Chapter 1929 - Hai Zi

Chapter 1929 - Hai Zi 

Wang Lin didn’t immediately try to attempt the rest of the palaces, even though the fastest way to gain the attention of the Grand Empyreans was through the Empyrean Trail.

But right now, he still had another thing he needed to do. After pondering for a moment, as the golden light from the four palaces still filled the area, Wang Lin descend toward the ground before the gazes of the surrounding Empyrean Exalts.

Almost every cultivators’ gaze fell on Wang Lin, just like Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin before. Even Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin’s pupils shrank as he stared at Wang Lin.

From his view, Wang Lin was different from ordinary cultivators. Other cultivators would still try the next palace even if they knew they had no chance. Then they would know how difficult the next palace was and where their own shortcomings were to help with cultivation.

But after Wang Lin broke through fourth palace, he didn’t even look at the fifth palace. Others might not have noticed this, but Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin did, and he felt a sense of dread toward Wang Lin.

“Either he knows there is no chance in passing the fifth level, or he knows he can pass the fifth level without even looking… Whether it’s the former or the latter… I hope it’s the latter!” Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin silently pondered and his eyes lit up.

When Wang Lin landed on the ground, several of the surrounding Empyrean Exalt cultivators smiled to congratulate him. Most of them were people Wang Lin had battled during the last 50 years, so they knew each other.

There were a few that hadn’t met him but wanted to meet him.

Wang Lin smiled gently and clasped his hands back at them one by one.

“Fellow cultivators, I still have important matters to attend to, so I’ll leave first. If there is time in the future, I’ll come back!” Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew toward the transfer array he had appeared in. His body turned into fog and he disappeared.

Only after he disappeared did the surrounding Empyrean Exalts withdraw their gazes. Those that knew each other began to chat.

“This person obviously didn’t try his best. Seeing how easily he passed the first four levels, I bet this White-Haired Empyrean Exalt can at least break through to the seventh level!”

“It shouldn’t be, I fought with him 30 years ago. Four levels should be his limit!”

“It’s hard to say. Although 30 years is a short period of time, with a bit of luck, there is a chance for us Empyrean Exalts to advance. Let’s wait, he should come to the Empyrean Trial a second time.”

Beside the Mountain Sea and inside a cave, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. There was a flash of light from his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, the Golden Exalt sea dragon guarding him revealed a look of joy. It circled Wang Lin and let out intimate hisses.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and patted the sea dragon’s head. He looked at the restrictions around him. He had deliberately left a time restriction so he could judge how long he was gone.

“Same as the time spent at the Empyrean Trial, there is no change.” Wang Lin got up and walked forward. The sea dragon immediately followed.

One person and one dragon appeared outside the cave. At this moment, the moon was hanging high in the sky and soft moonlight was shining on the sea below. The rolling waves gave off a shimmer of silver.

The sounds of the waves echoed in Wang Lin’s ears and the breeze of the sea landed on his body. His white hair fluttered in the wind and was extremely bright under the moonlight, as if it could reflect the moonlight.

Staring at the Mountain Sea, Wang Lin pondered a bit and then stepped onto its back. The sea dragon roared and flew toward the Mountain Sea.

Empyrean Exalt cultivators were only below Grand Empyreans and the 48 Ascendant Empyreans. They could go almost anywhere, and 99% of the sects were under their feet. They were at the top of the celestial clan!

Even those ancient souls could be battled while they were sealed! Just like right now, Wang Lin was going to the Mountain Sea Tree that was sealed here. Before he got the power of an Empyrean Exalt, it would’ve been impossible for him to do this.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, who could integrate 70 spells into one finger, was living here.

But Wang Lin could come here!

The Golden Exalt sea dragon was very fast. It didn’t stay in the air, but once it entered the Mountain Sea, it went into the sea. It was originally a sea dragon, so now it was like a fish back water and moved even faster.

It released a series of sharp howls that echoed through the silent night.

