Chapter 1932 - Broken Palm!

The moment Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi recovered, Wang Lin cut off the neck connecting the face to the seal inside the black hole at the bottom of the Mountain Sea.

The moment the blade cut down, the face let out a roar and completely turned around. However, it collapsed layer by layer before Wang Lin. It turned to dust and disappeared into the sea.

Blood dropped from where the Yin Blade esd connected to Wang Lin’s right arm. Intense pain spread as it disappeared back into his right arm.

Wang Lin had erupted his full power using that blade. The Yin Blade in his right arm felt like it was going to collapse from the rebound force.

“Want to seal me?” Wang Lin was breathing roughly. His cultivation level was very high, so he could still breathe like normal even in water. As he exhaled, bubbles rose up, but no water went in. Instead, the breathable air inside the water was inhaled through his mouth.

Wang Lin looked back at the layers of seals on the Mountain Sea Tree. The seal on the tree was not broken by the blade. Ripples echoed and it returned to normal.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t immediately leave but checked his injuries and the time left on his soul armor. Due to him displaying his full power, the amount of time left was reduced greatly - he only had half an incense stick of time left.

“It’s enough!” Wang Lin smoothed his breathing and charged upward. He was very fast and appeared next to the black hole. He left the true depths of the sea and entered the Mountain Sea.

Just as he came out of the black hole, the sea dragon quickly arrived. It let out a roar and its eyes were filled with joy. Wang Lin nodded and they flew up together.

He already noticed that the Stop spell on Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi had lost its effect.

Just as Wang Lin rose rapidly, an angry voice echoed above the sea.

“Wang Lin!!!” As the voice echoed, the blue sea turned black. The water before Wang Lin immediately turned black like ink. Large tentacles swayed, causing vortexes to fly toward Wang Lin.

“Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, you are no longer my opponent. There is no hatred between us and the Mountain Sea Tree Spirit doesn’t belong to you. If you continue this, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Wang Lin remained calm and controlled the sea dragon to avoid the black sea water as they charged for the surface.

“This entire Mountain Sea is my cave, so how could I let you come and go as you wish?! Mountain Sea Formation!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s name was Yi Ting. However, because she lived in the Mountain Sea year-round and became an Empyrean Exalt here, she was called Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi like how Wang Lin was the White-Haired Empyrean Exalt!

After she spoke, the surrounding seawater turned black. A layer of dried ink seemed to form above the top of the water.

This layer of dried ink was very strong and sealed almost the entire Mountain Sea. If one looked from above, the Mountain Sea had become black earth!

Inside the sea water, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi suddenly appeared. The octopus rushed out with a roar and charged at the sea dragon under Wang Lin.

It hated the sea dragon to the bone. As it rushed out, ripples echoed across the sea. The sea dragon revealed a ferocious gaze and also roared. It charged out and began battling the octopus.

The battle between the two sea beasts caused thunderous rumbles to echo and violent shockwaves to spread throughout the sea.

At the same time, the beautiful Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi watched Wang Lin walk forward. She didn’t really hate Wang Lin; on the contrary, three years ago, she only had a slight impression of Wang Lin. There was no fluctuation in her heart, it was as if she had accidentally seen a stranger.

After Wang Lin failed that battle, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi had forgotten about him. However, now it was very different. Wang Lin had reappeared three years later and stopped her for more than ten breaths with one point!!

That was simply unacceptable to her, and she was extremely annoyed! It has to be said that although she was an Empyrean Exalt, she was also a female cultivator. As a woman, being stopped there without any resistance made her embarrassed and angry!

Although the Mountain Sea Tree could condense wood essence, it was not useful to her. In her original plan, if Wang Lin was willing to be more modest and had asked her, she was willing to give Wang Lin some, as a fellow Empyrean Exalt.

However, whether it was three years ago or three years later, Wang Lin was still as indifferent. This made the beautiful Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi annoyed, so she had purposely made it difficult for him.

She had a powerful cultivation and a noble identity, so aside from the few Ascendant Empyreans, ordinary cultivators were not worthy of her time. It was because of this noble status that she could occupy the entire Mountain Sea and no one would dare to cause any trouble.

However, she could not have expected to be stopped there for more than 10 breaths!

Facing the arrival of Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, Wang Lin frowned. His soul armor was limited and he didn’t want to waste time with her. However, if the woman was persistent, he wouldn’t mind seriously injuring her in the quickest way possible!

At this moment, he let out a cold snort. As Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi closed in, Wang Lin stepped forward. With that step, 97 afterimages appeared and charged toward Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.  

As she closed in, Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand and waved at Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi!

The moment he raised his palm, the 97 afterimages also raised their right hands. 98 War Spirit Prints fused into one and flew toward Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi clenched her teeth and waved her jade-like hand. Blue light shined and a giant bell appeared. The bell expanded and released a sharp ring. A blue bird appeared from within the bell and its wings flapped 70 times. 70 spells suddenly appeared and flew toward Wang Lin’s War Spirit Print.

When the blue bird flew out, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi raised her jade-like hand and pointed forward.

“My life follows fate, first dao!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi pointed and an oval seal appeared before her. This oval was made from 70 strokes and contained 70 of her spells!

“Can’t defy the heavens, second dao!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi clenched her teeth and her beautiful face turned somewhat pale. As she raised her right hand, blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. It seemed this spell was extremely difficult for her to use!

After she spoke, the oval seal containing 70 spells suddenly swelled. 26 strokes split and doubled, turning the 70 spells fusion into 96!

These 96 strokes were the same as 96 spells fused together. The oval seal contained a shocking aura as it flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s War Spirit Print collided with the blue bird. A thunderous rumble echoed as the blue bird collapsed and turned back into the bell. The rest of the War Spirit Print flew forward, but the moment it touched the seal, they silently disintegrated!

“What kind of spell is this?” Wang Lin’s pupils, the oval seal gave him a great sense of danger. Without hesitation, Wang Lin raised his hands to his head and bend his body back. 97 afterimages appeared, and it looked like he was about to headbutt someone!

“Heavenly Bull Charge!!”

The Heavenly Bull spell that terrified the Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor appeared once more. Wang Lins 97 afterimages moved together and a huge Heavenly Bull shadow appeared. It contained 98 spells as it charged at the oval seal.

Wang Lin and Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi battled above the frozen see sea. Deep under the sea was the black hole Wang Lin had blasted open, and that was where the Mountain Sea Tree was.

At this moment, a very strange change was rapidly forming.

Beside the Mountain Sea Tree, outside the layers of seals, ghostly lights had appeared where Wang Lin had destroyed the face. These lights contained a crazed sense of ferocity and bloodthirst. They also contained a shockingly terrifying aura.

However, this aura was very strange and didn’t spread out a single bit. It wasn’t noticed by Wang Lin or Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, who were battling outside.

As thunderous rumbles echoed, even more ghostly specks appeared. There were no less than 100,000 specks, and they fused together in a short period of time.

They didn’t form the face from before, but a broken palm!!

Only a palm without the arm, so it was called a broken palm!

This broken palm was originally very large, thousands of feet tall. However, after it appeared, it shrank until it was the side of an ordinary person’s palm. It’s color was almost transparent, so unless you looked carefully, it would be difficult to see.

In the center of the palm, there seemed to be a blurry mark.

“Discovered non-Immortal Astral Soul, seal!!” A vague voice came from the broken palm. The sea rippled as the broken palm flew straight up!

At this moment, Wang Lin was battling against Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. Neither noticed the appearance and arrival of this broken palm!

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