Chapter 1941 - My Master

Wang Lin watched as Liu Jinbiao took out two purple herbs. They had similar color, but one was darker than the other.

He pressed the herbs between the eyebrows of the two children. The herbs gave off a strange scent and looked extraordinary. After being pressed against their foreheads, it spread out under their skin like a net.  

Staring at the herb, he could feel faint vitality coming from it. Although it was weak, it was extremely pure. If Wang Lin absorbed it, it would help him heal.

However, the vitality inside the herbs was too little. If used for healing, more than 10,000 would be required.

The reason the faint vitality was pure was because of the celestial energy coming from the herb. The vitality came from the small amount of celestial energy. Although it was faint, it caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow.

He had seen this kind of herb before. He had been on the Immortal Astral Continent for a while and experienced a lot of things. He had seen a lot and even looked at a lot of jades about alchemy, but no matter how much he pondered, he couldn’t think of something related to this herb.

But he could feel that these two herbs would cause no harm to the two children and could strengthen their bodies a lot. After Wang Lin observed for a bit more, he saw that after fusing with the herbs, the talent of the two child actually changed!

The darker herb formed a net inside the boy’s body and completely hid his true talent. Then the herb turned into a good talent that masked over the boy’s real talent.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he could naturally see through it, but if a second step cultivator looked, they would find it difficult to see. Only third step cultivators would see some clues, because the net the herb formed had completely fused with the child. Adding the celestial energy inside, it could really hide from the heavens and cross the sea.

This surprised Wang Lin greatly. He looked at the girl, and the same thing happened to her. She obtained an ordinary talent that was far better than her own talent.

“Items of fortune are extremely unpredictable…” Wang Lin pondered. This purple herb was extraordinary!

“But if Liu Jinbiao continues this, he will be hunted once he is found out…” Wang Lin secretly shook his head. There were a lot of sects on the Immortal Astral Continent, and there was no lack of third step cultivators. As for whether Liu Jinbiao would be found out before he could leave the Great Sage Sect, it would depend on his luck.

“He is very careful and didn’t greedily force all the children. If he did, the risk of being exposed would increase along with the number of children.” Wang Lin looked at the proud Liu Jinibiao and revealed a bitter smile.

After the two children fused with the herb, he revealed a proud expression. He looked at the children before him and his eyes almost shined.

He stood up and flew out of the cave with the two children to the south.

Shortly after, a mountain covered in clouds appeared before Liu Jinbiao. The mountain was extremely steep, and the roars of beast occasionally came out from it.

Liu Jinbiao looked at the mountain ahead and thought to himself, “I have been coming to the Great Sage Sect for a while and have gone to a lot of other sects. It is time to leave. After this last one, even if no one finds out, I should change my face, leave the Great Sage Continent, and go to another place. 

“The large amount of pills and spells I have obtained should allow me to reach the Nascent Soul stage. Then I’ll go to another continent and enter a small sect. I’ll be a disciple for dozens to hundreds of years before going out to do business again.” Liu Jinbiao took a deep breath and brought the two children to the peak.

Wang Lin was still following Liu Jinbiao. He watched him skillfully circle the mountain a few times before flying out alone. His eyes could barely hide his excitement.

After flying out from the mountain, Liu Jinbiao didn’t hesitate and quickly left. Wang Lin took a glance and suddenly looked up. He saw a ripple echo in the sky and then suddenly disappear without a trace.

Ordinary cultivators couldn’t detect it, but Wang Lin could see it clearly. It was someone divinating, causing the world to change.

And Liu Jinbiao was the center of this.

“Someone is divinating Liu Jinbiao’s location!” There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He looked at the ripples and his gaze pierced through, borrowing the divination power from the other side. He saw a magnificent palace with seven or eight second step cultivators respectfully stood there. There was a boy with his eyes closed, and behind him, an old man had his hand on the boy’s head. The old man’s other hand was forming seals.

A moment later, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a flash of coldness.

“I found that Jin Biaozi. He is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. You all, quickly use the transfer array to capture him. Remember to not destroy his origin soul. I want to search his soul!” the old man said before throwing out a jade.

“Hold this jade and you can find that Jin Biaozi. As for this disciple… Kick him out to the outer sect and the rest will depend on his own efforts.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense retreated from the ripples. He looked at Liu Jinbiao, who hadn’t noticed a thing, and shook his head with a sigh.

