Chapter 1942 - Who Are You?

After the old man heard this, his eyes narrowed and he looked at Liu Jinbiao carefully. With this, he felt like something was wrong. Liu Jinbiao was only at the Core Formation stage, but he found something that was hidden. It was an unspeakably ancient aura that seemed to have been around for a long time.

Liu Jinbiao looked at the old man and coldly said, “I know you’re thinking of searching my soul, but I can tell you that before you finish, my master will come. What awaits your Cloud Sect is a sect-destruction disaster!”

“Even if Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya came, he would still have to speak reason. You cheated first!” The old man could not see through Liu Jinbiao. The other party was very calm, which was extremely rare. Unless he had a powerful backing, how could he be so calm?

“Cheat? This old man Liu Jinbiao cultivates the dao of deception - so what if I cheated your little Cloud Sect? Did I cheat any of your lives or treasures?

“I only brought some mortals that wanted to cultivate and traded them to you for some pills. Do you think I care about these pills?” Liu Jinbiao’s eyes were filled with contempt. His right hand touched his bag of holding and a large amount of pills flew out until they formed a small hill.

“Take a good look. These dozens of pills came from your Cloud Sect. These were just collateral for me cultivating my dao of deception. Do you really think I care about these pills?” Liu Jinbiao laughed and waved his right hand. Those pills immediately shattered into dust.

This sudden scene startled the old man.

“Forget these pills, I even cheated a lot of treasures! But do you think I care?” Liu Jinbiao sneered again and touched his bag of holding. Dozens of treasures for Core Formation cultivators flew out. He waved his sleeves and they all shattered into pieces.

“I can tell you that I don’t care about these things at all! If you dare to search my soul, I’ll make sure your entire Cloud Sect is destroyed! Think for yourself, goodbye!” Liu Jinbiao sneered and turned around. He no longer looked at the startled old man and began walking out of the palace.

As he walked away, there was no cold sweat on his body and his heartbeat was normal. At this moment, even he believed himself, so how could he be scared?

After he walked out of the temple, the old man had a gloomy expression that constantly changed. He stared at the fragments of pills and treasures before him. At this moment, he lost his judgement of Liu Jinbiao’s words.

He had never experienced this kind of thing before!

“Is what he said true or a lie? If it were a lie, how could he be so calm and also not care about all the pills and treasures he destroyed? Although they are all low level things, it is clear he cheated a lot...

“He has deceived people for so long and never died - there must be a reason!

“If what he says is true, I… I really can’t provoke him. After all, what he said was correct. He didn’t cheat any valuable treasures or lives, only some low rank pills…” The old man was startled for a while.

At this moment, Liu Jinbiao walked out of the temple, but the disciples of the Cloud Sect stopped him.

Wang Lin clearly saw all of this and couldn’t help but be shocked. He thought that Liu Jinbiao would suffer a bit, but things had changed too quickly. Even Wang Lin couldn’t help but admire Liu Jinbiao.

“This acting… Is too realistic...” Wang Lin smiled bitterly and shook his head.

The old man stared at Liu Jinbiao, who was standing outside the palace and was surrounded by the disciples of the Cloud Sect.

“If I knew it would be so complicated, I would have ignored him. Why even capture him at all… Although this matter sound credit it is also not credible. But if I just let him leave, it means I was scared by his words, and I would lose too much...” The old man gritted his teeth and was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, Liu Jinbiao turned around and his right hand touched his bag of holding. He took out a palm-sized wooden token and threw it at the old man.

Liu Jinbiao’s expression was calm as he coldly said, “After seeing this, I give you three breaths to consider!”

The old man took the black wooden token, and after a glance, his expression changed. There were two clear words on this token!

Gu Ya!

“The material is ordinary; it is only an ordinary piece of wood. However, it contains a shocking aura that makes my heart tremble. This aura if filled with death, it is extraordinary!” The old man was suspicious before, but after seeing the wooden token, he was 70% to 80% confident that what Liu Jinbiao had said was true.

If Liu Jinbiao had taken out the token out right away, the old man would have been skeptical. However, after what Liu Jinbiao had said, the effect was very different!

