Chapter 1930 - Spirit not of the Immortal Astral Continent!

“I don’t need to beat you, I just need you to stay!” Wang Lin’s body moved and all five of his Spell Veins rotated rapidly. Suddenly, 97 afterimages of Wang Lin appeared!

Along with his original body, it was a total of 98 bodies!

Every single afterimage was exactly the same as the original body and very realistic. 




The 97 afterimages and the original body all used the same spell, the Stop spell!!

The moment this spell appeared, the world changed changed colors. The 98 Wang Lins the sky extended their right hands and pointed at the beautiful woman below!

With this point, the 97 afterimages fused with Wang Lin’s body and a giant shadow appeared in the world. This shadow was a finger that seemed like it could support the heavens and earth!!

The finger appeared and pointed at Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi!!

50 years ago, Wang Lin put on the soul armor and attacked with 98 spells at once. He crushed the Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor and forced him to use the life-saving dao robe Grand Empyrean Dao Yi had given him.

Even Grand Empyrean Dao Yi’s divine sense had to appear to remove Wang Lin’s heaven-shattering blow!

Today, Wang Lin had challenged people to battle for the last 50 years and had gained full control over his power. Even without the soul armor, he could beat many Empyrean Exalts. Even if it was the Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor, Wang Lin could win without wearing the soul armor!

He was already very strong and was completely different from 50 years ago. Now, after putting on the soul armor and using the Rapid Spell Art to fuse 98 spells into one, his power was far stronger than before!

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s expression suddenly changed and her face was filled with disbelief. This was the first time she had seen Wang Lin use his full power, and those 98 spells caused her heart to tremble!

As his finger pointed, everything in the world seemed to stop. The sea breeze stopped, the waves quieted, and the movement of the world paused.

This force could make everything stop, and it descended on Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. When the force descended on her, even her right hand stopped and her origin soul stopped moving!!

98 Stop spells!

Wang Lin’s face was pale. This point contained his full power. After 98 Stop spells appeared, it went through some hidden change Wang Lin couldn’t explain. It was very similar to how the world froze when Grand Empyrean Dao Yi appeared.

“There is no hatred between us, I don’t want to kill you!” Wang Lin looked at the frozen Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi and then disappeared into the sea.

Back then, his 98 spells couldn’t truly fuse into one like an Empyrean Exalt’s, and in the end, it was like an army with soldiers but no generals. That’s why a Grand Empyrean could destroy it with just one punch.

However, right now, without his avatars, he could fuse nine spells into his body. Then, due to the mysterious compression power of his avatars, he could fuse 36 spells, so it was far more powerful than before!

Before, it was a group of scattered soldiers, but now there was general. Although the general wasn’t powerful, the power of the spells had increased greatly!

After stopping Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, Wang Lin knew it wouldn’t last long. He moved very fast as he charged for the bottom of the sea.

Time slowly passed. At the fourth breath, Wang Lin arrived at the deepest part of the sea. The pressure here was enough to crush the body of ordinary cultivators, but it was no problem for Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao body. 

Wang Lin suddenly threw a punch at the sea floor. This punch caused the sea to rage ad 98 vortexes appeared before Wang Lin and charged at the sea floor.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the sea floor collapsed and a giant hole appeared. Large amounts of water rushed into it, making the hole look like a black hole.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. He had searched the Mountain Sea during the last three years. He knew how to find the Mountain Sea Tree that was supporting the Mountain Sea!

He rushed into the black hole and disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, it was the sixth breath! The octopus was also in the range of the Stop spell, so it was motionless. The beautiful woman maintained her previous movement; not even her eyelids could close.

The sea dragon was on the side with pride in its eyes. It roared at the octopus in a language only sea beasts like them could understand.

Time passed. At the eighth breath, Wang Lin appeared at the bottom of the Mountain Sea. In this world inside the black hole, there was an extremely large tree!

