Chapter 1937 - Let the Grand Empyrean See!

“Don’t talk!” Wang Lin suddenly said as his eyes lit up. He looked up at the light curtain, and the shadow formed by the broken palm stared back.

“This light curtain will break soon. Control the formation to shatter and use the force from the collapse to push us out as fast as possible!

“When we charge out, both of us will use our strongest spells! I presume you have guessed that your teacher is already here!” Wang Lin looked at the vague figure when he suddenly sent a message to Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi pondered for a moment and gently nodded.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and inevitably inhaled some of Hai Zi’s fragrance, but he had no time to feel discomfort. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s hands formed a seal and pointed at the light curtain above!

With this, the light curtain rumbled. The countless cracks collapsed. As the countless fragments shattered, the remaining force pushed the two of them out.

Borrowing this force, Wang Lin and Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi charged out as the light curtain collapsed. Also, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi followed Wang Lin’s previous command. Her hands formed seals and the oval seal that contained 90 spells appeared. The oval seal emitted an extremely bright light.

The oval seal first smashed into the shadow from the broken palm and created a thunderous rumble. This rumble was so loud, it felt like the void was blown open. The shadow was pushed back

At this moment, there were three figures above the Mountain Sea, floating there and looking down. Although the three of them were there, if cultivators passed by, they wouldn’t be able to detect them at all. They wouldn’t even be able to see them!

Among these three figures, one of them was a young man in a dao robe. Black hair, sword-like brows, and looked around 20 years old. His eyes were like the stars, and it was easy for people to lose themselves looking at them.

He looked very young but was surrounded by an ancient aura. He looked calm, but everything around him was frozen. It was as if everything around him had to freeze to worship him.

He was Grand Empyrean Dao Yi!

Several feet away from him was the second figure. This was a middle-aged man with a long figure. He was a head taller than Empyrean Exalt Dao Yi. He wore very simple linen clothes and his hands were behind his back.

He didn’t have any hair but didn’t seem bald. His expression was rough and he was not handsome, but he gave off the illusion of a storm. His eyes revealed a terrifying aura that made the world tremble under his feet.

Anyone who looked at him would forget about him and would only remember that shocking gaze! He looked calm and gave off an aura of might without being angry!

An unspeakable aura spread out. This aura seemed like the limit of the celestial dao, the ultimate martial art! It was as if this person had reached dao with martial arts, used martial arts to break the world and step into the rank of Grand Empyrean!

Then, the moment he became a Grand Empyrean, he sealed his own martial art to return to the origin and become one with the world! That’s why his name is Wu Feng! [1]

Originally, nothing moved in the area around Dao Yi, but this man’s hair and clothes fluttered as if there was wind. It seems like Dao Yi’s aura had no effect on him.

The last figure was an old man. The old man was wearing a blue robe and was standing there calmly. There was nothing extraordinary about him and he looked like an ordinary cultivator. His appearance wasn’t anything special and he had a slightly hunched back.

His face was filled with wrinkles and there wasn’t much light in his eyes. He looked sickly and depressed, but he was fine in Dao Yi’s aura that froze everything, and it was as if Wu Feng’s unique aura didn’t even exist to him.

“Jiu Di, your disciple is in trouble” Dao Yi smiled and looked at the old man in green. Although this old man looked normal, Dao Yi knew that Jiu Di was the oldest of the current five Grand Empyreans. It was rumored that he was a cultivator from back when the Celestial Ancestor was still around.

His original name was Jiu(nine) Di and his appearance was extremely handsome. However, after countless years and nine reincarnations, the Jiu(nine) became Jiu(long)! [2]

The green-robed old man slowly said, “If not for you two, my disciple could have long escaped.”

“This has nothing to do with me, I have a good impression of this Wang Lin.” Dao Yi smiled and shook his head.

“I also have a good impression of this person, but there is still something about his origin that needs to be tested here!” The person who spoke was Wu Feng.

“Back then, Xuan Luo came to the Celestial Clan. As long as he is not related to Xuan Luo, it will be fine.” Dao Yi looked at the Mountain Sea below.