“One… Two…” Liu Jinbiao slowly said. Before he said “three,” the old man gritted his teeth and threw the wooden token back at Liu Jinbiao. Liu Jinbiao caught the token and a gloomy voice echoed in his ears.

“Open the gate and let him… leave!”

All the Cloud Sect disciples outside the place were startled. The Cloud Sect was the lowest rank sect in the Great Sage Continent. They only had one third step cultivator, a Nirvana Void old ancestor who was in closed door cultivation year-round.

As for the old man, he was only at the Heaven’s Blight stage. He was not willing to gamble for a small thing like this.

Liu Jinbiao’s expression remained neutral and he let out a cold snort in his heart. He flew out from the Cloud Sect, and only when he was far away did he land in an old forest deep in the mountains.

The moment Liu Jinbiao landed, his face immediately turned pale. He could no longer control his body and began to shake. He was filled with a lingering sense of fear.

“What danger!! Damn it, I almost lost my life in this Great Sage Continent!” Liu Jinbiao took a deep breath and felt his heart ache.

“Such misfortune about so many pills… Alas, I was too immersed in my role and even believed that those pills were not worth my time… This… Too many pills were destroyed!!” Liu Jinbiao thought about how he had casually thrown them out and felt even more regret.

“I should had taken out less… It’s over, I wasted all these years… Alas, I’ll just get them back again. I, Liu Jinbiao, was born different and will get them back!” He took a deep breath and sat down to calm himself.

However, just at this moment, a gentle voice came from behind him.

“You have already completed the second step of deception.”

This voice appeared so suddenly, it caused Liu Jinbiao to tremble. However, he immediately calmed down and looked behind him coldly. He saw a young man with white hair wearing white clothes looking at him.

“It looks like your Cloud Sect doesn’t want to live!” Liu Jinbiao slowly said, but deep down, the person before him gave him an indescribable feeling. Even after he deceived himself, he still felt fear.

“I’m not from the Cloud Sect.” Wang Lin smiled as he looked at Liu Jinbiao and sat down. He waved his hand to take out a wine jug and took a sip.

“No matter where you come from, if you dare to hurt me at all, my master will immediately come and destroy you!” Liu Jinbiao’s voice trembled and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. His body was trembling even though he was using the second step of deception, and it felt like his deception was going to collapse. It was as if he could not deceive the person before him.

He didn’t even have this feeling back at the Cloud Sect. In fact, he had never felt this in his life. As he trembled, he leaned against a tree and stared at Wang Lin.

“My master is Grand Empyrean Gemini’s follower, Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya. I practice the dao of deception with the approval of my master. I… I have my master’s token!!” Liu Jinbiao trembled as he took out the black, wooden token. As he was about to wave it, Wang Lin’s hand reached out and the wooden token flew into Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin looked at it a few times and smiled as he said, “This is a good fake. You must have deceived yourself using the second step of deception to tell yourself over and over that you are Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya before writing it.

“As for the aura on the wooden token… This powerful death aura, you must have found the body of a powerful cultivator. You placed the token next to the body for many years and the shocking death aura gathered on it!” 

With every word Wang Lin said, Liu Jinbiao’s face turned even more pale. As Wang Lin smiled at him, Liu Jinbiao felt his mind rumble. The second step of deception, to deceive oneself, collapsed and he fell to the ground.

This kind of thing was beyond his imagination. He had cheated for so many years, but this was the first time someone else had seen through him completely. This wasn’t even the important part - the important part was that this person understood the dao of deception he had comprehended.

And he even knew the second step of the dao of deception! Knew that the second step of deception was to deceive oneself.

Even looking at the party’s smile, Liu Jinbiao felt like he was going to lose his mind. It was as if there was a profound sense of fear coming from his soul.

This feeling made Wang Lin even more familiar the more he looked at him; it was as if he had met Wang Lin somewhere before...

“You… Who are you!?!” His body was trembling and his eyes were filled with indescribable fear.

“Signs of breaking your own seal…” Wang Lin was surprised. He clearly saw that the seal on Liu Jinbiao’s memory was loosening.

“It looks like the seal on the memories of their previous lives can break on their own with stimulation without me breaking it…” Wang Lin pondered.

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