Chapter 1940 - Cheat the Heavens to Cross the Sea

“The Dong Lin Sect has always been mysterious among the nine sects and thirteen factions. I wonder if they have an Empyrean Exalt!” The tortoise shell and map jades Wang Lin had obtained had very little information about the Dong Lin Sect.

This was related to the fact that very few people from the sect would ever leave and communicate with other people.

“Since this sect is part of the nine sects and thirteen factions, it can’t be average, but even if there are Empyrean Exalt cultivators, it is no problem.” Wang Lin pondered and his divine sense spread out. Just as he was about to head toward the Dong Lin Sect, he suddenly stopped.

As his divine sense spread out, he felt a familiar fluctuation in a mortal city hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. He had placed this on the seals of all the incarnated people. He can’t detect them from far away, but once he got close, he could sense the seals.

“This fluctuation, who could it be…” Wang Lin smiled and had a hint of expectation. It was impossible for him to know who it was, like when he found Zhou Yi and Qing Shuang.

He could only detect them. Unless he saw them with his eyes, it would be very difficult to see the person’s identity.

After all, the seal had been placed on everyone at once, so there wasn’t much difference between them.

He revealed a joyous smile. To meet an old friend in this foreign land would make Wang Lin happy, no matter who it was.

In a flash, he changed his idea of going to the Dong Lin Sect and flew toward the mortal city hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

With his cultivation level, he could cross hundreds of thousands of kilometers in a flash. As he got closer to the mortal city, the feeling became even stronger. He arrived above the city and looked down to see a white-haired old man with the aura of a celestial inside the city. He revealed a strange expression.

This old man was the source of the seal fluctuation!

Even without the fluctuation, Wang Lin could immediately recognized this white-haired old man’s familiar face!

“Liu Jinbiao!” Wang Lin’s expression became even more strange and a smile appeared on the corner of his face.

“This Liu Jinbiao comprehended the dao of deception, and after reincarnating, he walked the same path…” With Wang Lin’s insight and understanding of Liu Jinbiao, he immediately understood why Liu Jinbiao was surrounded by nearly 100 mortals.

Looking at Liu Jinbiao’s hidden sense of pride and the mortals surrounding him, Wang Lin couldn’t help but smile even wider. However, part of this smile was a bitter smile from a headache.

“Deceiving mortals… Liu Jinbiao was someone who could deceive cultivators, so why he is deceiving mortals? There are fluctuations of cultivation coming from his body; he has reached the Core Formation stage over the years.

“Using his cultivation to deceive mortals, I wonder what he is thinking.” Wang Lin frowned as he watched and pondered a bit. He didn’t immediately awaken Liu Jinbiao’s memory but watched how he deceived them.

If Wang Lin didn’t want others to notice him, very few people would see him.

Liu Jinbiao, who had entered the city, suddenly trembled and felt like something bad was going to happen. This feeling was sudden, and he had never felt it before. He carefully looked around and at the sky. He blinked and was very surprised.

“Strange, why did I suddenly have this kind of feeling… I felt like a child who saw their parents after doing something bad… Strange.” Liu Jinbiao frowned and suppressed his doubt. Luckily, this feeling lasted only for an instant.

After entering the city, three days passed in a flash. During these three days, many famous people in the city had brought their children to see Liu Jinbiao. He looked at them with a kind gaze and left on the fourth day with five children.

Among them were three boys and two girls. The oldest was 13 and the youngest was  eight.

During everyone’s respectful and excited goodbyes, Liu Jinbiao brought the five children onto the chair and flew into the air.

During these three days, Wang Lin had watched Liu Jinbiao’s actions, and he was frowning.

“What exactly is Liu Jinbiao doing? He didn’t cheat any property, he only took five children with the slightest bit of talent… Although they are somewhat qualified, no sect would take them! If he has any evil intention, I will not spare him!” Wang Lin calmly followed Liu Jinbiao.

Liu Jinbiao was sitting on the chair with a joyous expression. His gaze occasionally swept by the five children with an undetectable sense of joy.

“I didn’t expect this city to have five suitable people. Haha, this is not bad. I can definitely earn a lot!”

The five children became nervous after being glanced at by him, but at the same time, they were filled with expectation. They aspired to enter a sect and become celestials. This was not only their thoughts, but the dreams of their parents and loved ones.

