Chapter 1939 - Great Celestial Jin!

To the north of the Eastern Continent, there was a continent called Great Sage!

The Great Sage Continent was extremely remote and even more desolate than the Heavenly Bull Continent, but this was only for cultivators. There were a lot of mortals on this continent, and the land was good, so plants grew abundantly. The mortals on the Great Sage Continent lived a good life.

Rumors of celestials had been passed down through the mortals for countless years, so almost everyone worshipped celestials. They all wanted to become celestials.  

However, the sects on this continent rarely went out. Maybe this was due to how mysterious the number one sect of the continent, the Dong Lin Sect, was. And all the other sects followed suit. They all covered themselves in layers of fog, but it was because of this that the mortals yearned it even more.

The mysteries of the Dong Lin Sect made them very low-key among the nine sects and thirteen factions. Their disciples rarely went out and most of them cultivated within the sect.

There were many white clouds in the sky above the Great Sage Continent. The clouds covered the sky almost year-round. The white clouds seemed to become part of the sky, and if there was a time when there were no clouds, the mortals would be quite surprised.

At this moment in the Great Sage Continent, outside a mortal city, there were nearly 100 people standing outside. They were being led by three or four old fellows who looked sickly bit filled with spirit. Their servants were supporting them, and they had waited for two hours.

The rest of the people were all very patient, as if simply being here was glorious. They all looked into the distance as if they were waiting for something.

However, it seemed they had waited for too long. After another hour, it was now noon. The hot sun shined on the earth, and even the wind was hot.

Some of the people could not bear the suffering anymore. Even if they had strong hearts, the heat from the sun caused them to feel faint. One of the middle-aged men in a clerk robe that was near the front received a piece of ice from a servant. He placed it on his forehead and couldn’t help but mutter a complaint.

“Did Great Celestial forget to come here… We have been waiting here for almost three hours. It is now noon, the hottest time. How long do we have to wait…”

A sickly old man in front heard the middle-aged clerk and immediately turned around to stare at the middle-aged clerk. “Shut up! Even if Great Celestial doesn’t come, it is a matter of fact. If you don’t want to wait, no one is forcing you!” 

After being scolded by the old man, the middle-aged man revealed a flattering smile and was about to explain.

“Hmph, Great Celestial was willing to come here after this old man and a few friends begged him for a long time. Even at my age, I’m waiting here, not daring to show any disrespect, and someone like you doesn’t want to wait. If the Great Celestial is offended, then your whole family can scram out of this city!” The old man gave the middle-aged man a fierce stare. He took a servant’s handkerchief that was covered in ice and wiped his forehead.

“Great Celestial is kind and is willing to lose time cultivating to travel the Great Sage Continent. Who doesn’t know his name? I heard the city of Lin invited the Great Celestial and then seven children ended up being selected. Although three were sent back, four of them entered a celestial sect. Once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens!

“This is what the celestial said: once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens! If my grandson can enter a celestial sect, then I’m willing to give away all my wealth!” another old man muttered with an excited expression.

“That’s right, the city of Lin’s Li Yuanwai is my friend, and the Great Celestial stayed in his home. His granddaughter was already in her twenties and, according to the rumors, it was impossible for her to enter a sect. However, due to Li Yuanwai’s plea, the Great Celestial still took her away!”

“I also heard about what the Great Celestial had said. Once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens! This line had became very popular across the Great Sage Continent…”

The surrounding people all began to talk, and they seemed to envy those who got lucky.

Just as everyone was excitedly talking and forgot the heat, a gust of wind blew by. The wind caused these hundred people to feel cool, and they all looked over.

In the distance, a red umbrella hundreds of feet wide opened, and below it was a purple, bamboo chair. There were four burly men in golden robes carrying the chair.

Around the four burly men were dozens of children. They were holding treasure bottles, whisks, or shining jades as they walked over.

On the chair at the center sat a white-haired old man. He gave off the aura of a celestial and looked like a real celestial at a glance!

