Chapter 1938 - Dedication With No Regret

Wang Lin’s figure suddenly appeared at the edge of the Mountain Sea. With one step, he merged with the world and disappeared.

Only when Wang Lin was far away form the Mountain Sea Continent, at the Mountain Sea Forest Continent, did he appear above an ancient pine forest. He floated above the forest and looked behind him.

Earlier, he had used Sundered Night to awaken the broken palm, then he escaped without hesitation. When he came out, he vaguely felt three powerful auras that could break the world looming there. Combined with his earlier speculations, it wasn’t difficult to guess who they were.

Wang Lin sat down on top of the pine tree and took a deep breath. The world here was very large and much more comfortable than inside the light curtain.

“There must be some secret with the broken palm. I gained a lot on this trip to the Mountain Sea Tree. Aside from the spirits, I also gained a fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. There was a hint of golden light in his hand.

“I couldn’t absorb it inside Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s light curtain. Now that I’m free, I will fuse it with the fragment in my eye as soon as possible!” Wang Lin had considered what the Grand Empyreans would ask him, but since they had let him leave, that meant he must have passed their test.

In a flash, Wang Lin’s body became a blur and slowly fused with a pine tree below. In the ancient tree, Wang Lin sat down and took out the last two Mountain Sea Tree Spirits.

“During these past several years, my wood essence has reached completion and I can feel the wood essence in the world around me. I have two spirit lefts, but I don’t know if I can create an essence true body after absorbing them!

“However, this wood essence is a bit strange. After fusing it with my body, the absorption became slower and slower. I wonder when it will become mine.” Wang Lin took out the two spirits and immediately fused them with his body to be slowly absorbed and refined.

“This matter is not urgent, and it will still take some time to absorb them. I need to focus on absorbing the sword fragment, then consider my next action.” Wang Lin’s right hand moved and the sword fragment he had risked his life for appeared in his hand. The fragment gave off endless golden light.

This fragment was the size of his palm and its edges were irregular, but it gave off a sharp aura, as if it could cut anything in the world.

Staring at the fragment in his hand, Wang Lin’s eyes also released golden light. In his eyes, the looming shadow of a sword fragment also appeared.

The golden light coming from his eyes seemed to cross with the golden light from the fragment in his hand. A strange attraction force spread out from Wang Lin’s heart. The feeling of something calling him echoed in his mind.

As the feeling became even stronger, the sword fragment turned into countless golden light lines, as if it had melted, then they all flew toward Wang Lin’s eyes.

When the last golden light entered Wang Lin’s eyes, the golden light coming from the pine tree disappeared completely and it was dark once more. Wang Lin sat there and calmly cultivated.

Time passed slowly. As the sun and moon changed places in the sky, seven days went by. It was autumn in the pine forest, and the sound of the pine needles in the wind sounded like countless people clapping.

Leaves scattered with the wind like children leaving home. It was unknown where they would go. Cultivators passed by during these seven days, but none of them knew that there was a cultivator inside one of the pine trees.

During these seven days of time, Wang Lin remained motionless, but a shocking, golden light was hidden behind his eyes lid. In his mind, countless years had passed during these seven days.

In his mind, there were two sword fragments that were fusing. Both were the size of his palm and had irregular edges. However, during the last seven days, these two fragments had completely fused.

With their fusion, a small, golden sword about one foot long appeared. The sword was very sharp and seemed to contain endless pressure. After it formed, it became even more solid in Wang Lin’s mind.

On the eighth day, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and a monstrous, golden light came from them. This golden light was several times more powerful than before, and the suppression force it carried felt solid. It was as if a sword had flown out and shattered the world. The pine tree Wang Lin was in was filled with this golden light.

However, soon, the golden light coming from Wang Lin’s eyes reduced inch by inch. After a few hours, all the golden light was condensed in Wang Lin’s eyes, and none of it leaked out. Even his eyes were clear and didn’t look abnormal.

However, in this clarity, there was a hidden sense of strength and majesty. It was as if your heart would tremble and you would retreat before even battling if you met these eyes.

This was the power of suppression! He was using the Celestial Ancestor’s sword to suppress all life!

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes and opened them a moment later. At this moment, even that hidden sense of strength and majesty disappeared. It was as if he had reached a level of returning to the origin.

“Celestial Ancestor’s sword, the peak of the metal essence. I didn’t expect the fusion of these two sword fragments to cause the last essence, the metal essence, to appear!” Wang Lin looked calm. Although this was sudden, he had some enlightenment after seven days of refining.

“One fragment was equal to be absorbing the Mountain Sea Tree Spirit for several years…” Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved. A total of 98 afterimages appeared and fused with his hand as he formed a fist.

Waves of crackling sounds came from the palm of his hand. It was crisp but contained the aura of destruction. Nine black vortexes appeared in his fist, each containing a spell fused with his body.

Before Wang Lin went to the Mountain Sea, he could fuse nine spells into his attacks. Now he stared at his right hand and watched the nine vortexes around his right first. Cracking sounds echoed as the 10th vortex appeared around the other nine.

“Should be more than 10!” Wang Lin loosened his right hand and gripped once more. A muffled rumble echoed as the 11th vortex appeared!

The 11th vortex meant that Wang Lin could fuse 11 spells into his attacks with just his original body. Once his essence true bodies appeared, Wang Lin’s attack would contain 44 spells!

His five-element true body would copy his original and double his spells. Then his thunder essence true body would triple it. Finally, there were his ethereal essences. Although he hadn’t formed an essence true body for them, ethereal essences were always more mysterious. Wang Lin’s three ethereal essences combined were enough to allow this to happen.

This multiplication was a battle method he had slowly comprehended himself as he battled others over the last 50 years.

“I should be able to do more…” Wang Lin muttered as his left hand pointed at his right palm. With this, Wang Lin’s body trembled and he let out a roar.

The 12th vortex suddenly appeared around his right hand, and following that, the 13th vortex appeared.

Wang Lin’s breathing became a bit rough. He could feel that he had reached his limit!

“13 spells. Without the soul armor, I can battle against an Empyrean Exalt that has fused 52 spells if I use my essences!

“I wonder if I can pass the fifth level at the Empyrean Trial with my current strength! It should be enough!” Wang Lin smiled.

However, he had no intention of going to the Empyrean Trial again. Wang Lin had made up his mind: he was going to shock everyone the next time he went in there!

“Attracting the attention of all the Grand Empyreans will depend on my second attempt at the Empyrean Trial! Now there is no need to keep challenging other Empyrean Exalts. I need to head to the Eastern Continent, go to the Dong Lin Sect, and see if the Dong Lin pool is the same as the one I saw in the illusion in the cave world, or if it’s different!” Wang Lin stood up and his eyes shined.

“I’ll head to the Dong Lin Sect and then head to the Empyrean Trail the second time to see how many levels I can pass! After that, I will need to choose a Grand Empyrean, then I will head to my last stop in the celestial clan: the imperial city at the Central Continent!!

“After resolving the issue in the imperial city, I’ll leave the celestial clan and head to the Ancient Country. I’ll find my teacher, Xuan Luo, and complete my promise!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and disappeared from the pine. He turned into a ray of light and flew off toward the distant Eastern Continent.

“I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger. Wan Er, once I become a Grand Empyrean, it will be the day when I personally resurrect my wife!

“That day is not far away. It’s very close, very close… Wan Er, it is very close.” As Wang Lin charged forward, he revealed a rare hint of warmth in his eyes. That warm gaze contained thousands of years of unrepentant persistence.

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