Several days later, they arrived outside a mountain range. Liu Jinbiao stopped the chair and looked at his followers.

“You all, wait for me to return.”

The four burly men and children all quickly nodded. The four burly men were at the Foundation Establishment stage, while those children were at the Qi Condensation stage. Most of them had been taught cultivation methods by Liu Jinbiao and had cultivated on their own.

Liu Jinbiao took the five children in a black wind and disappeared.

Wang Lin watched Liu Jinbiao fromthe sky. His expression was a bit gloomy as he followed.

The black wind rushed through the mountains for a while and then appeared in a remote valley. This valley was not large and there were a few caves created. Liu Jinbaio sat down and the five children sat across from him.

His eyes lit up as his gaze became serious and he looked at the five children before him.

The five children immediately became extremely nervous and pale as he looked at them. However, they gritted their teeth and didn’t cry.

“Not bad. Actually, this old man didn’t tell you the truth in front of your loved ones. Our talent is actually very bad and we barely qualify to cultivate. The reason this old man chose you was because your hearts determined!

“Cultivators aren’t afraid of bad talent, and a determined heart is extremely important!”

The five children nervously looked at Liu Jinbiao and remained silent.

Wang Lin was also silently pondering. No one had noticed him as he watched Liu Jinbiao and waited for him to continue.

“Liu Jinbaio, if you cheat cultivators I don’t care, but if you deceive these children… then I’ll be disappointed!” Wang Lin thought to himself.

Liu Jinbiao suddenly said, “I’m a fraud!”

When his words came out, the five children were completely startled; even Wang Lin was shocked.

“I’m a con man. I lied to your loved ones and brought you all here!” Liu Jinbiao’s expression didn’t change as he spoke to the five children.

His words were too shocking, so the five children could not react right away. They stared dumbfoundedly at Liu Jinbiao.

“However…” Liu Jinbaio smiled as he looked around and continued speaking.

“However, I can allow you to enter the Great Sage Sect, but this matter requires you to make your own decisions. First, your talent isn’t good enough to pass the tests set by the sect, so you won’t be admitted as disciples. Although you have the qualifications to become cultivators, it would be too difficult to develop you.

“With my knowledge of the various sects of the Great Sage Continent, they won’t accept you or waste their time on you. I’m not lying to you about this.”

Liu Jinbiao paused when he got to this point.

Wang Lin watched this and pondered. He knew that Liu Jinbiao was right. With these children’s talent, it would be difficult for them to catch the attention of the sects.

“But I have a method that allows you to deceive those who are assessing you to get you into the sect. It can even make your talent look extremely good!

“However, this is all fake. If you perform poorly after entering the sect, you will be found out. You will not face any life-threatening dangers and will likely not be expelled from the sect, but you will be forgotten.

“This is why I said talent is not important. What’s important is for your heart to be determined!”

Liu Jinbaio continued to speak as he looked at the five children before him.

“And because your talent is pretty good, I can trade you all for the materials I need from the sect. The better your talent, the better the initial treatment you get, and the better the reward I will get. But someone with a large amount of talent has a higher chance of being exposed.

“I can help you cheat the heavens to cross the sea to get you all into a sect. After that, it’s all on yourself, and me earning from it is just a matter of fact.

“However, all of you have to consider it carefully. If you don’t agree, I’ll erase your memory and send you back to your loved ones. If you agree, then choose what kind of talent you want to enter the sect with. Excellent, good, ordinary - these are the three options!

“I suggest you choose ordinary to enter the sect! After all, I plan to do business for a long time and don’t want to be exposed too much and end up being hunted!”

After Liu Jinbiao spoke, he slapped the bag of holding on his waist and took out some peanuts. He began to peel them and eat.

Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile when he saw this. Liu Jinbiao was a con man in the past, and in this life, his deception skills seemed to be even better.

Among the five children, three were scared and chose to go home. However, a girl and a boy revealed determined expressions. The girl chose ordinary talent, while the boy chose good talent.

Liu Jinbiao gave the boy who had chosen good talent a profound look. Among the five, he had the best talent and his heart was determined. His family was not rich but ordinary, and Liu Jinbiao  had only noticed by him by coincidence.

Liu Jinbiao nodded and erased the memories of the three children. The three children were sent out of the cave to outside the mountain, where his followers were. He also sent out a message to have his followers take the children back to the city to inform their relatives that they had failed to enter the sect.

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