He was clearly difference from ordinary people. He wore a white robe, and although his hair was all white, he had skin as delicate as a baby’s. At this moment, his eyes narrowed and a burst of light came from them.


“Great Celestial!”

“It’s Great Celestial Jin!!” Seeing this, the hundred of people outside the city look excited and revealed feverish reverence. Those old fellows being supported by their servants pushed their servants away. They knelt down and began to excitedly worship.

“Great Celestial Jin Biao, help this mortal become a celestial! Great Celestial Jin Baio, descend to refine pills! Great Celestial Jin Biao, take our children to become celestials!” the four men holding the chair up shouted in unison.

Their voices seemed to fuse into one, and it seemed like they had practiced this a lot. At this moment, their voices spread out from the sky like celestial music to those below.

“Great Celestial Jin Biao, the immortal celestial! Great Celestial Jin Biao, mountain of the world! “Great Celestial Jin Biao, reappearance of a sage!” As the four big men roared, the children around them shouted one by one as well. Their voices continued to echo.

The old man on the seat revealed a kind face, but that kindness contained a sense of might as he looked at the kneeling people below. He raised his right hand and waved his sleeve.

With this, the world changed colors and the clouds in the sky scattered. The area within 10,000 kilometers was now clear sky!

This kind of change in the sky completely startled the mortals below and caused them to feel even more awe and excitement.

As he closed in, the white-haired old man revealed an undetectable flash of self-satisfaction. He had even fooled real celestials, and he had fooled far too many mortals in his life.

But although he was proud, he still had to do what he had to do perfectly - this was his own strict requirement for himself. He raised his left hand and waved once more.

An extremely luxurious palace appeared in the blue sky. Although it was only an illusion, under the sun at this time of day, it gave people the illusion that it was a celestial palace.

There were even several celestial cranes flying out from the celestial palace. As they flew around in the sky, gusts of wind blew into the earth.

The people below were all attracted by the strange scene above. They were also really far away, so they couldn’t see the sweat appear on the old man’s face. It seemed that this spell he created was a heavy load for him to cast.

When the mood had reached its peak, the old man stood up. He waved his hand and a thunder-like voice echoed. “Once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens!” 

The moment the voice echoed, all the mortals kneeling below became excited and muttered along with the old man.

“Once one become a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens!” 

Outside the city, as the chair gradually descended from the sky, the white-haired old man smiled. The people kneeling in front slowly got up and were very excited to see the old man.

“Welcome, Great Celestial Jin Biao!”

“Welcome, Great Celestial Jin Biao!!”

“It’s fine, this celestial has always been easy-going. My time is limited, so I will only stay there for three days. In three days, bring your children to me to see if they have the fate of becoming a celestial and I’ll take them with me.” The white-haired old man smiled and his words were gentle. However, the more he acted like this, the more he gave off the aura of a celestial.

The white-haired old man seemed to be used to these people’s excited expressions. He smiled and felt a little proud in his heart.

“I, Jin Biaozi, left my village when I was only six or seven years old and cheated people along the way. So many years have passed and I have deceived so many people. I, Jin Biaozi, was born different from other people. Not only am I talented, but even without a teacher or sect, I learned cultivation on my own!

“People like me are very rare! But it was worth the effort of deceiving someone to transport me to the Great Sage Continent. The people here are simple and yearn to become celestials, which makes this place a treasure trove for people like me!!

“And most importantly, no one in the same line of work has opened shop here. All I had to do was make up one line: ‘once one becomes a celestial, even chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens!’ And my path has been smooth!” The old man smiled as he was greeted respectfully by the people of the city, and he entered the city!

At this moment, in the Great Sage Continent, tens of thousands of kilometers away from this city, ripples echoed in the sky and Wang Lin appeared. He looked around and his eyes lit up.

This place is the Great Sage Continent! Where the Dong Lin Sect is located?”

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