“The Heavenly Bull soul armor can’t be used for a long time. Even now, it can only be used for less than half an hour. Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi is very strong, but with my soul armor and Rapid Spell Art, it’s impossible for her to beat me!

“However, I can’t beat her in a short period of time. Therefore I need to do this!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the sea dragon moved even faster toward the depths of the Mountain Sea.

The fluctuations it caused formed a giant vortex in the sea, and its roars echoed through the sea. Countless beasts were shaken by the sea dragon’s might and all retreated. None of them dared to get close.

It didn’t take long. As Wang Lin closed in on the center of the Mountain Sea, a monstrous wave suddenly appeared ahead. This wave rushed up into the sky, forming a wall of water that prevented the sea dragon from advancing.

The sea dragon revealed a ferocious expression and its giant head smashed into the wall of water. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the wall of water collapsed and the sea dragon charge out. The water exploded as if it was boiling.

Large tentacles covered in sticky liquid rapidly rose up from water. The tentacles crossed between each other and an island rose up from the sea.

It looked like an island, but if you looked closely, you would clearly see that it was a huge octopus beast. A Golden Exalt aura erupted from this octopus.

After the beast appeared, a beautiful woman standing on its head was exposed. She wore a green dress, and although her figure was covered by the dress, what could be seen would make anyone’s heart throb. She held a green flute in her hand and her long hair was tied up behind her head. Her bright eyes revealed a breathtaking beauty.

There was a five-colored starfish on her pretty forehead. It was a dot that allowed her beauty to bloom in this world.

“Wang Lin, what are you doing here again? Although the Mountain Sea Tree Spirit is useless to me, I won’t let you take it!” The woman frowned as she stared at Wang Lin, who was standing on the back of the sea dragon that had broken through the wall of water.

The sea dragon roared. It was not directed at the woman, but at the octopus below her. The octopus had a pair of gloomy eyes that also stared at the sea dragon.

It was obviously not the first time these overlords of the sea had met; they had fought before.

Wang Lin calmly stood on the back of the sea dragon and looked at the beautiful woman as he said, “That Mountain Sea Tree Spirit has great use for me. I don’t need it all, just a part. It is useless to you and won’t affect the Mountain Sea. Why are you making it difficult for me?

“Also, it doesn’t belong to you, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. It was sealed by the Celestial Ancestor. Just because your cave is here, you think you can occupy this unique item to yourself!” 

Wang Lin had seen this woman’s beauty three years ago. Her beauty could be considered absolute. In Wang Lin’s life, it was rare to see a woman who could match Mu Bingmei in beauty - she was the only one!

And this woman was an Empyrean Exalt, so she had a unique temperament.

The woman raised her chin as she coldly looked at Wang Lin and pointed at him. “I’m here, so everything in the Mountain Sea is mine! If you can beat me, then you can take it, but can you do it? You came just three years ago and you couldn’t even take three blows from me. Now it has only been three years and you want to try again? Nonsense!” 

With this, the world changed colors and the sea roared as 70 vortexes appeared between her and Wang Lin. Each of the vortexes contained one of her spells.

She started with her most powerful move. She obviously wanted to force Wang Lin back with just one move!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. The moment the woman raised her jade-like finger, there was a faint flash on his face. The Heavenly Bull tattoo he had long hidden appeared and soon covered his body.

The Heavenly Bull soul armor appeared once more after more than 50 years!

The moment the Heavenly Bull soul armor took form, Wang Lin’s cultivation aura surged. He jumped off the sea dragon and looked at Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, who was shocked by the appearance of the Heavenly Bull soul armor.

“Soul Messenger!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s pupils shrank. She could tell that Wang Lin was holding back in their last battle, but she didn’t expect him to be a Soul Messenger, who were even fewer number than Ascendant Empyreans!

“An Empyrean Exalt but also a soul messenger… However, even so, you can’t beat me in a short period of time. All soul armors have a limit. I want to see how long you can least with the soul armor!” The beautiful woman immediately grasped the air and waved at the sky.

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