“Forget it. If he doesn’t suffer a bit, he won’t learn his lesson.”

It didn’t take long. Half an hour later, while Liu Jinbiao was flying, four figures appeared before him. These cultivators were the people Wang Lin had seen the sect send out to capture Liu Jinbiao.

The four of them had teleported hundreds of thousands of kilometers and tracked Liu Jinbiao down using the jade. They closed in on him.

When Liu Jinbiao saw this, his expression changed greatly. He knew that something was wrong, but he didn’t escape immediately. He felt their powerful cultivation and couldn’t escape at all.

His eyes turned and he moved aside as if he was making way. However, the four rays of light surrounded him and the four cultivators stared at Liu Jinbiao coldly.

Liu Jinbiao was extremely nervous, but he didn’t reveal it at all. Instead, he frowned and coldly looked at the four of them.

“Four seniors, I wonder, why are you blocking Junior’s path…” He was very calm, so calm that the four people sent to capture him couldn’t help but be startled.

“Capture him!” The person leading the way looked at Liu Jinbiao carefully and waved his sleeve. A second step cultivator stepped out. A Core Formation cultivator like Liu Jinbiao couldn’t resist at all.

Liu Jinbiao’s face was still calm, but he smiled coldly. He was secretly panicking inside, but he quickly thought about this matter. Some sect must have noticed that something was abnormal.

Liu Jinbiao opened his eyes and coldly said, “Arrogant! Before you do anything, I’ll go with you guys!” 

The more calm he was. the more strange the four of them felt. The person who closed in on him didn’t attack but stood behind Liu Jinbiao. He pushed Liu Jinbiao and then the four of them took him away.

“Your little sect dares to capture me? If I’m injured at all, my master will destroy your entire sect!” Liu Jinbiao sneered and didn’t reveal any fear. He calmly followed the four cultivators and disappeared into the distance.

Wang Lin appeared after they were far away. He looked ahead and slightly shook his head.

“After being caught, he still tries to maintain his lie. This Liu Jinbiao… Who is this master he speaks of?” Wang Lin put on a strange expression and followed. These cultivators needed to use a transfer away, but for Wang Lin, a mere few hundred thousand kilometers only required one Spatial Bending.

After almost an hour, in the northern part of the Great Sage Sect, there was a valley. There were many palaces here, and a formation was protecting this place. It was an ordinary sect of the Great Sage Continent.

Liu Jinbiao was brought to a palace in this valley. Although his heart was trembling in fear, his expression was calm. There was even a cold smile of contempt on the corner of his mouth.

There was an old man sitting before him. It was this old man who had divinated Liu Jinbiao’s location.

He looked at Liu Jinbiao with a cold gaze.

“You have guts to dare to deceive my Cloud Sect.” The old man spoke slowly and his voice was filled with a sense of coldness.

“So what if I cheated you? A mere tiny Cloud Sect of the Great Sage Continent dares to capture me? You have guts as well!!” Liu Jinbiao’s gaze didn’t fluctuate as he looked at the old man.

The old man frowned.

“If I’m injured at all, my master will come immediately. Forget your tiny Cloud Sect, even the Great Sage Continent’s Dong Lin Sect would have to greet my master with respect.” Liu Jinbiao sneered as he spoke. His words contained a sense of confidence and his expression added credibility.

After the old man heard this, he suddenly laughed, but in his laughter, the sense of coldness became even stronger.

“Oh? Then who is your master?”

Liu Jinbiao’s expression was proud as he said, “Grand Empyrean Gemini’s follower, Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya!”

His calm expression and confident words startled the old man.

“What a joke. If you were really Empyrean Exalt Gu Ya’s servant, you wouldn’t be cheating people here and you wouldn’t only be a Core Formation cultivator!” The old man didn’t believe him at all.

Liu Jinbiao waved his sleeve and coldly said, “The dao of deception is my domain. As for my cultivation level, open your old eyes and look carefully. Is my cultivation level really only Core Formation?!” 

However, at this moment, he was terrified in his heart, but he had deceived people for so many years that he had reached the second step of deception: to deceive himself. He had long deceived himself, and if he could deceive even himself, then he was not afraid others wouldn’t believe him!

Wang Lin sat inside the palace and was not afraid that others would notice him. He smiled bitterly but also recalled the past.

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