Chapter 1927 - Empyrean Trial

In the Mountain Sea Continent of the Southern Continent, there was an inland sea called the Mountain Sea. This sea was vast, and sometimes large amounts of sea birds could be seen flying in the blue sky. The sound of the waves echoed and the west sea breeze blew to the shore.

The Mountain Sea occupied more than 70% of the Mountain Sea Continent, and the remaining 30% of land surrounded the Mountain Sea.

At this moment, at the northern part of the Mountain Sea, Wang Lin was standing on the peak of a mountain, calmly looking at the sea before him.

This was the closest place to the Mountain Sea Tree, but Wang Lin didn’t chose to immediately go there. His body flickered and he disappeared from the peak. He reappeared inside a cave he had created.

Wang Lin had lived in this cave for three years and he had placed a large amount of restrictions around it. This place could provide a certain amount of protection for him.

In the cave, there was a looming, blue fog. Hidden inside was a sea dragon that had shrunk many times.

Sitting inside the cave, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes and his hands rapidly formed seals. These seals were extremely special, and Wang Lin had learned them after verifying many times.

“Before I take the Mountain Sea Tree, I’ll go see what kind of mysterious place the Empyrean Trial is!” Wang Lin was going to use the method to enter he had learned over the last 50 years. His divine sense gathered at his head and extended upward into a bright light.

This light was the light of his divine sense. After it gathered on Wang Lin’s head for a moment, it shot into the sky at an unimaginable speed.

It penetrated the cave and mountain into the sky. Outsiders couldn’t see or feel this light. The seals Wang Lin had used would hide all fluctuations of divine sense and protect all Empyrean Exalts when they entered the Empyrean Trial.

It was said these seals were passed down by the Celestial Ancestor!

Wang Lin’s divine sense continued to rise up and broke through the void. It was like a heaven-piercing sword that was going to break open the sky above the Immortal Astral Continent!

The moment his divine sense reached the highest point, thunderous rumbles echoed in Wang Lin’s mind. His divine sense felt like the sky had turned into a giant vortex and sucked in his divine sense.

His vision blurred. When he could see clearly, he looked around and was shocked.

He was on a continent that was about 10,000 kilometers wide. This continent was very small and floated in the sky. There were endless howling winds around the continent and black lines moving within the wind. These black lines held terrifying power; it felt like just touching one would destroy you.

At the center of the continent stood a giant palace. This palace gave off an ancient aura, it was completely black, and had an aura of majesty. All those that saw it couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe in their heart.

When Wang Lin arrived here and began to observe, many divine sense senses came from beside the palace and swept by Wang Lin.

Every single of those divine senses contained the pressure of an Empyrean Exalt, and there are almost 200 of them.

“Wang Lin?”

“White-Haired Empyrean Exalt!”

“It’s him!” Among these divine senses, there were Empyrean Exalts that had battled Wang Lin in the last 50 years. When they saw Wang Lin, they immediately recognized him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. As he looked around, he found that he was near an ancient transfer array. This transfer array was extremely complicated, and at a glance, Wang Lin felt like his divine sense was going to be sucked away.

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and walked out from the transfer array. He carefully observed his body as he felt like he was in his physical body. If not for the fact that he knew it was just his origin soul, he would find it difficult to find the difference.

“The Empyrean Trial was created by the Celestial Ancestor. It sure is mysterious!” Wang Lin flew toward the palace where all the divine senses came from.

The closer Wang Lin got, the more shocked he became. The ancient palace looked large from a distance, but after getting close, it was even more shocking. What was even more amazing was that after getting close, Wang Lin found that there were large palaces above this one!

A total of 19 palaces. They floated in the air and were connected together like a long dragon. The palaces at the top extended into the sky, and only their vague outlines could be seen.

“In my 50 years of understanding, the rumors said that the Empyrean Trial is actually the most powerful treasure the Celestial Ancestor had. It exists in the void and guards over the celestial clan.” Wang Lin looked at the large palaces in the sky. Some of them were too far away, so he could only see a shadow, but he could still clearly feel the pressure.

As he got closer, Wng Lin saw nearly 200 cultivators around the first ancient palace. They were all far apart, as if they were unwilling to be together.

After Wang Lin arrived, many people looked over. Some people knew Wang Lin, so they smiled and clasped their hands.

Wang Lin clasped his hands in response. He stood outside the palace and looked at the behemoth. He felt the illusion that he was very small.

“The Empyrean Trial is a very strange place. No matter where you are, you can come here with your origin soul. This place is favored by the Empyrean Exalts because even if two people are far away, they can meet here.

“And due to this characteristic, the Empyrean Trial is the best place for Empyrean Exalts to meet.” The information Wang Lin had gathered in the last 50 years appeared in his mind.

Just as Wang Lin was pondering, a bright, golden light came from the seventh palace floating in the sky. This golden light shrouded the area and immediately caused all the Empyrean Exalt cultivators to look up.

Wang Lin also looked up as a black figure flew out from the seventh palace. This black figure was a middle-aged man with long, flowing hair. He gave off a powerful aura as he charged from the seventh palace to the eighth palace.

“Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin, he broke through the seventh level!”

“To be able to break through the seventh level means he has fused at least 63 spells. He didn’t have this ability before!”

“He has followed Grand Empyrean Jiu Di for 1,000 years. He has clearly gained a lot…”

“The eighth level is nothing, but the ninth floor is the most important. If anyone can break through the ninth level, then every Grand Empyrean will pay attention to them.”

“The ninth level… Is too difficult! Those that can breakthrough the ninth level are infinitely close to Ascendant Empyrean. Just one more step and they will be the 49th Ascendant Empyrean of my celestial clan!”

“Even the strongest Ascendant Empyrean, Ming Dao, was stopped at the 16th level and was unable to go further.”

“Rumor has it that if someone can break through the 19th level, it means they are powerful enough to make even Grand Empyreans wary!”

As the golden light shined, the 200 or so Empyrean Exalts all sent divine sense messages to each other.

As they chatted due to Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin’s action, a roar came from the eighth palace. Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin was ejected from the eighth palace and fell until he landed on the ground around the first palace.

The moment he landed, all the divine sense messages disappeared and their gazes gathered.

Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin had a gloomy expression. He didn’t even look around and walked past Wang Lin. He looked for a place in the distance and sat down.

After that, Wang Lin saw golden light come from the various palaces, and people were constantly being ejected. The highest place people were ejected from was the eighth palace, like Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin, and the lowest were the second or third levels.

Wang Lin didn’t rush to attempt, he sat there to observe. For three days, many cultivators came and went, but most of them chose to stay and didn’t leave.

In the past three days, Empyrean Exalt Zhu Lin attempted the eighth palace again but still failed.

On the fourth day, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stood up and walked toward the first palace. His actions didn’t attract much attention. After all, the first palace was too simple for the cultivators here.

Only the Empyrean Exalts that had battled Wang Lin looked over as he entered the first palace.

“Since the White-Haired Empyrean Exalt went to the first palace, it must be his first time here. I wonder how many levels he can break through.”

“That person is very strange. His cultivation is very simple, but his combat power is shocking. I’m not his match. I wonder how many levels he can pass.”

“Wang Lin… In these several decades, he has become very famous across the Southern Continent. It is said Grand Empyrean Dao Yi tried to recruit him but was rejected.” A dozen pair of eyes followed Wang Lin as he disappeared into the palace.

The moment he entered the first palace, he felt like the world had changed before him. He saw that the inside of the palace was a star system!

This star system was vast and contained countless stars. Each star shined brightly, and he was standing in this star system.

A strange howl came from the star system. Wang Lin suddenly looked up and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

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