wang Lin. The excitement in his eyes was slowly hidden and he bowed at Wang Lin.

“Why worship me?” Wang Lin smiled and looked at Liu Jinbiao.

“Master gave me the gift of reincarnation, so I have to worship you!

“Master allowed me to understand the real dao of deception through reincarnation, so I must worship you!”

“I’m not your master. Before you reincarnated you, were free, and you are still free after reincarnation.” Wang Lin shook his head.

“This… This Immortal Astral Continent is too dangerous. It is better to follow Master…” Liu Jinbiao smiled bitterly.

Wang Lin laughed and looked at Liu Jinbiao. His laughter was even more joyous.

“Forget it, follow me. Of course I’ll protect you!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and a gentle wind took him and Liu Jinbiao into the sky.

“I’m going to the Dong Lin Sect, come with me. Now that your memories have recovered, you will quickly recover to your previous cultivation level.”

Liu Jinbiao hesitated and then whispered, “Master, in my memory of this life, I seem to have met… Xu Liguo.” 

“Oh?” Wang Lin suddenly stopped and looked at Liu Jinbiao.

“Where did you meet him?”

“Eh… I hadn’t recovered my memories back then. In the Heaven Water Continent in the Eastern Continent, I saw an extremely vicious mountain bandit who claimed his name should be Xu Liguo. Back then, I was famous in the area… Oh, not that famous, not that famous.

“He invited me up the mountain and waited on me to give him some pointers. I randomly gave him some pointers and told him to go to the Central Continent…” As Liu Jinbiao spoke, he became rather embarrassed.

Liu Jinbiao added, “This was hundreds of years ago…”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment. The image of Xu Liguo trying to flatter him appeared in his mind and a smile slowly appeared on the corner of his face.

“With Xu Liguo’s character, he will not suffer. If he is still around, then he must have met his fortune. I’m going to go to the Central Continent later. If possible, let’s see if we meet him.

“If I can really meet him, I wonder what expression he will have when he sees me.” Wang Lin’s smile became even wider.

Liu Jinbiao chuckled on the side and secretly thought that he was the first one to follow his master after reincarnation. Now that Xu Liugo was number two, he would have to take advantage of him before he recovered his memories, to pay him back for what happened in the cave world...

“Who let him always use the fact that he was the first to follow Master to bully me?” As Liu Jinbiao thought about it, he became excited.

Liu Jinbiao and Situ Nan were not familiar with each other. Deep in his memories, he had deceived a guy who wanted to become king, but he had long forgotten...

With Liu Jinbiao, Wang Lin flew toward the Dong Lin Sect.

The Dong Lin Sect, the number one sect of the Great Sage Continent and one of the nine sects and thirteen factions. It was always very mysterious, and outsiders rarely knew how deep the sect was hidden.

Wang Lin had gone to the Dong Lin Sect in the cave world before. At this moment, he was closing in on the Dong Lin Sect. As he looked at the earth below, the mountains of the Dong Lin Sect looked vaguely familiar. 

The location of the Dong Lin Sect was very ordinary and the protection formation could not stop Wang Lin.

Wang Lin entered the Dong Lin Sect with Liu Jinbiao. He didn’t immediately go to the Dong Lin Pool but to where the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, Su Dao, had lived.

Under the small mountain, Wang Lin heard the sound of a river flowing and he saw the clear river. There were a lot of fishes inside the river, and there was a child fetching water.

Following the steps, Wang Lin walked up the mountain, and Liu Jinbiao followed. There were cultivators who walked by, but they didn’t notice the two of them. It was as if they didn’t belong in the same space.

When Wang Lin stepped onto the top of the mountain, dark clouds appeared in the sky and rain began to fall. The rain poured down onto the roof of the temple ahead.

The rain caused ripples to echo across the green stone slab as water splattered. Water vapor seemed to rise, but it dissipated in mid-air.

This scene was very similar to the illusion back then… Wang Lin felt an unspeakable feeling, as if he had undergone a change under this rain.

As Wang Lin stood under the rain, he closed his eyes and remained motionless.

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