Chapter 1931 - Face!

“Discovered non-Immortal Astral Continent soul, seal!” This ancient voice suddenly echoed in Wang Lin’s heart. This voice seemed to come from countless years ago. It was ancient and echoed between the layers of seals.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin’s original body stepped back as the voice echoed. As he retreated, his five-element true body rushed toward the thunder essence true body. At the same time, the giant face that appeared from the layers of seal attempted to devour the thunder essence true body.

The moment the face appeared, a powerful suction force appeared around the golden sword fragment as if the seal was preventing the fragment from leaving.

At this moment, if Wang Lin’s thunder essence true body let go and retreated, he could escape the devouring face. But if he didn’t, then there would be danger!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. Without hesitation, thunderous rumbles echoed from his thunder essence true body and thunder scattered. This thunder contained killing intent - it was the slaughter thunder!!

The thunder scattered and the rumbles echoed under the sea. The scattered thunder condensed to form a huge thunder arm that pressed down toward the devouring face!

The face was already too blurry to see any details. The thunder palm with slaughter thunder pressed down on its face and a thunderous rumble echoed.

The face revealed a painful expression. Borrowing this pause, Wang Lin’s thunder essence true body pulled the sword fragment. Working against the powerful suction force, the sword fragment that was stuck in the face was pulled out an inch!

However, one inch seemed to be the limit. As the thunder essence true body pulled, Wang Lin’s five-element true body moved forward and pulled the thunder essence true body.

The thunder essence true body was like bridge for the powerful forced from the five-element true body. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the sword fragment was pulled out another inch!!

Now most of the sword fragment had been pulled out and only one inch remained inside the seal!

Wang Lin’s original body closed in and threw a punch at the face being held back by the thunder palm. An Ancient Dao shadow appeared and threw a punch as well.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, causing the surrounding sea to churn. The water above formed a powerful vortex, and the punch fused with the thunder palm to hold off the face. Wang Lin grabbed the five-element true body and pulled!

His original body’s power entered the five-element true body, and after fusing with the power of the five-element true body, the force went into the thunder essence true body. The thunder essence true body pulled the sword fragment and it came out of  the face with a bang!!

After the fragment was pulled out, a powerful force smashed into Wang Lin’s two essence true bodies. The two essence true bodies crashed into Wang Lin and he was pushed back.

However, the powerful force didn’t scatter - it smashed into Wang Lin’s body. His body trembled and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. With his Empyrean Exalt cultivation and Ancient Dao body, he was still injured. This just showed how powerful the sea was!

However, this was far from over. As Wang Lin was injured and pushed back by the force, the thunder palm holding back the face suddenly collapsed and the thunder scattered.

This palm didn’t contain much slaughter thunder because if Wang Lin’s avatar used too much of it,  it would collapse before it could be used. After all, this slaughter thunder contained power even Wang Lin feared.

At this moment, the palm collapsed, but the slaughter thunder only scattered and wasn’t damaged at all. It returned to Wang Lin’s body.

Without the palm holding it back, the face roared and charged at Wang Lin. It looked like it wouldn’t give up until it devoured Wang Lin, who was a non-Immortal Astral Continent cultivator!

It was less than 100 feet from Wang Lin in a flash. No matter how much he retreated, the face covered in layers of restrictions chased closely after him!!

If one looked at this from another angle, they would see that as Wang Lin retreated, there seemed to be an extending neck coming from the Mountain Sea Tree. The neck connected the face and the seal, and it had extended more than 1,000 feet. It continued to rapidly extend as the face chased Wang Lin.

From afar, the face and neck looked like a giant python!!

“Discovered non-Immortal Astral Continent soul, seal!” As it chased, the ancient voice echoed once more. It was as if it was filled with a will and a mission. It was filled with an indescribable sense of strangeness.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot. Ever since he obtained the battle power of an Empyrean Exalt, he had never encountered such danger in more than 50 years. However, he didn’t have too much time. Riches had to be obtained in danger, and since he had made the decision, he wouldn’t regret it!

While retreating, Wang Lin raised his right hand. He formed a fist and 97 afterimages appeared around him!

These 97 afterimages all formed seals and their palms pressed toward the sky.

“God Tremble, Army Formation!

“Demon Spell, Wind and Fire Mountain!

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reverse!

“God, Demon, Devil,  Ancient Dao, No Celestials!” Every single shadow said these four lines and threw a punch. The 97 afterimages returned to Wang Lin’s body and the punch was thrown. Grey ripples spread out toward the devouring face.

This was Wang Lin using his full power with the soul armor and holding nothing back! After more than 50 years of challenging people, he hadn’t used this move once, but now, facing the seal, he released this attack!

The grey ripples collided with the giant face. Cracking sounds echoed like crazy and the face began to petrify rapidly 30 feet away from Wang Lin. Not only the face, but even the thing that was like a neck connected to the seal began to petrify.

However, all of this was only temporary. Before it completely petrified and the grey color was still spreading, the part of the face that had been petrified first loosened. It showed signs of recovering!

“Even Ancient Dao, No Celestial can’t completely destroy it. The sealed face is still rapidly recovering. It will only take a few breaths before it fully recovers!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. If he chose to retreat at this moment, he was 80% confident in escaping through the hole he had blasted and return to the Mountain Sea. He could even directly fly out of the sea!

But Wang Lin was unwilling to just leave! There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. The seal had injured him. Although he was 80% confident in escaping, there was still a 20% chance something would go wrong. Once that happened, and adding the fact that Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi would recover, he could be at a big disadvantage due to being attacked from both sides!

Wang Lin would not gamble this kind of thing, he would rather take control of his own fate!

“I can’t retreat!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. Instead of retreating, he stepped forward and appeared before the face. The layer of the stone on the face shattered and it was about to break free. The neck on the face twisted and was going to devour Wang Lin.

However, a majority of its neck had been petrified. Although it was recovering, it still needed several breaths to turn its head.

Wang Lin let out a roar. As the head was about to turn around, he raised his right hand. He felt a sharp pain as the Yin Blade grew 30 feet out from his right hand!

The moment the Yin Blade appeared, the surrounding sea water froze!

“Die!!” Borrowing the power of the soul armor, Wang Lin roared and the 97 afterimages appeared once more. All 97 afterimages had red eyes and raised their Yin Blades.

The moment the blade sliced down, the 97 afterimages formed 97 strikes that all fused back into Wang Lin! From a distance, a total of 98 blades seemed to connect together, forming a fan shape as they descended on the neck that connected the face to the seal.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the entire Mountain Sea. The neck connecting the face showed signs of collapsing. The rest of the blades followed and a shocking rumble echoed!

The neck connecting the face was cut in half by the blade!

The violent trembled from the bottom, causing the entire sea to rumble and forming a vortex. The sea dragon twisted its body, made provocative movements, and roared toward the octopus in some language only they could understand.

It was unknown if the octopus could hear it or not, but from its wide eyes and the hidden sense of anger and madness, it seemed like it could hear it.

However, the vibrations coming from the bottom of the sea shocked the sea dragon for a moment. It suddenly felt great danger and quickly escaped without hesitation.

After it left, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s body trembled and her eyes revealed a flash of coldness!

“Wang Lin!!!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi recovered!

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