This tree was half the Mountain Sea, and one could not see where it ended at a glance. The trunk was withered, but the branches grew out to support the Mountain Sea.

In contrast, Wang Lin was so small, he could not be seen. The tree was filled with death aura and layers of seals. In addition, it contained a powerful killing intent, as if this tree had once killed countless beings!

Outside the vast, withered trunk, there was a total of seven clusters of green light around the tree. Each one was only fist-sized and seemed disproportionate to the giant tree.

These green clusters were what Wang Lin wanted. These were the Mountain Sea Tree Spirits born after the death of the Mountain Sea Tree. These spirits could help a cultivator gain the wood essence.

The Mountain Sea Tree originally had a lot of these spirits, but after it died, many had been taken away. Now only these seven remained!

These Mountain Sea Tree Spirits were not inside the seal, but floated outside for some reason. It seemed the seal had no effect on these spirits.

Now ten breaths had passed.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin moved next to the Mountain Sea Tree and waved his hand. Six of the seven Mountain Sea Tree spirit were taken by him and then he turned to leave.

Just as he turned around, Wang Lin suddenly felt a stab of pain in his eyes and the golden light in his eyes shined out of his control. This sudden change caused Wang Lin to stop.

The stabbing pain in his eyes also contained a sense of calling. It was as if there was something in the Mountain Sea Tree calling Wang Lin’s eyes!

Wang Lin’s eyes contained a fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword. This allowed his eyes to contain the suppression power of the sword.

He suddenly turned. As the golden light shined from his eyes, he saw a ray of golden light shoot toward him.

All of this happened in a flash. When Wang Lin noticed the golden light, he noticed that there was palm-sized, golden fragment in the Mountain Sea Tree!

“A fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

The palm-sized golden fragment from the Mountain Sea Tree flew toward Wang Lin. Instead of it calling Wang Lin, it was more like Wang Lin was calling it.

However, the seal around the Mountain Sea Tree shined brightly as the fragment tried to leave. Ripples echoed, and in the end, half the fragment pierced out from the seal. The rest of the fragment was still inside the seal and could not fly out.

The moment half of it was outside, Wang Lin’s eyes shined even more brightly. It was as if a similar fragment in his eyes was about to rush out.

“How can the Mountain Sea Tree have a fragment of the Celestial Ancestor’s sword?!” In the last 50 years, Wang Lin had deliberately searched for the items that the old man from the Green Scorpion Temple had injected into his body. After all, if he wanted to master his body, he had to understand the origin of these items.

Rumor had it that the Celestial Ancestor’s sword was shattered in the battle against the Green Devil Scorpion by the scorpion’s tail. However, Wang Lin had heard no less than 10 of these legends!

Almost every continent had a legend stating that the soul sealed in that continent had caused the sword to shatter. Wang Lin had no way to tell which was true and which was false.

There was even a legend saying that the sword had shattered by itself after the Celestial Ancestor disappeared. The fragments scattered across the various continents.

These thoughts flashed through Wang Lin’s mind and he hesitated.

“This seal was placed by the Celestial Ancestor. To take this fragment… It is likely to trigger the power of this seal!”

From the beginning to now, 15 breaths had passed. Wang Lin decisively backed up a few steps and didn’t move with his original body. Instead, his thunder essence true body flew out toward the sword fragment. He charged at it and directly grabbed the fragment!

“The Green Devil Temple also had a seal, but it wasn’t a big problem. However, this seal is somewhat different… However, riches are found in danger, so I’m unwilling to just leave like this!” The thunder essence true body reached out and grabbed the sword fragment.

The moment his right hand grabbed the sword fragment, the sealing force from the Mountain Sea Tree erupted!!

Ripples appeared where the sword fragment was. The ripples formed a huge face filled with majesty and a suppression force closed in on Wang Lin’s thunder essence true body.

“Discovered non-Immortal Astral Continent soul, seal!” An ancient voice echoed under the sea.

“There is indeed a problem!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

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