However, Dao Yi suddenly exclaimed softly. Not only him, but Wu Feng also looked over with a  serious gaze. The old man was also surprised as he looked over.

The Mountain Sea below was covered by a layer of black ink. Beneath the black ink was the endless sea, and at the bottom was a black hole. Inside the black hole was the Mountain Sea Tree. Violent rumbles came from the layers of seals around it.

It was Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi who had attacked. The oval seal collided with the broken palm, but after the broken palm collapsed, it reformed. Wang Lin raised his hand and the Heavenly Bull tattoo on his face flashed. The soul armor covered his whole body and he used his strongest spell!!

“There must be a Grand Empyrean outside, either Wu Feng, Dao Yi, or Jiu Di. Since you want to see my origin and my strength, then I’ll let you all clearly see them!”

Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved as he rushed out.

With this wave, the world changed colors. The sound of waves echoing rang out in this dark void. A sea appeared, and at the edge of the sea, the outline of a golden sun was quickly rising!!

As the sun rose, endless golden light spread out in all directions. The sunlight contained the power to tear open the darkness and caused the dark night to be pushed back.

A figure appeared inside the sun. That figure was Wang Lin!

His eyes were closed and he rose with the sun. As the golden light tore open the darkness, he opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the endless golden light released by the sun contained a trace of faith. This was Wang Lin’s faith. It was precisely this faith that made Wang Lin’s Sundered Night into a faith spell!

“If you all want to see, then I’ll let you see!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“I believe all darkness will be scattered!

“I believe light will penetrate the dark sky and shine on the earth!

“I believe all my enemies will scatter!!”

As Wang Lin muttered this, the sunlight tore open the night and penetrated the dark, broken palm shadow. The shadow began to condense but immediately collapsed into countless specks, becoming dim. They didn’t dissipate but were pushed back and showed signs of reforming!

However, from its bleak color, this broken palm shadow didn’t escape Wang Lin’s most powerful spell uninjured.

The endless sunlight continued to spread. It not only penetrated the night, but also the Mountain Sea Tree. It was as if there was as sun inside the Mountain Sea Tree!!

The sunlight shined through the trunk of the Mountain Sea Tree and penetrated the seal. It ignored the black hole and shined through directly from the bottom of the Mountain Sea. The blackness in the sea faded as the sun light shined through.

It penetrated through the layer of black ink on the surface of the sea and entered the eyes of Dao Yi, Wu Feng, and Jiu Di!!

“Faith spell!” Grand Empyrean Dao Yi’s eyes shined brightly.

“He’s an Empyrean Exalt cultivator, but he has such faith power!” Grand Empyrean Wu Feng’s eyes shined and revealed a powerful gaze.

Only the short old man frowned. He raised his right hand and pointed at the water below. It was a very ordinary action, as if it was done by a mortal.

As the sea was penetrated by the endless sunlight, thunderous rumbles echoed. The sea seemed to be boiling as it churned and a huge finger seemed to push down toward the bottom!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin charged out from the sea without hesitation. He quickly flew away as if he didn’t see the three Grand Empyreans.

Behind him, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi followed, but the sea below her formed a vortex. A huge, broken palm was chasing after her.

However, just as the broken palm closed in, the finger made of sea water arrived and collided with the broken palm.

The resulting rumble was thunderous as the broken palm paused for a moment. Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s face was pale as she escaped from the sea!


The broken palm was pushed down by the finger, but a ferocious roar echoed. The broken palm turned into the shadow and roared at the sky. Its eyes were even more crazed, and it could see the three Grand Empyreans in the sky. It ignored Hai Zi and charged at those three.

It was as if no one could trample on its might!

The blue-robed old man’s eyes shined and he stepped forward. He stood between Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi and the broken palm as he raised his right hand!

“Teacher…” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi looked at the old man. She silently pondered and couldn’t help but look at where Wang Lin had gone. She had a complicated expression as she let out a sigh.

1. Wu is martial arts, Feng is seal. Hence his name.

2. Play on words where both chinese for nine and long are pronounced “Jiu”

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