Chapter 1928 - Charge through!

There were nine planets that seemed to have changed trajectories due to a mysterious force and were flying toward Wang Lin.

These nine planets looked like nine giants that instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

This sudden change forced Wang Lin to move from his current location. However, the nine planets changed directions and flew toward him.

“Could this be the first level of the Empyrean Trial?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he no longer dodged. He stepped forward toward the incoming planets, raised his right hand, and threw a punch at them!

“Call the Wind!” This punch contained nine Call the Wind spells. This punch formed a storm that made it look like a real black dragon was colliding with the first planet.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the planet collapsed. After the planet collapsed, Wang Lin turned around and kicked the second planet.

There was a thunderous bang. Wang Lin’s body moved and afterimages appeared before the rest of the planets, then he threw out several punches.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star system. All the planets smashing toward him shattered, but a powerful force came from them. The force directly pushed Wang Lin out of this star system.

Wang Lin’s vision blurred. When he regained his vision, he lost control of his body and was pushed out from the first palace. He fell on the ground and retreated several thousand feet before he stabilized himself.

“Failed?” Wang Lin suddenly looked up and pondered.

The palace hadn’t released golden light, which meant Wang Lin had failed the first level!

This was seen by all the surrounding Empyrean Exalt cultivators, and they were all surprised. The Empyrean Exalts that had fought Wang Lin were filled with disbelief.

“Can’t even pass the first level… This person…”

“It’s very rare for an Empyrean Exalt to not be able to pass the first level. Today, I get to see one.”

“This shouldn’t be happening. This Wang Lin’s combat power is very strong. How could he fail on the first level?”

At this moment, Wang Lin was being stared at by all the surrounding Empyrean Exalts. There was surprise, contempt, and indifference in those stares.

Everyone here had been able to pass the first level really easily, so when they saw Wang Lin fail, it was inevitable to have some contempt. Even though they didn’t show it, it was there.

Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin looked at Wang Lin and then closed his eyes.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the black palace before him, then a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He turned into a ray of light and rushed at the palace.

His action was seen by most of the Empyrean Exalt cultivators, and most of them shook their heads.

“After a failure, it’s rare to succeed the second time. Rather than wasting time here, it’s better to leave and work hard cultivating.”  

“It looks like he is still relying on luck. Hehe, it’s fine. Perhaps the first level can be passed through luck.”

Wang Lin was very fast and instantly charged into the palace. His vision blurred and he appeared in the star system.

He was calm and wasn’t flustered due to his failure at all. He stood there, calmly looking ahead with bright eyes. Howling sounds echoed and nine planets suddenly changed their trajectories as if they were being controlled by a pair of invisible, giant hands. The nine planets flew directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t move and his divine sense spread out to surround the area. When the nine planets got within a few thousand feet of him and the pressure landed on his body, he suddenly raised his right hand. Nine Call the Wind sfused into his fist and he punched the void.

This punch caused the star system to tremble, and even the nine planets trembled. From afar, it looked like Wang Lin had disappeared and was replaced by a nine-headed black dragon. The nine heads of the black dragon smashed toward the nine planets.

Only one thunderous bang rang out, but it echoed endlessly. The nine planets suddenly collapsed at the same time.

When the nine planets collapsed, endless golden light spread out. This golden light filled the star system and spread out from the first palace.

The Empyrean Exalt cultivators sitting outside were attracted by the golden light, and they all had strange gazes. They saw a white-haired cultivator rush out from the top of the palace and head toward the second palace above at a high speed!

“He actually succeeded?”

“This White-Haired Empyrean Exalt is pretty interesting.”

“The first time was a failure and the second time should be luck. However, luck won’t help you with the second palace, only strength matters!”

The surrounding Empyrean Exalts were a bit interested by this matter when a bright, golden light came from the second palace!!

The golden light from the first palace hadn’t even dissipated when the golden light came from the second palace. The intersecting golden lights from the two palaces almost lit up the entire continent!

This sudden scene shocked some of these cold and proud Empyrean Exalts.


“He finished the second level that quickly?!”

“How long did that take? This person failed the first palace but actually passed the second palace in one try!”

Wang Lin’s figure charged out from the second palace as the golden light shined brightly. He didn’t hesitate to charge toward the third palace.

His actions immediately caught the attention of even more of the Empyrean Exalts. Most of them were at the third palace, and because Wang Lin had failed the first palace, they were uncertain if Wang Lin could pass it.

“In the third palace, in addition to fusing 27 spells into your body, there is a golden planet among them. The golden planet is the key!”

“I can fuse 30 spells into my body but still fail because of that golden planet. It is comparable to all the planets combined!”

“It will be difficult for him to break through the third level!”

More than half of the 200 Empyrean Exalts looked over. As they guessed the result, cries of shock came from a few of the cultivators.

Everyone saw the third palace shine brightly shortly after Wang Lin entered!!

Right now, the golden light from the first and second palaces hadn’t dissipated yet. The golden light from the third palace shined and they connected. It was like a long dragon slowly growing its body.

The golden light was monstrous. While surrounding the area, it caused the eyes of the Empyrean Exalts below to shine brightly.


“He passed three levels at once! With this much strength, how could he have failed on the first level?”

“What speed! To pass the first three levels at this speed means he is very strong!

“To continuously light up the palaces, I wonder how many more palaces he can light up!”

Wang Lin charged out from the third palace and looked up at the fourth palace. He didn’t hesitate to rush toward the fourth palace before everyone’s gazes.

“This Empyrean Trial required all the planets to be destroyed at once. If I destroy them one by one it counts as failure!” Wang Lin remained calm, the first three level were not much of a challenge for him.

In a flash, he disappeared into the fourth palace.

Even Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin also opened his eyes and looked up at the fourth palace. Not just him, but almost everyone looked over.

The fourth palace was a threshold among the Empyrean Exalt cultivators. No more than 200 people had passed the fourth palace; most of them stopped there!

Therefore, Wang Lin’s actions attracted their attention. Those that could pass the fourth level were considered strong among Empyrean Exalts!

Time slowly passed. One breath, two breaths...

As time passed, the golden light from the first place seemed to dim and showed signs of dissipating.

The amount of time Wang Lin spent inside the fourth palace was more than the third palace.

However, just as the golden light from the first palace was about to disappear, dozens of the surrounding cultivators suddenly stood up and looked at the sky. At this moment, the fourth palace released golden light that was far stronger than the lights of the previous three palaces!!

The moment the golden light appeared, it caused the four palaces to connect together perfectly. It looked like a small portion of a dragon’s tail, making for a shocking sight!

“He broke through the fourth level!!”

“He actually passed the fourth level! He is strong even among Empyrean Exalts!”

Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin’s pupils shrank as he stared at the figure that walked out of the fourth palace. He felt threatened by that figure.

In the sky, Wang Lin stood in the golden light around the fourth palace and looked up at the fifth palace. His eyes lit up.

“The fourth level had 36 planets with two golden planets. I used all my avatars, and without the soul armor, the fourth level is my limit.

“But if I put the soul armor on… I wonder how many levels I can break through! Unfortunately, I need to head to the Mountain Sea to get the tree, so it would be inconvenient to show my strength here. After I get the Mountain Sea Tree, I’ll come back and try it again!”

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